I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 176

Sarah, who became Ethan Ambrosia’s fiancée, fell in love with him helplessly.

“Honestly, Ethan, you know you’re handsome, right?”

“Sarah, I can’t help but know how you see me.”

“Knowing that……, did you smile at Lady Éclore like that at the last party? Are you kidding me?” 

“……That’s a misunderstanding. I don’t know if it’s Lady Éclair or Lady Éclore, but you were behind that Lady. You shouldn’t misunderstand that I smiled at her.”

“Then you should’ve only smiled when you were with me! I’ve seen it all. I know Ethan is more handsome when he smiles!”

“……So, you’re jealous right now?”

“Of course!”

“I’m glad. I didn’t expect your misunderstanding to be so sweet.”

Sarah Millen was happy in the world she had changed. There was never a day she wasn’t happy.

Every now and then again, one dawn.

“……Claude, Claude……”

“Again, Lady Millen……! Call his Lord!”

She used to walk through the hallways barefoot, repeating the name of the child who didn’t exist in this world anymore. She was happy though. That was what she thought. Ethan was born with the power of Ambrosia just like Claude, but he was a man who worked tirelessly not to be swayed by it. He also regretted the thought that his fiancée, Sarah, would have to spend the rest of her life with a monster like him. But she was nevertheless by his side, she was a person who could smile at him kindly. He was like Claude, like a mournful child, he was the one who would never give up on himself.


“Ethan? What’s going on? Heaven. It’s so hot”

And one night, Ethan’s father, the Duke of Ambrosia, was eventually swallowed by power and died. Ethan had a red, dead face and wept in Sarah’s arms.

“I can’t stand it if I hurt you like my father did. So please run away from me, Sarah. Please……”

“You and your father are different. And I’ll always be by your side, Ethan. So it’s okay. It’s okay……”

Sarah put the ring on Ethan’s hand that day, looking at Ethan’s broken eyes with a sad face.

“Marry me, make me the Duchess. We’ll be happy, Ethan.”


Sarah and Ethan’s wedding was grand. The Emperor and Empress, who had good conjugal harmony, attended and made the occasion brighter. It was a wedding that was nobler than any other nobleman in the Empire. Everyone blessed them, and everyone wished for their happiness. However, one person. Except for one person who has a twisted affection for his master.

“……Whoever has such filthy power dares to meet with Master―.”

Oliven wanted to test whether Ethan Ambrosia was qualified to be his master’s companion. He used the black magic he had learned without his master’s knowledge to create the same damage as Ambrosia’s power throughout the continent.

“The power of our family is clear. I’ll have to go there myself.”

“Ethan……, I’m coming with you. I have a bad feeling about this.”

“Do you think I can take you somewhere that might be dangerous?”

“But I actually!”

“I’ll be back soon. So Sarah, my beautiful wife. Please stay safe in Ambrosia.”

In the name of the Crombell Empire, and in the name of the noble Ambrosia. As the damage gradually increased, Ethan put on his armor for the continent, put his sword around his waist, and rode on his horse. Ethan thought that if the sinister power that was producing massive casualties belonged to Ambrosia, it was his responsibility.


In fact, Ethan didn’t know she was a magician. She didn’t tell him she was also a very strong Great Magician, and that it might have been her disciple who created this situation. It was because she was afraid of how Ethan would react when she told him. But she soon regretted that she had not been honest with Ethan.

“Duchess, the Duke is……, his Lord is!”


It was berserk. Ambrosia’s power, the power that Ethan feared so much and suppressed, ran rampant.


The voice of the Great Magician filled with anger resounded throughout the continent.

“To the point of being eaten by an illusion fantasy like this……, this power must have harmed Master. He must have put Master in danger!”

“Shut up, don’t make me angry anymore.”

Sarah quickly overpowered her crying disciple and approached Ethan, who was slowly being eaten by power. Tears of blood were dripping from his eyes, and veins were bulging all over his body.

“What the hell did you show him? What kind of illusion did you show this person!”

“I’m just showing what that guy is most anxious about. Master leaving, Master being eaten by that guy’s power, and dying. Only because of that……”

“Stop it, Oliven. If you know how patient I am right now……!”

“It’s already late. Master knew the empty cravings that were infested in that guy, right? You knew it, but you were looking away, right?”

“Oliven, you……!”

“Claude, Claude…… The name that Master was subconsciously looking for. Who is he? Who is he for you to look for him so desperately? Did you know that the name prompted that guy’s anxiety? Did you know that name twisted his mind?”

