I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 168

The Count of the Blight Empire clicked his tongue as he watched the horrors that were taking place in a place that was neither near nor far away. Those who betrayed the will of God and the monsters tested by them, or the prince who exudes evil power from the noble family lineage.

“It’s heresy.”

The Count straightened his twisted lips and shook his head.

“Crombell’s Imperial family is not faithful, so heretic children are born and the country is thrown into chaos.”

“What the Count said is correct.”

“The people of Crombell will also feel ashamed to live under Crombell’s name if they watch this video.”

The Count’s servants nodded their heads in exchange. Even to them, this sight was unforgivable under the name of God.

“That would be a good reason.”

The Count smiled and folded his arms, looking at the First Prince of the Crombell Empire, Kazer. The stupid man who joined hands with the devil and dared to drag the Holy Empire into the throne fight. He thought he could play with the Empire if he used them well, but he didn’t expect to give them such a flamboyant justification like this.

‘If you put honey on your tongue, a pathetic guy like the First Prince doesn’t even know he’s being pointed a sword from behind. I have to say I’m lucky.’

The Count glanced at the Lord of Alton who was looking at this side. Although he attracted foreign countries equally, it was good to say that the Lord of Alton was more for the Empire than the prince of Crombell. If such a prince sits on the throne, he will pay a greater price than giving his cause to Blight now. Philip Alton, who felt the Count’s gaze, asked with a heavy, subdued voice.

“……What are you thinking?”

“You’re a pretty coveted talent. Do you know?”

“I don’t know.”

“If so, it would be good to know from now on. The First Prince of Crombell is said to be a fool, but he is a man of many doubts. Have you not been able to protect this territory that has completely fallen into such a person’s grasp?”


“If you want naturalization, I can handle it with my authority.”

At the Count’s suggestion, Philip closed his eyes for a moment and then smiled bitterly.

“May I ask the Count something?”

“Oh, tell me.”

“The Count is a priest who has already been baptized and has been told that his divine power is comparable to that of an archbishop. Is that correct?”

A meaningful smile formed on the Count’s lips at Philip’s question.

“I don’t think you’re asking me to give you a gold seal…… Are any of your children sick?”

“Do you have any intention of helping those who suffer out there?”


The Count’s face was subtly distorted. The impression that had seemed quite pleasant just now disappeared.

“Why would I do that?”

“Even though they are Crombell Empire citizens, they are all the same children of God under God’s name.”

“I think I know how you managed to please the First Prince, so let’s stop there.”


“I can’t believe it. I thought you were someone who could paint a bigger picture.”

The Count, who had just been inviting Philip to naturalize, lost interest and looked away from him. The more terrifying and horrifying what happened here, and the more blood flowed as a river, the more solidified Blight’s cause was. Philip, who knew this, eventually realized that Ethan Ambrosia was right, and smiled slightly.

‘The poor who pour out of the Blight Empire are those who have neither the intention nor the will to solve the poverty situation. It’s the same for the higher-ups.’

Philip looked forward, recalling Ethan Ambrosia’s words. In the distance, Ambrosia’s Knights were straddling among the waves of monsters, more ferociously than anyone else. The monsters fell as if the sea were splitting, and Ethan Ambrosia walked that path. So the Duke of Ambrosia made his way toward the first prince. The tip of the sword in his hand pointed at the shame of Crombell.

“He’s blatantly pointing a sword at the First Prince.”

“Since Emperor Crombell has not yet deposed the First Prince, he is still the prince of the Empire. By the way……”

“Is he really planning to cut off the Emperor’s son?”

The people of the Blight Empire shook their heads, thinking it was impossible. To point a sword at the prince is to point a sword at the Imperial family. It was an act that could have been dared to be treated as treason. Even though the Emperor of Crombell knew that the First Prince had tampered with black magic, he drew a line, saying that he was just being threatened. To the Emperor, it meant that the First Prince was not yet a criminal, but an Imperial family member.

“……I wonder whether Emperor Crombell will rule that guy as a traitor or a contributor to the Empire.”

The Count of Blight was well acquainted with Duke Ethan Ambrosia of the Crombell Empire. It was said that he was faithful to the Emperor’s orders like a gentle house cat, even though he was a contributor to the Crombell Empire and held power comparable to the power of the Imperial family. The Emperor of the Blight Empire sighed and expressed his envy, saying, “Isn’t he a really good piece to use?”. However, Ethan Ambrosia, whom the Count had seen in person, was by no means the envy of Emperor Blight.

“If I were the Emperor, I would consider it treason. Those are not the eyes of a servant loyal to the Imperial family.”

As the Count muttered, he heard the voice of Philip Alton laughing behind his back.

“Duke Ethan Ambrosia is a loyal follower of the Crombell Empire.”

