I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 184

* * *

After Sarah wakes up from a long sleep. Ambrosia was experiencing a very dramatic change. It was a very, very dramatic change.



Strange laughter continued from the mouths of the servants who were busy walking around the mansion day after day. While carrying the laundry, they would suddenly stop, bow their heads and laugh, then start working again as if nothing happened, or while cleaning the windows, they would stop and giggle with their hands still moving, and then finish what they had been doing as if everything was normal. If they make eye contact with someone they work with while cleaning the room,

“Today too……, will it be the same? Ehem.”

“Yes, it will be the same. Uhaha.”

they laughed eccentrically again while having this conversation. It was obviously strange to anyone who saw it, but they were not aware of their own appearance.

“Today Countess Millen called me by my name and said hello.”

“Is it just that much? She even asked me if I was doing well.”

Sometimes, the servants made a bet on how many words they talked to Sarah.

“Hmph, for me, she took off the hair on my clothes herself!”



Among them, if there was a servant that Sarah’s fingertips touched even for a moment, that person would win without fail. Other servants continued to hover around Sarah’s side in order not to lose, peeping at opportunities from time to time.

“I want to attend her……”

“I want to lock her up and feed her only nutritious food……”

“I want to take care of her from head to toe……”

As such, the desire of Ambrosia’s servants grew day by day. But no one blamed their excessive desire. As expected, there had always been a gloomy atmosphere in the mansion since they moved everything about Ambrosia into the monster’s forest. Sarah’s existence was too great for them to blame it on the monster’s forest where the sun did not shine. So after Sarah returned, the ambience of Ambrosia’s mansion became warm and refreshing like the sun of spring. Even the gloomy weather in the monster’s forest felt like a cozy and cool shade in front of Sarah’s tranquility.



In this way, the flower of laughter in Ambrosia did not fade and became lively in various meanings. Among them, the place most popular with servants was near Ethan’s office. It was a long time ago that everyone was afraid and reluctant to see Ethan, who was heartbroken, and seemed to be walking on thin ice.

“Mrs. Ronda, shall we offer a cup of hot tea to His Lord and Countess Millen?”

“His Lord says he doesn’t need it because he wants to prepare it for Countess Millen himself.”

“Then, Mr. Veron, do you think there is no need for an additional report? I heard a messenger just arrived.”

“Isn’t Countess Millen inside? He has already been reported to. With magic”

Ronda and Veron were diligently responding to the requests of the people of Ambrosia that were tinged with their explicit desires. Since Sarah woke up, the efforts of the servants to help her had been very hypothetical. In addition, when Ethan and Sarah were together, their efforts became very intense, not hypothetical.

“Ha……, it’s too bad.”

“I want to see it too.”

The maids who were stopped by Veron and Ronda went back, biting their lips in regret. There was a different reason why they were aiming for a time when the two of them were together.

“Last time, Lily said she saw the two of them kissing in the library in the east wing.”

“Really? I was envious of Hauper yesterday when he said he saw those two hugging each other while taking a walk…… Now I’m jealous of Lily!”

“I know, Lily said that His Lord put his lips on Countess Millen’s neck…… Kkyak!”

A white arm suddenly came in between the whispering and laughing maids. Ronda, with a stern expression, looked at them as they raised their heads in surprise.

“Tsk. Did everyone forget where we are now? There are things you shouldn’t say in front of His Lord’s office.”

“Mrs. Head Maid……”

“We are sorry.”

The maids immediately reflected and bowed their heads. Above them, Ronda’s voice sank like a sigh.

“Has Ambrosia’s mouth become light enough to dare to talk about His Lord’s private life in such an open place?”

“No, Mrs. Head Maid. We made a mistake. It won’t happen again.”

“Yes, I’ll let it go this one time, but pass it on to others. You have to be extremely careful in front of His Lord and Countess Millen.”



Those who had been severely scolded raised their heads slightly at the sound of Ronda’s muffled voice with a slight laugh. Then Ronda pulled one corner of her mouth to reveal her grinning face.

“Let me in next time, too.”


Ronda’s words put a smile on everyone’s face. Everyone looked at each other and laughed uhahaha. So it wasn’t just them that became strange, it was just the whole Ambrosia.

“Did you send all of them away, Ronda?”

“Yeah, they are going to let me in next time.”

Veron smiled strangely and shook his head as if slightly fed up with Ronda, who chased away those who lingered around Ethan’s office. They weren’t the only ones who got kicked out this way.

“It’s going to be so much fun. Now this mansion has become like a place where people live.”

“Yeah, Veron, it’s so much fun just for me right now.”

Ronda sneaked up to the door of Ethan’s office where the gap had opened and peered inside. Smirk, the corners of Ronda’s mouth shot up uncontrollably.

“Hey, Ronda, you……”

“Be quiet.”

