I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 154

Sarah let out a small sigh, stroking the ends of her messy hair as if it were annoying.

“My parents don’t even ask me to gain their approval of how I live. But now my disciple is doing everything he can to say that he doesn’t like it……”

She remembered the faces of Count Millen and his wife, who always looked at her silently, smiling as if they were liberated. The corners of Sarah’s mouth loosened a little as she recalled them. Thanks to the Count Millen couple, Sarah learned to live a normal life with this great power. Without them, maybe Oliven’s ugly self could have been her.

‘Your power may be a blessing or a curse. If you use that power for the right thing, it will be a blessing.’

She remember the voice of Count Millen, who was seeing her off on the day his daughter, who was born with extraordinary power, headed to the magic tower.

‘There is something we are born with, so we may end up walking down a path we don’t want. But please know this one thing. We love you so much, my little baby bird.’

She remembered the temperature of his arms when he smiled and hugged her even when she declared that he had to close the family’s door and lived in seclusion to study the power of Ambrosia. She remembered the trembling of his hand as he stroked her back.

‘Sarah Millen, my proud daughter. Don’t forget that you’re a Millen, and always behave according to that honor.’

At one time, he felt terrified by the endless power of his young daughter. One day, he was tired of spending a tearful night patting his daughter’s head, who was looking at the empty space like an idiot. Nevertheless, he constantly taught her about the power without reward and taught her about the weight of the power. She was raised by mere ordinary human beings. That was, the Great Elder of the magic tower.

“I know it’s respect. Because I learned it. I taught you what I was taught, but in the end, you chose to satisfy your greed.”

Sarah said in a voice full of disappointment.


He just wanted to run away from here because it seemed to stab Oliven one by one.

“Say it again.”

“Master, I……”

“Ah ah, was it for me?”

There was a faint smile in Sarah’s voice that flowed out coldly. As if she had heard an interesting comment.

“What have I gained because of what you gave me?”


“The First Prince, who had barely been removed, is being installed again in Alton, the Emperor is annoying, the identity that I wanted to hide is revealed in the magic tower, and I have to take care of what you did, the Duke is overworked, and Young Master Claude is crying……”

Sarah’s face, which lists the events that happened because of Oliven, one by one, was gradually stained with fatigue. When she said it out loud, she felt like her temper was rising again because it was all annoying things.

“Besides, thanks to this, I also learned that strange things had happened to my soul over there.”

“……What does that mean?”

“Should I thank you for threatening my life for me?”

At Sarah’s next words, Oliven’s face was horribly contorted. He wanted to make an excuse, but he had nothing to come up with. Because it was an irreversible fact that he was trying to satisfy his greed in the name of his master. Oliven eventually realized that whatever he said was only an excuse.

“But I don’t like it. I, I don’t like it……”

Tears welled up in Oliven’s eyes.

“There are so many things that are precious to you. Too much, too much. I feel like I’m going crazy when I think that they’re going to take Master away anytime.”

Crying like a child, he stamped his feet as if he were trying to make a fuss. With a reddened face, he reached out his hand and fumbled to find Sarah. He had no idea how he could hold his greed back. He didn’t know how he could be left alone without his master. Oliven was already having a hard time accepting Sarah’s other disciples.

“They keep taking Master away from me.”

“I’ve never been yours.”


“The only thing you can have is yourself.”

Sarah sighed and walked over to Oliven. In her hands, azure mana was pulsing like a flame. Oliven felt the end approaching and closed his eyes. He knelt down obediently. From the moment he faced his master, Oliven knew he had no way to escape.

“Kill me.”


“Just kill me, Master.”


“I promise I won’t change. I’ll be jealous of the things that are around you forever and try to get rid of them constantly.”

The corners of Oliven’s mouth twisted and a bitter smile came to mind.

“What can I do when I was born and raised like that?”

Abandoned since childhood, he had lived with beasts. There was no such thing as precious. He just lived with the warmth of wild beasts that could bite off his head at any time, and a life that he would one day skinned the beasts to death in return. They had to be eliminated to survive. To get it, only he had to survive. Taken away by Sarah, he learned to speak, learn to dress, eat warm food and sleep in a warm bed. However, he could not abandon the instinct of a beast that had already been engraved to the bone.

“Master is right. Actually, it was for me.”

The last tear around Oliven’s eyes flowed down his cheek.

“So please just kill me. I’m going to hurt Master for my selfishness like this again anytime.”


“I don’t want to be hated by Master twice.”

Sarah was looking down at Oliven without a word. He seemed to have a vague idea of what thoughts were running through his master’s mind. Perhaps she was thinking. She knew that it would end only when she killed Oliven, and yet his master’s heart was making her weak. Because his master was a kind person, so he didn’t want to make her feel burdened.

‘If Master can’t do it, I have no choice but to do it.’

Oliven quietly generated a small amount of mana in his hand and sharpened it. Yes, if he pierce his heart with this, he would be able to destroy all the layers of magic that have been stacked up and die instantly.


