I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 183

* * *

Claude paced the garden, unable to hide his nervous expression. Hot tea and sweet treats were placed on the tea table in the garden, but Claude didn’t pay attention to them. The child’s gaze was only fixed on where Sarah’s room was.

“Not yet?”

“We just saw the light shining at the same time as the roar. I’m sure the Duke brought Lady Sarah here.”

“Why aren’t they coming out? If there’s something wrong……”

“It can’t be. There’s no way the Duke will fail to do what he wants.”

“Is that so?”

May comforted Claude with a sweet and soft voice, who was constantly anxious. Her confident voice was enough to reassure young Claude, but May’s eyes also didn’t leave Sarah’s room when she said that.


In the end, Claude and May sighed deeply at the same time and walked around the garden together. When light emanated from Sarah’s room with a loud sound a while ago, a large group of Ambrosia Knights entered the mansion and were driven out by Veron. So no one knew what was going on in that room right now.

“Ronda didn’t hear anything from Veron either?”

“That’s right. In fact, Veron only carries out His Lord’s order not to let anyone interfere, but will not know the situation inside.”

Claude’s last hopeful question to Ronda was of no avail. It was a situation where he had no choice but to wait.

“I’m sure Father will make it.'”

Claude, trying to think positively, went over to the tea table and sat down.

“I’ll give you a new cup of tea.”

“It’s okay. It’s going to get cold anyway.”

The child’s feet tumbled in the air with a disapproving look. He had been waiting so long. He had been waiting for Sarah to wake up for a very long time. He had a hard time waiting for this moment. His fingertips kept getting cold and his heart pounded irregularly. But Claude wasn’t waiting alone.

“Still far away?”

“We’re still waiting……”

“But this time, I think it’s real. Did you all see the light flashing earlier?”

“Right, right. I guess she’s finally opening her eyes.”

It was because Ambrosia’s servants and Ethan’s subordinates gathered in the garden one by one, noticing that something was going on.

“The back of HIs Lord as he rushed out a moment ago……, should I say that he was very confident.”

“In the office, Mr. Benjamin and Miss Belluna were lying down, saying something about the oath. I think Lady Sarah will come back this time.”

“That’s right! With Mr. Benjamin’s personality, he wouldn’t be the type to stay still if he was attacked…… He was smiling?”

Everyone, even those who were doing business in the office, was whispering by Claude’s side. Everyone was talking about what they had witnessed, but their eyes were on the back of Claude’s small head. In the end, these were the voices telling the child to be at peace. Sarah will definitely come back, so don’t worry.

“……Nanny will come.”

Listening to those words, Claude finally touched the teacup. The teacup was full of milk with honey that Claude liked.


The people of Ambrosia let out a sigh of relief at the sight of Claude, who seemed to have finally regained some composure. And that was when everyone started waiting for Sarah with the child.

“Uh, someone over there……”

At that time, people began to strain their necks at the sight of a man and a woman approaching the garden.


With a clang, the teacup in Claude’s hand fell and broke. But Claude didn’t care and ran forward, stepping on the pieces of the teacup that had fallen in front of him.

“Young Master Claude!”

Everyone, including Ronda and May, became contemplative and grabbed Claude.

“It’s dangerous! Are you hurt?”

One of the Ambrosia Knights quickly slipped a hand into Claude’s armpit and lifted him up, causing the child’s feet to thump in the air.

“I’m, I’m okay! Nanny over there……”

Claude twisted his body in an impatient voice and tried to escape, but soon closed his mouth at the faces of the man and woman who were revealed.




At the same time, all the Ambrosia people in the garden also kept their mouths shut. The garden was enveloped in a heavy silence as if a commotion had broken out at some point.

“What, what’s the matter with you?”

“……What happened?”

The man and woman, who approached the garden, that was to say, were Benjamin and Belluna, not Sarah and Ethan. The two of them tilted their heads with bewildered faces as everyone was staring at them intensely and dumbfoundedly.


It was then. The sound of crying leaked out between Claude’s lips, who was held in the knight’s hand.


“Young Master Claude?”

A loud cry erupted from the child’s mouth. Contrary to the quiet drooping of the moment before, Claude began to struggle.

“I hate you. I hate you all!”

“Young Master Claude! It’s dangerous!”

“I hate Sister Belluna, I hate Brother Benjamin, and I hate everything! Huaaaang!”

The knight who was holding Claude was at a loss because he was crying bitterly and struggling violently. Benjamin, who had narrowed his eyes not knowing what the situation was, summoned his mana and gently wrapped it around Claude, pulling the child toward him.

