I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 175

When Sarah opened her eyes, no, when Park Hyeyeon opened her eyes.

“Huh heok……!”

In the meantime, waves of memories bouncing off Sarah Millen’s body and completely contained in Park Hyeyeon’s body began to flood in. Sarah Millen didn’t remember, and only Park Hyeyeon kept them alone. Yes, it all started with a dream that Park Hyeyeon had one day.

* * *

The day that was the first culprit of everything was a particularly bad day. It rained, the wind blew, and there was thunder. It was a good day to watch horror movies, and a good day to hint at the scheduled misfortune. Park Hyeyeon often predicted the ‘future’ in this weather. Lying quietly on the sofa with the lights off, she closed her eyes listening to the rain outside the window.


And she had a dream that predicted the ‘future’ like that. In a dream, Sarah Millen’s friend Dieline ran away with Hugel Ambrosia, giving birth to a child named Claude.

‘So sudden?’

The dream started with the sudden runaway of a friend.

‘Dieline, are you crazy? Take him with you! No, you can’t do that with your younger brother-in-law in the first place!’

Park Hyeyeon was astonished at her friend’s atrocities shown in her dreams. But there was nothing she could do. She could only watch. Sarah Millen did not intervene in human affairs as a magician because she had so much power that there was a compulsion to keep the world in balance. However, she was so bothered by the fact her friend’s child was abandoned by his mother in her dream.

‘Even if I don’t intervene, I can be an observer.’

So Sarah observed the child’s life in her dream, wearing just an ordinary aristocratic mask and becoming Claude’s nanny. At first, as an ordinary nanny, she was going to imitate the love that his mother couldn’t give him. Like that, she saw the child’s loneliness, resentment, longing, and despair closer than anyone else. Ethan Ambrosia avoided Claude for unknown reasons. Claude couldn’t sleep at the thought of killing his mother, and in the emptiness of a nanny’s love that was not enough. Sarah secretly shed tears among the father and son who never got close no matter what she did.

‘Ah ah, so regrettable. So unfortunate.’

She had to be nice. She had to put more effort into it. So that one day her warmth could give even a little comfort to the child. Sarah, who was staying with Claude, decided to do so and was fatally wounded one day by the strange power expressed by Claude. The nanny’s mask that Sarah wore was just an ordinary aristocrat. The power manifested in Claude was a power that would be more than enough for an ordinary person to die. Upon the death of her upholstered skin, the Duke of Ambrosia offered her burial, and Sarah Millen was officially declared dead. Only after she had left her confidence as a magician and now lost her justification to appear in front of Claude, she realized.

‘Ah ah, I fell in love with Claude. I’ve given the child too much affection.’

After realizing it, it was too late. For Claude, Sarah Millen was already dead. Sarah Millen then quietly locked herself in the magic tower to hear the news of Claude.

‘It is said that Duke Ethan Ambrosia died trying to stop Claude Ambrosia from going berserk.’

‘Claude Ambrosia is said to have gone completely insane.’

‘Lost the will to restrain Ambrosia’s power. It’s berserk.’

‘All the servants of the mansion died. It is said that a new force has been created to honor the power of Claude Ambrosia.’

‘The Crombell Empire’s Imperial family collapsed. As ordered, the Emperor and his successor, Elexa de Crombell, were evacuated. But I’m afraid they’ll die at the hands of Claude Ambrosia sooner or later.’

Sarah’s disciples diligently delivered the news of Claude.

‘Why are you so obsessed with an already broken relationship?’

Among them, Oliven constantly complained about her interest in Claude, but Sarah did not listen. As Claude grew up, painful things unfolded in front of the child, and in the end, he became a being that brought fear to the whole continent. Sarah, who quietly watched the situation from the magic tower, regretted and regretted it again and again.

‘If only I had stayed as Claude’s nanny.’

‘If only I had stayed by the child’s side as a magician without putting on the skin of an ordinary human.’

Sarah blamed herself again and again. As the Great Magician, she should not intervene in human history. Because it broke the noble laws that kept the world in balance. But what was the price of keeping those rules? The world was thrown into chaos, and Ambrosia’s power to defy the law was immense.

‘If only I could have noticed the power of Ambrosia in advance.’

‘Would all of this have been different?’

In the end, the continent was stained with blood to the extent that Sarah had to intervene. So Sarah chose a presence to look after Claude on her behalf.

Elena Priston.

A child born as the Saint of the Blight Empire and born with a destiny to devote her whole life to the peace of the continent. With her soft voice and kind words, she was the perfect child to touch the darkness in Claude’s heart. Ever since Sarah entered the magic tower, research to alleviate Claude’s pain has already come to an end.