Then a deep sigh escaped Sarah’s lips. She pressed her hand to her temple as if her head was throbbing.

“You’re just showing me your pathetic side until the end. I don’t think I taught you like this…… No, I didn’t mean to pamper……”

The last words were almost like muttering to herself.


“Please be quiet.”

Oliven called for Sarah, but she waved her hand, narrowing her brow as if she didn’t want to care anymore. The azure magic that was still pulsing in her hand shone along its trajectory.

“He’s never had a psychopathic education…… That’s more like Korea than here……”


“Ah, then it gets complicated. In the ground that I can’t get over……”

“Master, over here, I’m here.”

“I wonder who’s going to take him. First, separate the soul, then mana……, the dimension……”

After excluding him altogether, Oliven opened his mouth as he looked at Sarah, who was lost in thought. What if Oliven ran away while she didn’t care? Still, the accidents that Oliven had struck were left inside the Ambrosia mansion. But Sarah didn’t even care about such things. As if she could handle it at any time. The attitude of overwhelming confidence reminded him then.

‘Like master, like disciples.’

This was what the elders of the magic tower said with their tongues clicking whenever the disciples did anything special.

“Yeah, I made up my mind. You asked me to kill you, didn’t you, Oliven?”

At that time, when Sarah asked with a bright smile, Oliven nodded in response.

“Huh? Yes……”

“I’ll do something similar to that.”


“Don’t worry. It’s not like you’re going to die.”


Sarah reached out to Oliven, who didn’t understand what she was saying. Her azure magic, which was trembling in her hands, enveloped Oliven’s body.


Sarah’s magic slowly tightened Oliven’s body like a vine and lifted him up. The pressure was so great that a small moan escaped Oliven’s lips.

“First, I’ll take away the power you’ve grown without my permission. If you resist, the outcome will not change, so it doesn’t matter, right?”

Sarah, who lifted Oliven with one hand, raised the other. As Sarah gathered her index finger and thumb as if she was pulling something out, Oliven felt his inside twisted and let out a rough cough.

“Keokheok, heok!”

Then, from Oliven’s mouth, black energy spurted out like vomit.

“Heok heok……”

It was the power of black magic. The power he had learned and accumulated without his master’s knowledge was being pulled out by Sarah.

“How can it be so simple……”

“It’s not simple at all. You don’t know how annoying it is.”

Leaving behind the words of Oliven who murmured in disbelief, Sarah looked at the black mana she had extracted from him. The power of the black magic, which was murky, infinitely deep, and still wobbling, seemed to go back to find another host at any moment.

‘At first glance, the power of black magic is similar to that of Ambrosia. Constantly stimulating desire.’

It might have spurred the small possessiveness in his heart to grow bigger. Desire makes people lose their reason and makes it impossible to make a proper judgment.

“……It’s a pretty old power.”

Sarah’s eyes widened as she looked at the power of black magic that she pulled out. Oliven had quite a lot of power even though he learned it in a short period of time. She always wondered about that, but now that she looked at it, she could feel that the power that she extracted was not appropriate for Oliven’s age.

“Where did you get this power?”

“……At the magic tower.”

“There’s no way I wouldn’t have known if the magic tower had this kind of power.”

“I really told you the truth. I don’t remember either. I just woke up after gaining the power and found it was in the magic tower.”

Oliven gasped and shook his head. He did not remember how he got this power. He just found it instinctively and learned it instinctively. Not only the power of black magic, but also Sarah’s magic turned him upside down, and his inside was also greatly damaged. In addition, Sarah’s mana swirled around his heart like a chain, which acted as a seal of his mana. Without her permission, Oliven would never be able to use magic again.

“……That’s interesting.”

Sarah removed the mana that lifted Oliven. Then, the body floating in the air plummeted to the floor, and Oliven let out a small scream.

“It doesn’t matter. You don’t know, but your soul knows.”

She reached out to Oliven again. Then, the runes made up of magical language wrapped around Oliven’s body like a bandage. It bound his hands and feet and closed his eyes and mouth.

“[May we share the same soul.]”

And with Sarah’s words, a cloud of smoke rose from all over his body. It fluttered like a haze and soon began to move as she intended and merge with the energy of black magic wriggling on the floor. A bright light burst out with the sound of something burning. Then the energy of black magic soon became a black jewel and came on Sarah’s palm.


Sarah looked at it silently and said with a bitter smile.

“Rest. Even half of it”

As Sarah snapped her fingers, a black space opened up behind Oliven, who had been restrained by runes.


And it devoured Oliven’s body in an instant and disappeared. Perhaps his body would go into a deep sleep until she allowed it, somewhere on the border.

“Now, then you come with me.”

Sarah smiled as she looked at the black jewel in the palm of her hand. Something fluttering inside the black jewel vibrated at that smile. She giggled.

“Do you know Korea? I’ll show you around.”

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