I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 170

When he took off the ring, the power of Ambrosia, which he had suppressed continuously, struggled with a sense of liberation it had never tasted before. It was to the extent that it clearly increased the momentum according to the energy of Kazer, who was gushing out power from afar. A black mist from Ethan prevented Kazer’s attack, which was trying to hit others.


The Ambrosia Knights, who were ready to defend against Kazer’s attack, screamed in unison.

“It’s dangerous, My Lord!”

“You can’t deal with it yourself!”

While they were dissuading Ethan, the monsters rushed endlessly. The Knights were already surrounded by monsters because they had come in earlier through the road. However, thanks to that, the soldiers of other nobles have yet to see Ethan exerting his power.

“You must lead the other soldiers and knights out of this place.”

“But My Lord, that power is……!”

“If you know what this power is, hurry up. No one will survive here.”

The time when the Ambrosia Knights hesitated at the order of their Lord was very instant. In the meantime, they quickly located Sarah. The Knights, who confirmed that she was by Ethan’s side, quickly completed their judgment.

“I’ll obey you.”

The knights, with Jade at the forefront, all turned back at once and cleared the escape route.

“Ahahaha! The Ambrosia Knights are on the run with tails between their legs! That’s funny!”

Looking at their backs, Kazer burst out laughing with madness. Insulting words poured out endlessly through his twisted mouth.

“Are you afraid of my power enough to abandon your Lord and run away?”

Kazer smirked and trembled at the boiling power. The power that was pounding and sticky in the palm of his hand moved freely according to Kazer’s will.

‘With this power, the Ambrosia Knights, called the Empire’s Strongest, are only insignificant bugs after all!’

The power fired from Kazer flew toward the Knights of Ambrosia like a whip.

“Take it easy, Your Highness!”

At that time, Sarah, worried that Ethan was using his power, quickly intervened and blocked Kazer’s power. Azure magic flowed out of her like waves.

“Aren’t you forgetting me too much?”

“Sarah, Millen!”

Kazer clenched his teeth and poured out more power when his power was lightly blocked. His face flushed red as if it were going to explode. The destructive power of Kazer and the soft yet mighty power of Sarah collided head-on. Then, like a lie, Sarah’s azure magic swallowed up Kazer’s power.


Kazer widened his eyes as he saw Sarah completely block his power. The azure magic generated by a simple gesture could block his power so easily. He couldn’t believe it even though he had seen it in person.

“This can’t be happening. My power can’t stop at this level!”

He shook his head and raised the seething power from deep inside his body. Then, his heartbeat accelerated, and Kazer’s upper body leaned back significantly.


Contrary to the effortless power that had been released so far, he could feel his heart pounding as if it was about to explode and something terrible flowing through his veins.

“Uh uh, uaargh!”

A terrible scream escaped from between Kazer’s lips. In an instant, a gust of wind began to blow from his body as he felt the air being compressed. Looking at the figure, Ethan and Sarah had a hunch at the same time. The power of black magic, which had been growing in volume little by little in Kazer, was gradually running wild without following his control.

“Get out of the way, Sarah.”

“I can’t do that, Duke.”

Ethan warned in a low voice, but Sarah firmly shook her head and refused.

“I told you I wouldn’t cooperate nicely.”

“I just want to protect the Duke.”

“So are you willing to sacrifice yourself, knowing that you may never be able to open your eyes?”

At Ethan’s words, Sarah looked back. Her face stiffened in surprise, but she was obscured by the robe. All he could tell was that her breath was freezing cold as it flowed through her gaping lips. Ethan approached her slowly. The magic emanating from Sarah didn’t hurt Ethan. Rather, it only gently tickled him and swept past him, striking only the power of Kazer who was about to attack him. That kindness made him more bitter than ever.

“You shouldn’t have appeared in front of me and Claude.”


“If you had, I wouldn’t have known about this fear.”

He slowly raised his hand and stroked Sarah’s cheek, hidden under the hem of her robe. What kind of expression Sarah was making, he could clearly feel it between his palms.

“You don’t know how terrible it is to lose you because of the power that comes from me.”


Sarah called him with a suppressed groan in her throat. But his eyes were already on Kazer over her shoulder, who was sending an attack full of killing intent toward this side.


Kazer had already lost control of his power. His face was twisting grossly like a monster. Black veins were bulging out of his heart, and in several places, they had burst and gushed out ugly, black ooze. And they procrastinated like leeches, then burrowed into Kazer’s body again. The surrounding plants quickly withered. The ground on which he was stepping was cracked and turned to black ashes.


It was truly overwhelming. As the extent of losing the light of life gradually increased, Ethan etched the image straight into his eyes. In the end, Kazer’s last was to become such a monster and die while lusting for power. If it wasn’t for Sarah, it would have been his end.

“What makes me different from the First Prince?”

“That’s not true, it’s definitely a different power.”

Sarah’s voice, which comforted Ethan, was so caring. But to him, Sarah’s tenderness was poison. It was because the image of Sarah vomiting blood and falling was still clearly in Ethan’s head. The soft body stretched helplessly in his arms. Breath that seemed to be cut off, but then slowly stopped. Even the dark red blood that flowed between her eyes and lips.

