I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 174

* * *

It was a familiar sensation. The body, which had sunk heavily, became as light as a feather and was sucked into somewhere very deep and dark.


And when she opened her eyes, what she saw was not the same scenery as before. The small room was full of plants. Various patterns of fabric blankets and cushions were placed on the cute furniture. The magnets she had been buying diligently when she traveled here and there were attached to the iron cabinets where only the things she cherished were kept. Papers that had not been cleaned were scattered on the floor. These were things that she pushed with her feet, thinking that she should get rid of them before a sudden accident happened.

‘It’s my house……’

When she opened her eyes, she was at the house where Park Hyeyeon lived. As she had always been, she was in a state of a transparent soul. However, if there was a difference from the last time, Park Hyeyeon’s body was nowhere to be seen.

‘Where did she go? She was in the hospital last time……’

She looked around the room diligently. Then, she found a laptop on Park Hyeyeon’s old squeaky desk. The laptop was powered on, as someone used it just now. Warm steam was rising from the mug containing hot chocolate next to it.

‘……I was here just now. Park Hyeyeon’s body.’

How did it happen? Sarah bit her lips nervously, unable to hide her confusion. However, the body, which was in a state of spirit, did not even feel anything.

‘When I’m awake in Sarah Millen’s body, Park Hyeyeon’s time should also stop. It shouldn’t be moving, it shouldn’t be happening that I don’t know. But this situation……’

It was as if Park Hyeyeon’s body was also awake when she was awake in Sarah Millen’s body. Even though it would never be possible. The laws of the world and dimensions have arranged several things for her to remain human. The first was to live alternately in the bodies of Park Hyeyeon and Sarah. The second was to obsess over a normal life and a stable balance. The third was to be born with a nature that loved, sympathized, and was generous to all humans like a god. Those laws were absolute. Magic could not break the flow, and she accepted it naturally while being conscious of it. Therefore, she never doubted that those laws would be broken.

‘I have to find out. Not just twice. I’ll have to find out for sure this time.’

Sarah shook her head and decided to focus on what was in front of her.

‘Park Hyeyeon’s laptop. I’m sure there’s something else written here.’

The laptop she saw when she returned to Korea for the second time. Park Hyeyeon was writing with magic, even in the Imperial language. The world in which Korea exists was a world without mana. Therefore, Park Hyeyeon’s body could not use the mana that was sleeping in it. However, the magic that Park Hyeyeon used to record on her laptop at that time was Sarah Millen’s magic.

‘If Park Hyeyeon and I were living completely separated, it would be impossible to draw on Sarah Millen’s magic. Without the cooperation of this side, she would never be able to use it.’

So Sarah doubted her memory. Time of vacancy. In a timeline where her memory was not intact, she did something herself. That was the most reasonable thing she could think of at this point.

‘Let’s read it first. I’m sure there’s something more written after that.’

Last time, something like a diary was written. A diary documenting how Sarah entered Ambrosia and changed the novel ‘Flower of Darkness’. However, what she questioned there was that she felt as if she was talking about the ‘novel’ and the ‘future’ interchangeably. If she looked at what had been written on the laptop now, maybe she would find out more. So Sarah started reading the laptop screen.

[I knew this would happen. None of those children have changed from before or now. Especially Oliven. I’m here again because of that crazy guy, Oliven. How dare he burst an Ambrosia-powered mana ball in the Imperial Palace? How did he come up with that idea?]

What was written on the laptop seemed to have happened right after Oliven exploded a mana stone and she collapsed in the Imperial Palace. It was the reason she came back here  the second time.

‘As expected……, that must have been written when I came back here. Then, the reason why I thought I was sucked into Park Hyeyeon’s eyes was to wake up in that body?’