Veron tried to stop her but Ronda waved her hand as if it were annoying. Veron was finally able to realize that the reason she kicked out the other servants was to peek at Sarah and Ethan comfortably alone like this.


At that moment, an exclamation escaped from Ronda’s mouth and her earlobes began to glow red. Veron, who had been watching it quietly, pretended not to, and he sneaked to Ronda’s side.


Then, quietly, he followed her example and looked through the crack in the office door. In the office, Ethan was showing Sarah documents that summarized the current situation on the continent. Sarah sat on the couch in the office, looked at the papers, and said something to him with admiration on her face.

“Since when……, the plan…… So Alton……”

Because of the distance, they couldn’t hear what Sarah was saying to Ethan.

“The First Prince was originally……, the variable……”

The same was true of Ethan’s voice answering her. Ronda and Veron watched the two over and over again, smacking their lips in regret. Ethan naturally pulled Sarah’s wrist toward him, telling her one thing or another. With her eyes fixed on the papers, Sarah’s upper body leaned sharply towards Ethan. Without realizing it, she was half-cuddled with her back leaning on Ethan’s chest. Ethan’s elegant lips curved beautifully as if he was satisfied. One of his arms was naturally wrapped around Sarah’s waist.


Ethan lowered his head and whispered something into Sarah’s ear, and a clear laugh erupted from her lips. Ethan laughed out loud as he watched Sarah wince as if it tickled her. Sarah, who was struggling to stop, straightened herself and looked straight at Ethan. Then their eyes met each other. The smile slowly subsided, and something burning thickly in their intertwined gazes. Sarah slowly raised her hand and cupped Ethan’s cheek. Ethan’s eyes blinked slowly, then he slowly closed them and kissed Sarah’s lips. Rustle, the papers fell out of Sarah’s hand.


The sound of hot breathing echoed exceptionally loud in the quiet office. Sarah’s arms wrapped around Ethan’s neck, and their bodies tilted greatly. Veron and Ronda’s faces turned red as if they were about to explode. As if embarrassed, Veron patted Ronda and whispered.

“……Maybe it’s because the two of them are finally able to connect, so it’s very passionate.”

“I know.”

However, the voice that answered Veron’s words was not Ronda. Veron and Ronda’s gazes were directed downward simultaneously at the sound they heard from below.



Ronda and Veron, who almost screamed inadvertently, covered each other’s mouths. The one who answered Veron’s words was none other than Claude Ambrosia. He was the little master of this house. Claude approached and crouched down, watching Ethan and Sarah through the crack of the door with Veron and Ronda.

“You, you shouldn’t look at this.”

Ronda said embarrassedly, but Claude tilted his head as if wondering, and asked again.


“That’s, in education……”

“Nanny said that parents showing affection for each other is very good for emotional education. But why?”

“That’s true……”

“Nanny is Father’s lover, so she’ll be my mother soon. Isn’t it good that parents are acting so sweet? Why can’t I look? Why?”

At Claude’s question, Ronda finally had no choice but to keep her mouth shut. At the age of seven, Claude’s speaking skills improved dramatically, and there were few people in the mansion who could deal with him. In addition, Sarah was the only one who could satisfactorily answer Claude’s infinite ‘Why?’ questions asking.



Veron and Ronda could only stare blankly at Claude, who eventually got up from his seat patting his butt. Fortunately, Claude didn’t continue to press for an answer, because the child’s mind was elsewhere.

“But it’s too late. I can’t believe they’re finally on the same wavelength. Father is too soft and Nanny is too slow.”

Where did he learn the word soft? Veron and Ronda could not answer Claude’s words. It was May who followed the child who casually continued the conversation with Claude.

“That’s right. It’s been a long time since the two of them fell in love with each other, but it took so long for them to connect…… I’m getting dizzy just watching.”

“Right? May saw it, too. There were so many people at the party who were aiming for Nanny.”

“Yes, yes. Young Master Claude was standing right there, glaring at them, but they didn’t even know their place and tried to talk to Lady Sarah. It was very spectacular.”

May casually chimed in with Claude, as if this was normal. Claude nodded at May’s words.

“So, Father needs to work harder. He has to hold onto Nanny.”

“You’re right. If he doesn’t do it this time, how long will it take……”

Claude shook his head with his hands on his waist.

“Phew, that won’t work. Both of them can’t do without me!”

A deep, helpless sigh escaped Claude’s small mouth. It was a heavy sigh that they would not have thought would come out of a child’s mouth.

“Let’s go, May.”

“Yes, Young Master Claude.”

Claude dragged May away with a look of determination. Before they knew it, only two people, Veron and Ronda, were left in front of Ethan’s office again.

“……You know, Veron.”


“What just passed by?”

“How can I know, Ronda?”

Since when did May and Claude come? Since when did those two have the same mind like that? Since when did they get along so well? Veron and Ronda were lost.

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