I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 169

Seeing Sarah greeting him with a clear voice, the First Prince shook his head as if it was nonsense. He also clearly saw the existence of the magician who was dealing with the black magicians. When Alton’s barrier was torn apart, the black magicians trembled in fear and said.

‘Too bad. Too bad…… I wanted to explore this power a little more……’

They had already put everything down. The reason for being here was simply because of the intense curiosity to experiment with the black magic they had learned against the Great Elder.

‘As long as the Great Elder has stepped forward……, we are all dead now.’

‘I’d rather die here. Because there is no one on this continent who can defeat the Great Elder in the absence of Oliven.’

‘Is the First Prince okay? Great Elder is reluctant to engage deeply in human affairs, so maybe he’s going to survive this time.’

Kazer could subtly feel it while listening to their conversation. The person who was called the Great Elder of the magic tower was a person who had powers that humans couldn’t have.

‘You should avoid Master as much as possible. To survive.’

Even Oliven, who gave him power, was afraid of his master and tried to take advantage of her absence.

“Sarah Millan is the Master of the magic tower?”

Kazer muttered in disbelief. His voice gradually began to tremble with anger. When Ethan Ambrosia used his evil powers that day in the Imperial Palace, his body was so perfect that he couldn’t even make an excuse and had to suffer all kinds of insults. If Sarah Millen was a magician, everything was explained. Why did the Emperor grant her the title of Small Countess, and why did he have to be driven out of his place to the other rural estate because she barely bled on her neck?

“It’s all because of you. I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you. Sarah Millen!”

The power emanating from Kazer rushed fiercely towards Sarah and Ethan.


Sarah hurriedly put up the shield and stood in front of Ethan. Then, the power that could not pass through the shield spread around it, the ground scorched and the small trees and wild grass lost their vitality in an instant and dried up.



The power that takes away vitality. What could happen when Ambrosia’s power was revealed to the world was unfolding at Kazer’s fingertips. Ethan growled, narrowing his brows as if he didn’t like it.

“Back off, Sarah.”

“Duke, step back. You’ve already noticed, that’s similar to Ambrosia’s power.”

Sarah’s gaze rested on Ethan’s ring, which was fluctuating. The ring was trying to suppress the power of Ambrosia that was swelling from within Ethan. Ethan said, raising his hand to cover the ring.

“It’s not like I can’t handle it.”

“But it’s faster and more certain if I handle it.”

As Sarah swung her hand one more time, azure mana was applied over the hastily placed shield, and a stronger shield was created. Then, as if further away from the power that Kazer was radiating, the ring’s vibrations stopped slowly.

“Ambrosia’s power resonates more with the other’s power. If the Duke faced the First Prince, they would only increase each other’s powers.”

It was exactly what Sarah said. She was able to deal with Kazer without provoking the swaying power inside Ethan.


Ethan was also well aware of the fact. Nevertheless, subtle unpleasantness persisted. It was more of an animal sense. Such an instinctive feeling that he should exclude Sarah as much as possible from this incident to protect her. Sarah’s vague attitude, which had been felt before, also sharpened his nerves.

“I don’t want to leave it to you. Whoever it is, that’s dangerous.”

“I know, but I have to.”

Sarah said as if it were a given procedure. Just like the person who came to this place at this moment for that purpose.



“You told me I’d be angry when this is over.”


“Is that the situation right now?”

When asked by Ethan, Sarah’s body flinched and trembled for a moment. She remained silent for a moment, unable to answer easily. But that alone was already sufficient for Ethan. Sarah said she recently realized that Ambrosia’s power could accomplish what she wanted. The fact that she recently discovered something that she couldn’t find out when she studied the power of Ambrosia for a long time meant one thing. It was something that happened when she collided with Ambrosia’s power directly.

“Ah ah, Sarah.”

At last Ethan could be sure what Sarah was trying to hide. As far as Ethan knew, there were only two occasions when Sarah encountered Ambrosia’s power head-on. The very two times she collapsed and vomited her blood and lay there for a long time without opening her eyes.

“Are you trying to receive the power of Ambrosia with that fragile body? How long will it take to open your eyes this time……, or maybe you won’t be able to open your eyes forever.”


“Ha, haha.”

A hollow laugh escaped Ethan’s lips. Ethan’s expression, as he raised his hand to cover his face, was terribly distorted. Ambrosia’s power sleeping in him had never been more terrible than at this moment. In fact, before he spoke with Sarah, he had received a message from Ambrosia’s mansion.

[Countess Millen said it was as if she was preparing for a long farewell. Young Master Claude also felt that, so I think that was why he was complaining. Countess Millen calmed and put Young Master Claude to sleep with her magic. If it was Countess Millen’s original personality, she would have reassured Young Master Claude to the end and then hugged him and put him to sleep……, something was strange. Besides, it was May who said this. As you may know, May is the only person in the mansion that Countess Millen can talk comfortably to.]

The words ‘It was as if she was preparing for a long farewell’ remained engraved in Ethan’s mind and did not disappear. Sarah had borrowed the power of Ambrosia to say goodbye to them for a long time. Even knowing that Ethan would be angry and Claude would be very heartbroken.

“Do I really have the right to stop you?”

Sarah’s face hardened at Ethan’s words that flowed out like a sigh. Ethan seemed to have misunderstood something. It was when Sarah tried to take one step closer to him.


Her shield shook violently. It was because Kazer, who was angry at the shield that could not be broken no matter how much he hit it, poured out all his strength.

“I will kill you, I will kill you……”

Kazer looked at Sarah and Ethan with red-tinted eyes. Even when the most hated people in the world were in front of him, he couldn’t even touch a finger. That fact gradually eroded his reason. A demonic whisper was heard over his pounding heartbeat.

[Let’s take it all away.]

[I want to devour it all. It’s so luscious.]

[We’ll be even greater after we eat them all up.]

The power of lusting for vitality was constantly stimulating and motivating the host. Unless one had strong self-control, there was no one who wouldn’t fall for the temptation. Kazer soon looked behind Sarah and Ethan.

“After I make them all become one with my own power……”

Numerous monsters and people. All of them were good food for this power.

“I will be great!”

In a flash, the power emanating from Kazer passed Sarah and Ethan and was directed at the nearest Ambrosia Knights.


Sarah reached out her hand to quickly spread the shield in that direction, and saw someone moving faster than her.


Ethan Ambrosia was heading there ahead of her. It was not a speed that humans could achieve. Something twinkle seemed to fall very slowly in Sarah’s sight.


It was a ring. The ring Sarah gave to Ethan that could seal the power. It was worn to avoid the power of Ambrosia, but Ethan never took it off his finger even when the power of the ring ran out. Ethan’s voice, which he said with such a smile, was still clear, saying that just the presence of the ring felt like Sarah was next to him. Ethan took the ring off and threw it away. As if it were no longer needed.


Sarah, who was sickened, groaned. In front of her, she saw Ethan blocking Kazer’s power.

“You are finally revealing your filthy power, Ethan Ambrosia!”

Kazer’s exhilarating voice resounded through the battlefield. Ambrosia’s power, which had the same but different power in front of her, was expanding beyond comparison with Kazer’s. It had grown up eating Ethan’s despair.

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