‘I will give you the power to save Claude Ambrosia.’’

Sarah borrowed the voice of God and poured all of her research into Elena Priston. Thus, Elena Priston had a constitution that Ambrosia’s power could not pass through, and she became Claude’s lover.

‘Claude Ambrosia is now able to control his power.’

‘Elena Priston and Elexa de Crombell made contact. She wants to help rebuild the Crombell Empire.’

‘Claude Ambrosia seems to have decided to follow Elena Priston’s will. They’re cooperating.’

‘Master’s beloved Empire will come back.’

The Crombell Empire was rebuilt and the new emperor, Elexa de Crombell, was forever wary of Claude, remembering an Empire that had collapsed because of the child. Claude went down to Ambrosia’s estate and was distressed at the thought of his mistakes, and repeatedly being comforted in Elena’s arms. The child still couldn’t sleep at night.

‘Claude Ambrosia has begun to hurt himself.’

‘Manipulating power is still stable……, which is strange.’

‘He doesn’t react to anything when Elena’s away.’

One day, Claude ended up hanging himself with remorse.

“Huh heok!”

Thus, Park Hyeyeon woke up from her dream. Her cheeks were wet with tears, and her palms were covered in blood with her nails digging into her clenched fists. Park Hyeyeon found out instinctively.

“This is the future.”

It was not uncommon for Park Hyeyeon, who has the power of foresight, to see the future of Sarah Millen’s world. But she had never seen such a painful future that would break her heart as she had experienced it firsthand.

“Will I be able to change the future……?”

Since that day, Park Hyeyeon has recorded in detail what she saw in her dream on her laptop. Claude’s actions, words, and eyes were written without omission, and the situation of the Empire and the surrounding figures were written without omission. However, she couldn’t bear to write down the end of Claude. It was so painful. Park Hyeyeon was now obsessively thinking and thinking constantly.

“Where did it go wrong? Where does this misfortune begin? What should I change first?”

No matter how hard she thought about it, she couldn’t find a good way. Sarah Millen failed in the future that Park Hyeyeon had already seen. She was also dead at Claude’s hands, further exacerbating the child’s misfortune. She had to change all the circumstances in which Claude could be unhappy in the first place.

“Yes, that power. I need to study the power of Ambrosia first. Because I failed to fill the side with people with weak constitutions like Elena. So I need to work in a different direction……”

With that determination, Park Hyeyeon opened her eyes in the body of Sarah Millen. And before Claude was born to study the power of Ambrosia again, before Dieline fell in love with Hugel. Alone, she approached Ethan Ambrosia, who was enduring Ambrosia’s power.

“My name is Sarah Millen, Young Lord Ethan Ambrosia.”

When Sarah approached him, Ethan Ambrosia had not yet become a Duke. Ethan Ambrosia had a much younger face than she had seen in her dreams, yet he had more hollow eyes than Claude had at his last moment she had seen in her dreams. Saah looked into those dead eyes and thought.

‘Hopefully all this misery would be prevented in Ethan Ambrosia’s generation?’

Had it not been for being Ethan Ambrosia’s fiancée in the first place, Dieline would not have met Hugel and fallen in a tragic love. Claude would not have been born and would not suffer from the power of Ambrosia.

‘It might be better for Claude not to be born. That way I won’t see the child hang himself……’

Sarah, who couldn’t get the scene of Claude hanging himself out of her head, was pushed to the brink and she couldn’t make a normal judgment. Sarah, who was half crazy, made a decision that she shouldn’t do without even knowing her condition.

“I’ll make a suggestion to Young Lord Ethan Ambrosia. Will you please propose to me? I’ll make a great fiancée.”

Instead of Dieline, Sarah Millen decided to become Ethan Ambrosia’s fiancée. She tried to change the future in this way. However, there was one thing that Sarah and Park Hyeyeon also overlooked at that time.

“Lady Sarah Millen is fearless. Running away from me will be the only way for Lady to live in peace.”

The fact that Claude wasn’t the only one who was born with Ambrosia’s power. And until he died at the hands of Claude, Ethan was also desperate to control Ambrosia’s power. And there was one more thing.

“Will you accept my offer if I say I don’t want to live in peace?”

“……Lady Millen is a strange person.”

“I hear that all the time.”

The last thing Sarah, who smiled broadly as she faced Ethan, overlooked…… In a life where Claude was never born and Ethan’s fiancée became Sarah Millen instead of Dieline, Sarah and Ethan fell in love. And that became the second culprit for all of this.

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