“What the hell are you complaining about?”

“I don’t know! I hate Brother Benjamin. Let go of me!”

Before he knew it, Claude struggled, hitting him in the chest, as if he was dissatisfied with Benjamin’s embrace. It was as if everything that he had endured so far has exploded. Benjamin sighed, accepting Claude’s complaint with his whole body.

“Heuuk, uheuk, I hate them all……”

“Yeah, yeah, brat. Hit me. Hit me.”

Kick and hit and kick and hit, Benjamin calmly received them all. Claude pursed his lips and this time wrapped his arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. Then he started crying bitterly again.

“Hueooong. Brother Benjamin, I want to see Nanny. I miss her so much……”

“Okay. I’m sorry, brat. You thought Master was coming, but you were disappointed.”

“Huu……, eung. I thought you were Nanny……”

Claude nodded, wiping tears and snot on Benjamin’s shoulder.


Benjamin put on a look of disgust for a moment, then closed his lips as Belluna stabbed him in the side. Then he gently brushed Claude’s back.

“What if Nanny doesn’t come……. What if she keeps sleeping like that? I miss her so much……”

“She’ll come.”

“How does Uncle know that?”

“I just know. The oath with Master is broken……, did you just secretly call me Uncle?”


Claude buried his head again on Benjamin’s shoulder and tried to hug him when he found his clothes covered with tears and snot.


The child held out his arms to Belluna in disgust.

“Hey, this is what you did.”

“Dirty, Brother Benjamin.”

“Are you going to be like that?”

It was Benjamin and Claude who started bickering again. But in the meantime, Claude calmed down and stopped crying. After all, he believed what Benjamin had said about Sarah’s return. As long as he waited, Claude easily became anxious over the smallest things, but he easily believed in the smallest hopes as well.


Belluna let out a sigh of relief and tried to hug Claude, who opened his arms to her. But she, Belluna, was a step behind.

“Gotcha, our pretty Young Master Claude, please come here.”

It was because someone hugged Claude before Belluna did. Her soft, sweet voice was full of pure laughter.



Belluna’s mouth slowly opened when she saw the person’s face. The same was true of Claude, who was frozen in that person’s arms.

“How have you been? Our Young Master Claude, your face is a mess.”

The hand caressing the child’s flushed cheek was very gentle. She delicately and affectionately arranged his disheveled hair and wiped away his unwiped tears.

“We met again after a long time, will you only show us your crying face like this?”


It was Sarah. While Claude was crying and struggling and bickering with Benjamin, Sarah returned to the garden. To see Claude, whom she missed and longed for.

“Are you Nanny?”

“Yes, Young Master Claude.”


“Yess, really.”

Claude continued to stare at Sarah with a wavering gaze in disbelief. The friendly eyes looking at him, the gentle pulling of the corners of her mouth to smile. It was Sarah. Clearly, it was the woman Claude had longed for all this time. When he lifted his gaze a little, he saw Ethan smiling quietly, looking at him from behind.

“Are you the real Nanny?”

“By all means.”

Sarah smiled brightly as she answered Claude who called her in disbelief.

“I’m back. Completely.”


Tears began to flow from Claude’s eyes at Sarah’s answer. The child stammered out his hand and clenched Sarah’s hem. He felt like she was going to go again any minute, so he gave all his strength and held it as if he wouldn’t let go.

“I missed you, Nanny. I really…… too……”

“I know. Because I missed you, too.”

Sarah hugged Claude tightly and took a big breath, then exhaled as if she was relieved.

“Haa…… I feel like I’m really back now. Our Young Master Claude’s smell is so good.”

“Heuk, heuk uh uh, heoong…… Fa, Father……, Nanny is here. Heuk, Nanny’s here, Father……”

Claude looked for Ethan with emotion, being hugged by Sarah. Then Ethan, who was standing far away and watching, approached and gently swept Claude’s head and said.

“We will never be separated again. Please make it like that.”

“Heuuk, heuuuk.”

Claude nodded and cried sadly, and Sarah looked at the child lovingly, then closed her eyes and smiled broadly at Ethan. Ethan kissed Sarah on the forehead, then kissed Claude on the cheek. Then, opening his arms, he hugged Claude and Sarah together.



Everyone in Ambrosia watched the scene. There was something flowing between the three of them that no one could interfere with. It was warm, overflowing with affection, soft and firm at the same time. Someone murmured at the sight.

“Ambrosia is finally complete.”

And no one could deny that.

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