Sarah couldn’t say anything. When Ethan asked about Claude, when her disciples asked, she quietly bit her lips. She could not even say that she had changed the whole future of this continent and that she had erased the child from birth with her own hands. So she ran away. Even if she knew Ethan was secretly anxious, even if she knew Oliven wouldn’t give up. That was the price.

“Ah ah, ah ah……”

I’ll follow Ethan. I’ll follow my companion.

“I’ll never let you go alone.”

Sarah embraced Ethan, who was slowly swallowed by the power, with all her might.

“No, Master! No! I was wrong, I was wrong, Master please!”

The sound of Oliven’s tearing screams coming from behind grew fainter and fainter. Sarah closed her eyes like that……

“Huh heok!”

She woke up with Park Hyeyeon’s body. That was right, she couldn’t follow in Ethan’s footsteps. She shared two souls. Sarah Millen’s soul may have followed him, but Park Hyeyeon’s soul couldn’t do so. Because the dimension had changed. That was how she parted with Ethan forever. So futilely.

“I should have been honest from the start. That I’m a magician……! I should have studied the power of Ambrosia and told him I would solve it. Claude, ah ah, Claude, I should have told him about the child’s existence…… If only I hadn’t erased him in the first place!”

She regretted it. She regretted it again and again. She even complained that it would have been different if she had not dreamed in Park Hyeyeon’s body and had not seen the future. She wanted to start all over again. While struggling in such deep despair, Park Hyeyeon was able to realize one thing.

“……Sarah’s power is flowing in this way.”

The power contained in the soul of Sarah Millen, who died in that world, was slowly flowing into Park Hyeyeon’s soul. Park Hyeyeon of South Korea, who could not use magic, felt the magic of the continent flowing in her body.

“I can use magic, magic……”

It was at that time that a ray of hope passed through Park Hyeyeon’s head, who was shedding tears as she blankly watched the azure mana appearing from her fingertips. The power of Sarah Millen flowing into her was strong enough to upset the balance of the dimensions. Perhaps if that power flows into Park Hyeyeon’s soul, the dimension will try to balance it once again.

“As I wish……, I’ll be able to balance it. I just have to pay the price. A fair price that is worthy of the balance of dimensions……”

She now knew life without Claude, and she knew life without Ethan. It was also now known from experience that both eventually ended in tragedy. She couldn’t even imagine a life without them now. In a world where Claude exists and Ethan exists, she has to make them happy.

“I’ll be honest about everything, and I’ll save those two from Ambrosia’s power. I won’t fail this time. Never……”

From then on, Park Hyeyeon began researching to put Sarah Millen’s soul into that dimension once again. And she tried to figure out a way to get back to before all this misery started. She was the Great Magician and the Guardian of dimensional balance. The price that the dimension wanted was very clear.

‘Memories of Sarah Millen who fell in love with Ethan Ambrosia. And the eternal seal of Park Hyeyeon’s soul.’

If only this was paid in price, the world could be brought back into balance. Park Hyeyeon’s soul also shared that memory, so she had to seal her soul to prevent her memory from coming to and from each other’s bodies.

“……Can I love him again?”

Park Hyeyeon hesitated. After turning back the time, with no memories of each other, will she ever be able to fall in love with him again? Could she ever get the love of that person? What if he falls in love with someone other than her?

“Ah ah, Claude.”

But she had nothing to hesitate about. The child, whom she couldn’t forget even after falling in love with Ethan, was waiting for her. She will be happy. Whatever the circumstances, she will be happy in the world where Ethan is alive and Claude is alive. Before paying the price of her memory and turning back the time, she decided to take a small shortcut.

“I can’t fail this time. Oliven, there’s that child.”

Oliven. Her crooked disciple who learned black magic. Park Hyeyeon thought that even if she turned back time, Oliven would remain the same. So she was able to play this gamble. If it was Oliven, no matter what accident he caused, he would have pushed Sarah Millen’s soul into Park Hyeyeon’s dimension, even for a moment.

‘All memories are sealed in Park Hyeyeon’s body. It’s a memory engraved on the body, not the soul, and I’ll forget it when I return to Sarah Millen’s body. That’s how the balance is set.’

Before turning back time, Park Hyeyeon decided to make a car accident to make a valid reason for Sarah Millen’s return to Korea. And finally, she made a distortion in her own memory. And she made an allusion.