‘I made Sarah that way. This Ambrosia’s curse will eventually kill her.’

Ethan knew it too. The time when he felt happy, even for a moment, was actually made possible by Sarah’s sacrifice. The moment when Claude smiled prettily, Sarah laughed next to him, and he felt a faint peace as he looked at the two of them. Sarah might have vomited blood several times in places he did not know.

“What are you trying to do with Ambrosia’s power, leaving me and Claude?”


Sarah’s body trembled greatly at the question. She didn’t answer, but Ethan knew he was right. His stomach twisted and his face turned red. It was hard for him to even breathe, so Ethan exhaled slowly.

“If you’re here to die using Ambrosia’s power……, you shouldn’t have been so sweet to me and Claude.”

Ethan’s hand that was caressing Sarah’s cheek fell coldly. Then, he passed by her and approached Kazer, who was running wild. He had no intention of leaving Sarah alone and letting her fall under Ambrosia’s power.

“Duke, it’s dangero……!”

“Sarah, please.”

In the meantime, Ethan shook his head, narrowing his forehead as if in pain, to Sarah, who was worried about him and holding his hand again.

“You’d rather not test my patience any longer.”

The voice that flowed from between his lips was still low. It even cracked as if coming out of scratching his neck. At that cold, heavy voice, Sarah bit her lips tightly. She couldn’t let it go like this. He had a misunderstanding.

“I promised you it wouldn’t hurt me.”

“It could be, depending on the point of view.”

“I barely die on that, I’m telling you.”

That was all Sarah could say to Ethan. Because of the magician’s oath, she could not explain that she would only enter and return to Park Hyeyeon’s body for a while with Ambrosia’s power. Ethan was silent for a moment at Sarah’s words, but then he spoke with a cold, sunken face.

“Since you became a person of Ambrosia as Claude’s nanny, I command you as the Patriarch. Never, never interfere.”


She was frustrated and restless. She wanted to tell him that Ethan and Claude are precious to her and that she didn’t intend to leave in vain. However, it was unlikely that Ethan, who had already misunderstood, would believe the explanation that she said around without mentioning the contents of the oath.

“I’m sorry.”

Sarah eventually closed her eyes and drew a formula by hand, creating a magic circle at Kazer’s feet. The magic circle created in an instant became a round sphere with a bright light and swallowed the runaway Kazer.

Bang, bang bang, bang bang bang!

The sound of the power that was swirling through Kazer’s body hitting the magic circle spread intensely. If she had been a little later, that intense power would have spread throughout this place and caused numerous casualties. Trapped under the magic circle and lost, the power turned and rushed to eat its host.

“Uaargh, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts!! Aaargh!!”

Kazer tried to control his power, but he couldn’t recover the power that had already been exploding. A terrible scream began to resound within the magic circle. There was only Kazer who could give the life force that the power of black magic wanted in there. After being so drunk, only pure power would remain in the magic circle.


Ethan gritted his teeth and got angry. It was the first time he was truly angry at Sarah’s actions.

“I told you not to interfere!”

“Let me deal with it. It’s really dangerous if you go on a rampage like that. It’s fatal to the Duke.”

“Wouldn’t that power be fatal to you?”

“I know, but that’s exactly what I want.”

Ethan grunted and clenched his teeth. Eyes mixed with resentment and despair looked at Sarah.

“You’re going to get away from me…… Do you really want that?”

Sarah could feel a throbbing sensation in one corner of her heart when she saw him like that. Ethan’s firm and friendly eyes, which she loved, trembled mercilessly. The darkness slowly eroding him was revealing its teeth with a sticky obsession.


She did something to be hated. But she didn’t want to be hated by Ethan. It was supposed to be a misunderstanding. She had to tell him that she could come back, that she could wake up, however,  she didn’t think he’d believe her even if she was Ethan. After she had harnessed Ambrosia’s power, she would fall again, vomiting her blood, and this time she didn’t even know how long it would take for her to wake up. She had to be honest, but there was a limit to what she could say. But Sarah decided to try her best in it.

“I’m not doing this today to leave the Duke and Young Master Claude.”

“……I can’t believe you.”

Sarah took a step closer to Ethan, who shook his head. She then removed the robe that covered her face. Sarah’s azure eyes which looked like they had been embedded with jewels made Ethan’s face shake greatly as he saw them. There was a friendly smile on Sarah’s lips that had always struck his heart hard.

“I’ll make you believe me. That I have no intention of leaving.”

“Ho, w……”

“I don’t really like the background and background music right now, but I can’t help it.”

Sarah, who was muttering something inexplicable, reached out and gently wrapped her arms around Ethan’s neck. The two bodies clung tightly with no gap. Ethan blinked slowly and stared blankly at Sarah’s face, which was approaching more and more. When Sarah’s eyes close and her long eyelashes tremble slowly.


Their lips touched. Sarah whispered like a sigh, with a warm breath between her soft lips.

“I love you.”

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