Looking back, Philip had his eyes fixed in the distance. At the end of his gaze was Ethan Ambrosia, who let the First Prince’s attack slip at once.

“He is faithful to the Crombell Empire.”

“Empire, not the Imperial family?”


It was a voice full of pride.

‘Philip Alton, you are the one who walks the same path as me.’

Philip once again recalled the words Ethan left behind. That was where his pride came from.

* * *

Kazer de Crombell burst into madness as he felt the immense power flowing through his veins. He sprinted towards Ethan Ambrosia, with the black power rising from his fist.

“Wuhahaha! Ethan Ambrosia! You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this day!”

“Yes, I really didn’t know. Your Highness the First Prince.”

Ethan gently received the First Prince’s attack with his sword and let it pass. A small spark erupted with the sound of sharp swords clashing against each other. An ordinary sword would have been broken by Kazer’s power, but Ethan’s sword was a product of Ambrosia handed down from generation to generation. It was a sword that could take the power of Ambrosia, so of course the power of Kazer derived from it could be passed on as well.

“What, you’re not going to take it easy!”

Kazer’s eyes lit up. Since he gained power from Alton, there had been no monster that cannot be defeated by his blow. Even the strongest monster in the Forest of Monsters and the one who maximized its power through black magic experiments were all helpless when he wielded his sword.

“If you died obediently, that would have been futile too.”

Kazer stared at Ethan with an eerie laugh. Blood welled upside down after a long time as he looked at the sword and narrowed his forehead as if something dirty had touched him.

“I haven’t forgotten your face for a second since I was insulted!!”

“It was an unforgettable sight for me, too.”

Ethan’s gaze slowly turned to Kazer’s crotch. At that moment, the place seemed to go back to that humiliating time when Kazer soiled his pants.

“……How dare you insult me again!”

It was definitely different back then. Now that he had obtained more overwhelming power than that monster Ethan Ambrosia, he was stronger than anyone else. Kazer thought that this insult would not go away unless he crushed Ethan’s handsome face. He gathered the power boiling from his heart and rushed at him.

“Go to hell!”


Ethan clicked his tongue and leaned his upper body lightly to avoid Kazer’s attack.

“Power is not everything. Apart from being able to handle it……”

He looked at Kazer’s heavy body. His belly was twice as bloated as the last time he saw him.

“First of all, if you’re going to use your body like this, you need to do some exercise to make your body agile……”

Ethan once again attacked his ankle, avoiding the excited Kazer.


Kazer tried to balance by swinging his arms wide, but eventually, he couldn’t overcome the weight of his body and fell forward.

“If it’s difficult, you need to use the power in a different form, so that it doesn’t look like you try hard to deal with it.”

“You, you……!”

“Did Your Highness the First Prince forget that I strangled your neck without using a single hand?”

He sounded like he was trying to teach. Kazer’s face was instantly dyed with shame. It was as if he was ridiculing that Kazer could only use this much even after gaining that power. Although it was true that Ethan was actually laughing.

“This Imperial order is easy to handle. Your Highness the First Prince is very good at cooperating here.”

“I’ll make you regret it.”

Kazer struggled to get his body trembling with anger. The blood vessels in his pupils burst and his eyes were dyed red, almost like a demon. He could feel his heart beating violently with shame and anger, radiating enormous power. His body was engulfed in an unknown mana that blackened at once.

“……As expected.”

Ethan looked at the very faintly vibrating ring in his hand. As the power began to radiate from Kazer with great momentum, the power of Ambrosia within Ethan lifted its head. Ambrosia’s power met with a power similar to its and fluctuated.

“He put that cursed power in that body.”

Oliven was the one who studied the power of Ambrosia with Sarah. It was clear that it was Oliven who gave Kazer that power. However, Ethan did not know how Kazer was able to use the power of Ambrosia in his body.

“Did you start the festival without me?”

At that moment, Sarah, who had managed to defeat the black magicians, fell from the sky with a gentle gesture. With her feet on the ground, she said, placing her hand on Ethan’s ring, which began to tremble a little.

“I’m sad if you don’t call me at times like this.”

“Didn’t you decide not to make a voice when you were dressed like that?”

“Wouldn’t it be okay now? Apparently…… everyone looks busy.”

Sarah smiled and looked around. Other soldiers and nobles, including the Knights of Ambrosia, rushed to deal with the monsters. There were people who threw their eyes at this in the middle, but it was too far away to hear the conversation coming and going. No one seemed to notice that it was Sarah who cut through Alton’s barrier and handled the black magicians with overwhelming power alone.

“This voice is…… Sarah Millen?”

Except for Kazer, who was looking at her with wide-eyed eyes in disbelief.

“Long time no see Your Highness the First Prince. The Duke is not the only one Your Highness would take revenge on, I’m sad that you forgot me.”

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