‘What I wrote about the future of the continent is actually a novel I wrote. The title is ‘Flower of Darkness’. The world in which Ethan was alone and killed will become the future of the continent.’

Sarah Millen, who would wake up from the time she went back to the past, would mistake the future for the novel.

‘Ah ah, poor Dieline. We must prevent the misfortune of precious Dieline. The world is flowing like the ‘novel’. It’s the misfortune you made, so you have to stop it.’

She instilled an excessive sense of guilt about Dieline and made her determined to change the future.

‘We need to study the power of Ambrosia. Find out what that power longs for. It’s okay if it takes a little time.’

She studied Ambrosia’s power and even made it possible to protect both Ethan and Claude from that power.

‘I miss you, I miss Claude so much. That lovely child. I miss that child so much.’

Claude, so that I can love that child once again. Don’t let it slip away.

‘May I be true in front of two people without hiding everything about me.’

May you be free from all misunderstandings. After finishing all her hints, Park Hyeyeon jumped into the rushing truck.


T/N: This chapter marks the end of all the explanations for the whole novel up till this point. I want to make a few notes to better clarify all these dimensions jumping, foreseeing, and the two souls thing.

1. About Sarah Millen and Park Hyeyeon: Originally, these two souls are one and the same, however, as this one soul has too much power, the FL decided to split it into two, thus becoming Sarah Millen (living in Crombell) and Park Hyeyeon (living in Korea). Sarah Millen has the magic, and Park Hyeyeon has the ability to foresee the future.

2. About the original ‘future’: One day, Park Hyeyeon, with the ability to foresee, sees the ‘future’ in which her friend (Sarah’s friend), Dieline, runs away with Hugel and abandons Claude. The fact that Claude is abandoned bothers her, so Sarah (in the future) becomes Claude’s nanny (she plays the role of a normal nanny, hiding the fact that she’s a magician). At this point, Sarah doesn’t know about Ambrosia’s power, so she can’t make Claude and Ethan become closer. Then, Claude’s power is manifested and as a ‘normal’ person, Sarah dies. Then Claude’s power runs rampant, Ethan dies while trying to stop Claude, and Crombell and the continent are destroyed. Sarah then disguises herself as God to tell Elena the Saint all of her knowledge of the Ambrosia’s power. With that knowledge, Elena stops Claude and becomes his lover. Together with Elexa, they rebuild the Empire. However, Claude regrets his actions (destroying the continent) and later commits suicide.

3. About the second tragedy: When Park Hyeyeon wakes up from the dream (the original future), she writes everything that will happen in the future in her notebook (laptop). However, she regrets the fact that Claude will meet a miserable end (commits suicide), so she decides to change the original future. She wakes up in Sarah Millen’s body (in the present) and approaches Ethan (who hasn’t become the Duke). Sarah then becomes Ethan’s fiancee instead of Dieline. As a result, Dieline never meets Hugel, never falls in love, and Claude will never be born. At this point, Sarah and Ethan love each other very much, but with Sarah sleepwalking while looking for Claude unconsciously, Ethan is anxious and jealous. But he keeps it to himself. They eventually get married. Then Oliven, still obsessive as ever, use his illusion magic to show Ethan the illusion of Sarah leaving and dying, thus making Ambrosia’s power in Ethan runs rampant. Then, Ethan is eaten by the power and Sarah also dies while hugging him.

4. About false memory: Sarah Millen’s soul dies with Ethan, but Park Hyeyeon’s soul is still alive. All the power in Sarah Millen’s soul flows into Park Hyeyeon, allowing Park Hyeyeon to use magic. With magic, Park Hyeyeon puts Sarah Millen’s soul into the other dimension again and turns back time. The price is the memory of Sarah falling in love with Ethan and the seal of Park Hyeyeon’s soul. To make sure she won’t fail the third time (the first time Claude dies and the second time Ethan dies), Park Hyeyeon changes her own (Sarah Millen’s) memory. Her intention is to make Sarah (who will wake up in the past) believes that: the second tragedy = the original future, while the original future = the Flower of Darkness.

5. After changing the memory, Park Hyeyeon jumps in front of the truck, and turns back time. Then it’s the beginning of this novel with Sarah unable to wakes up in Park Hyeyeon’s body, getting stuck in Sarah Millen’s body. And becomes Claude’s nanny.

Hopefully these notes will help you have a better understanding of the world building of this novel. Thank you for reading to this point. Hope that you will continue to support this novel till its end.


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