When the incident broke out in the palace and Sarah came here, Park Hyeyeon was looking at her with her eyes open. And as soon as Sarah met her eyes, she woke up again in Sarah Millen’s body as if she were being sucked in. But what if it was Park Hyeyeon’s body, not Sarah Millen’s body, that she woke up in after being sucked into those eyes? What if she didn’t remember moving with Park Hyeyeon’s body because her memory wasn’t truly intact?

‘I can understand if Park Hyeyeon’s body didn’t move on its own, but I didn’t remember it.’

Sarah continued to read the diary on the laptop, gathering a little more opinion on the side of the problem with her memory.

[I’ve always thought I couldn’t figure out what was in Oliven’s head, but it’s still hard to understand now. No, why would he be so crooked just because I came out of the magic tower without saying a word? I’ve raised them all, and they still don’t want to get out of my shadow…… I’m wondering if I should thank the damn disciple or beat him up.]

Sarah, who had read up to this point, swallowed her saliva, conscious of Oliven’s soulstone sleeping in her arms. It was a little…… The way she spoke was very intense. Not like her.

‘……It could be a different personality, not a memory. I hope so.’

She heard the Empress’ voice from that tone for some reason. The harsh words of the Empress, which had been stained by Penelois, came to mind by itself. She never thought Penelois was a bad influence on her. It shouldn’t be. Sarah tried to turn a blind eye to the harsh tone and read the rest.

[Perhaps if I woke up again, I would have blamed myself for making Oliven that way. But I will tell the ‘me’ who is reading this right now. Oliven, that kid is just like that from birth. If there’s anything I’ve done wrong, he didn’t know it, and that’s the only thing he got. Nothing has changed in the past or now, and he will never be able to be rehabilitated. Even then, I had to kill him with my own hands in the end. In the end, the same things as in the past just repeat themselves. I’ll take a little action, but I hope something changes next time I can read this……]

‘Killed, what do you mean? Does the same thing happen over and over again? Besides, what country are you reading this article from……’

Park Hyeyeon’s diary was written as if she knew Sarah was going to read this now. And in this article, there were words that she did not understand at all.

I killed Oliven with my own hands.

Sarah had never done that before. Even now, only Oliven’s soul was taken out, and the child’s body was calmly asleep and waiting for the soul to return.

‘Strange, there’s something I don’t know. What I don’t know……’

Her heart was pounding and she felt like throwing up. It couldn’t be because she was in a state of soul, but her heart was beating fast and she felt like she was about to lose her mind. She was afraid. For the first time, Sarah realized the fear of being brought on by something she couldn’t handle on her own.

‘I, I have to finish reading.’

Sarah looked at the laptop, trying to clear her mind.

[If the memory had been intact, would something have changed if I hadn’t used it as a price? No. Still, Oliven, this crazy bastard will never change. If I could turn back time one more time, I would certainly not take him under my wings.]

‘Turning back time? Using memories as a price?’

About half of the diaries filled with swear words against Oliven finally came up with something to provide a clue.

‘Don’t tell me, don’t tell me……’

Sarah shook her head and tried to deny it. Then, she read the article on the laptop again from the beginning. But again, she shook her head and repeated denial.

‘Impossible. No way……’

Even if she shook her head like this, saying that it was impossible, she was also faintly noticing it. That the words written on that laptop must be true.

[Now you don’t have to proceed with the mistake of memory anymore. We’ve had enough opportunities. So open your eyes. And let’s do the necessary measures again. We’re almost there. Ethan is waiting for me, and the Duke is waiting for you.]

That last word was not written on the laptop. As if that was enough.


Sarah quietly passed through Park Hyeyeon’s room door in the spirit state. Then she saw Park Hyeyeon’s body lying in the living room. As if she was about to eat something, broken plates and food were scattered on the floor. Meanwhile, the fallen Park Hyeyeon ‘s head was facing this way, and her empty eyes were looking straight at Sarah’s soul.

‘It’s time to open my eyes.’

Sarah muttered like that and looked straight into Park Hyeyeon’s eyes. Then, just like before, she felt like being sucked into the empty space, and her eyes went white.

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