I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 167


Ilior’s face gradually distorted with astonishment at the strangely shallow and cool words flowing through the lips of Eleon.

“Eleon, you……”

“Look, Brother.”

Before Ilior could say anything, Eleon pointed his chin to the wall. His soldiers were all in excitement, bursting with cheers and admiration.

“I can see Alton!”

“I can see beyond there!”

“Miss Magician has destroyed Alton’s barrier!”

After the sword created by the magician had completely ripped the barrier apart, the barrier was falling powerlessly. The land of Alton, which no one had been able to see since the barrier was built, has only now been revealed.

“……Is it really a magician?”

Ilior murmured with a little bit of despondency. How could anyone who witnessed that consider the magician a human being like himself?

‘That’s why when magicians come into the world, the continent will no longer belong to humans.’

How fortunate that magicians were not greedy for power and had no interest in world affairs. Ilior looked at the Duke of Ambrosia, who had brought that magician out of the magic tower.


He was looking at the Alton Estate that had appeared with his cold, sunken eyes. Everyone was drawn to the mysterious and overwhelming sight of the magician as if possessed by something, but Ethan Ambrosia seemed used to it as if it was too natural. A faint guard appeared in Ilior’s eyes.

“Duke Ambrosia is……”

“The loyalists of this Empire.”

However, Ilior’s murmur was cut off by Eleon.

“Do you think so?”

“That’s how it’s supposed to be. I don’t think this is the time for useless thoughts, Brother.”


At the words of Eleon, Ilior looked at the approaching things in the distance, raising black dust. Beware of Ethan Ambrosia had to be considered after surviving here today.

“There are too many monsters.”

“The people floating in the sky are the black magicians. Truly a turbid energy is overflowing here.”

As if they had expected the barrier to be removed, monsters and black magicians were approaching, scattering their killing intent from within. Eleon and Ilior’s bodies, which tried to analyze the situation calmly, hardened. Even though they were called princes, in the end there was a limit to what they could experience. Just how much could you protect yourself? How long you could survive was important.

“……Will we survive?”

“How many does Brother have to protect?”

“Six. I killed the deputy yesterday. For he was a man of His Majesty’s.”

“I striked my escort knight, too. He used to protect me when I went out on a secret trip, but he didn’t seem to have any plans for that today……”

The Emperor sent the two princes to Alton Estate to kill them. Eleon and Ilior had to leave the faithful here, and kept them from the hands of the Emperor. They knew that among their henchmen were the Emperor’s spies. They were probably the ones who would have been next to them in the mask of loyalty until the last minute. The fact that such Emperor’s spies took off their masks meant that their use was up to here. They would die here.

“We will not be able to become sons who can please the Father until the end.”

“‘Cause we’ll come back alive”

Ilior and Eleon held the swords at the same time. Their glaring eyes burned a strong will for life.


When Ilior’s breath mixed with tension leaked out, the battle of the magicians had already begun in the air.


With a tremendous roar, a strong light flashed like lightning in the sky.

“Arrgh, save me, save me!!”

“The Great Elder is here, Great Elder……!”

Along with the screams of the black magicians, colorful runes embroidered the sky. The black magicians rushed to defend themselves as if they were somehow frightened. Even those who did not know magic would notice, this magician alone overwhelms the many black magicians.

“I surrender, Great Elder!”

[Not accepted.]


A warlock surrendered, then charred and disappeared leaving no dust behind. The Great Magician showed no mercy.

Boom, baang, boom boom.

The sky shook violently. Runes filled with mana flew like a flock of birds and struck down monsters on the ground like lightning. When the black magicians attacked and tried to attract attention, a transparent shield was created to protect the humans. The black magician who attacked this side was hit by an azure spear made of large mana and fell.

“……It’s a battle of magicians.”

Someone muttered as if possessed. It was a battle of magicians, not of humans. When everyone was watching the mysterious and fierce war taking place in the sky, there was only one person here who looked at the situation calmly.

“Where’s the First Prince?”

Ethan Ambrosia scanned the battlefield with his cold eyes. The strange-looking creatures that approached from afar were all developed test subjects. The one who controlled them was definitely the First Prince, Kazer de Crombell.

“He’ll be safe hiding in there. He’s seeing that the black magicians are definitely being pushed back, so he won’t come out easily.”


At Jade’s report, Ethan clicked his tongue and pulled out his sword.

“Ambrosia paves the way.”


At the command of their Lord, the Knights of Ambrosia took the lead in unison.

“Make a way to the First Prince.”

“If a single drool of the monster splashes on the way His Lord walks, you will die.”

“His Lord’s steps must not stop for a moment!”

At Ethan’s beckoning, the Ambrosia Knights jumped forward in unison. The war of magicians in the sky and humans on the ground began.

* * *

“Those useless things…… Where did Oliven go, there are only small fries left.”

The first prince, Kazer, gritted his teeth and watched the battle of the black magicians flashing in the distance. The situation was overwhelmingly pushed this way. With a single gesture of the opposing magician, the black magicians fell down. Kazer, who received the power from Oliven, could feel the magician’s power, even faintly. The black magicians died without using their hands, even though that opposing magician used little power as if she was throwing out annoying flying bugs.

“You didn’t say there was such a person, Oliven!”

Kazer stomped his foot in anger. His eyes were red and bloodshot, and the bitter taste of blood wafted from his mouth. Oliven didn’t show up until this point in the end. He led the most elite of the black magicians and did not return.

“Don’t tell me he’s been beaten by them?”

“Calm down, they’re the ones who’ll die at your hands anyway.”

“That’s right. Those black magicians are literally just small fries. Compared to the power of Your Highness.”

The Alton brothers, side by side with Kazer, calmed him down with sweet words.

“Didn’t Mr. Oliven say that? The power of Your Highness is different from that of ordinary black magicians.”

“That’s right. Moreover, it was said that it was the most lethal power for the Duke of Ambrosia. Without the Duke of Ambrosia, those guys would lose their focus and scatter.”

“Your Highness can swallow such headless chickens in one bite.”

Powell and Python, who had been curry favor with Kazer, were very skillful in choosing only what he wanted to hear. As a result, Kazer, who calmed the faint anxiety, twisted his mouth and laughed.

“……Yes, Ambrosia. All we have to do is kill Ethan Ambrosia. Ambrosia.”

His eyes, burning with killing intent, were busy looking for Ethan Ambrosia. Due to the dust generated by the stupid monsters created by the black magicians, he couldn’t see properly.

“Stupid things……!”

Kazer spit out a swear word, slowly raising power from his body. An unpleasant, gloomy, yet destructive power rose like a black mist and enveloped Kazer’s whole body.



Powell and Python, who watched the scene from the side, quietly stepped back. One step, one step. They had to leave the scene while Kazer was preoccupied with killing Ambrosia in order to survive. Leaving behind Kazer, who spewed out a black mist and cleaned up the dust caused by the monsters, Powell quietly signaled toward the Lord’s castle.

“……There’s a signal from the children.”

Philip, the Lord of Alton, saw his son’s signal flashing from the top of the Lord’s castle and looked back. The three men, who were not dressed in the robes of the Crombell Empire, made eye contact with Philip.

“You can watch it here.”

“……Is it really okay to record the use of special powers by the Prince of Crombell?”


Philip Alton nodded and gave up his seat himself. It was one of the best spots with a clear battlefield view.

“You will become a traitor and be executed by the Emperor.”

“Whether I will become a traitor or a meritorious retainer is unknown.”

“Lord Alton. You, who have been loyal to the Imperial family from generation to generation, do this to mean that the current Emperor is not worthy of obedience?”

“My loyalty isn’t of interest to the Blight Empire.”

Philip Alton cut off the words of the Chancellor of the Blight Empire in a determined voice.

“Does the Blight Empire, the guardian of the gods, pay more attention to the Imperial family of the Crombell Empire in front of those evil black magicians?”

“No way. We always strive to punish those who go against the will of God. It’s just that he’s Emperor Crombell’s favorite, and it breaks my heart.”

The voice of the man who was most trusted by the Emperor of the Blight Empire was very smooth. He slowly brushed past Philip and muttered as he headed for the seat.

“I don’t know why I feel so bad.”

When he glanced at Lord Alton’s face, he stood quietly with a heavy expression as always. It was finally the moment to catch the weakness of the Chrombell Imperial family, which was Blight’s long-cherished desire, but why does it feel like putting only one fork on a full banquet setup?

“……Tsk. Prepare the video crystal ball. As much as possible, as long as possible.”

“Yes, Count.”

He gave instructions to his subordinates and struggled to shake off his uneasy feeling. In accordance with the sacred will of the Blight Empire, from today onwards, Kazer de Crombell would become the one and only devil on the continent and would be executed in the name of the gods.

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