I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 32


“Yes…… Isn’t it really bad for you?”


May’s expression stiffened as she was the only one in Ambrosia’s mansion to know that Sarah was vomiting blood. Sarah sighed heavily and bit her lip. A moment ago, she remembered the moment when Park Hyeyeon opened her eyes in a dream that seemed to be not a dream. She has lived the lives of two people as a single soul so far, but it was the first time she had experienced it. She didn’t wake up with a different body, but saw her sleeping body with her own eyes. Even if she crossed the dimension, the rule that only one day passed in the other dimension was broken today.

“……It must be like that. I guess I’ll have to pay more attention.”

Claude’s face became very tearful at Sarah’s words.

“Don’t get sick, Nanny. I’ll hate you if you’re sick.”

“Oh my?”

Sarah smiled softly, stroking Claude’s head. She decided to think slowly about the complicated problem later and reassure this small and precious child first.

“I don’t want to be hated by Young Master Claude, so I won’t get sick. Don’t worry.”

Sarah patted her neck. As instructed by the Duke of Ambrosia, the wounds inflicted by the First Prince did not fully heal. Sarah infused her magic into the wound where a little scab sat. The scar on Sarah’s neck disappeared with a small, clear sound. Claude, who had been looking at it half-heartedly, took a long breath as if relieved now.

“Now, there’s no pain anywhere, right?”

Sarah said as she tucked her flowing hair behind her ears, showing the nape of her neck. When he checked with his own eyes that the white and delicate nape of her neck was clean without any scars, a faint smile finally returned to Claude’s lips just then.

“I can’t believe the first person I see when I open my eyes is Young Master Claude!”

Sarah clasped her hands into Claude’s armpits, who was leaning like he was hanging by the bed, and lifted him up. Then she tucked him into her arms and brushed her cheek against Claude’s soft hair.

“As expected, Young Master Claude is the only one who worries about me.”

“Ah aish, put me down!”

Claude’s face went red as if it was about to explode. He tried to push Sarah away with his struggling arms, but he only made gestures and did not give any strength. Claude, who was happy but pretended not to like it, was cute, so Sarah rubbed her cheeks more intensely.

“Hug me just like this. I’m the patient.”

“……Just a little while!”

“Yesss, I won’t be greedy.”

Claude pretended to give in and hugged Sarah tightly. When he heard Sarah’s heart beating with a pleasant beating sound, the child’s expression relaxed. May, who was watching the scene, said with a small sigh of relief.

“Mr. Butler and Mrs. Head Maid will bring the Duke here soon, so I’ll get going now. If Mrs. Head Maid knows I’m here, she may send me back to the Baron’s family.”


As May was about to say goodbye and leave, Claude’s eyes, seemingly regretful, followed.  Claude was a bit lonely while May wasn’t there because of her punishment, and Sarah couldn’t wake up. His father was always busy, and the butler and the head maid were also busy. The family’s servants, knowingly and unknowingly, looked at Claude and gently avoided him. That was why he was happy to see May after a long time. May approached Claude as much as possible without being afraid.

“Stay here. I’ll tell the Mrs. Head Maid.”


As if she knew Claude’s heart well, Sarah grabbed May and the child’s eyes widened for a moment. Sarah stroked Claude’s head with a bitter heart. She felt sorry for this child, who was born with noble blood, that all he wanted was such a small sympathy.

“Countess Millen!”

Just then, the door swung open and Ethan rushed in. His messy, platinum-blonde hair was like the first time the two of them had officially met.

“I asked you to call my name, but did you forget it in the meantime?”

When Sarah joked in her sultry voice, Ethan’s stiff face finally softened. Ethan quickly made his way to the bed where Sarah was lying, examining her complexion meticulously. Sarah became somewhat tense at his persistent gaze, and her body stiffened slightly. Claude then wiggled in her arms and hugged her tighter. He seemed to think that her body was stiff because of the pain.

‘Ah ah……’

She was confused whether it was because of Ethan’s gaze that made her earlobe burn red, or because of the lovely Claude in her arms. Seeing Sarah’s blushing cheeks, Ethan sighed heavily as if reassured. Then he knelt down on one of his knees in front of her, made eye contact with her, and said.

“I was worried, Sarah.”

Thump, she felt a subtle shock in her heart. Sarah felt her heart pound for a moment and brought her hand to her chest.

Name, why did I ask him to call my name? 

Hearing those words in a heavy, low-pitched voice with that face, somehow, it felt like her heart was beating quite tight. In addition,

“I was worried too, Nanny.”

Even the cute Claude, who resembled that man, stuck his head out of Sarah’s arms and appealed to her. She couldn’t pull herself together at all.

“I heard I couldn’t wake up for three days. What happened? Didn’t Count Millen’s family contact me?”

“……? Don’t you remember?”


“To be exact, you couldn’t wake up for five days. Because you woke up once in the middle.”

“……What do you mean-?”

“You were asleep for two days, and then you woke up for a moment and fell asleep again after telling me not to contact Count Millen’s family.”

Sarah’s body stiffened at Ethan’s words. She couldn’t remember waking up for a while.

“After that, you couldn’t wake up for another three days.”


Sarah’s mind became complicated. When waking up in Park Hyeyeon’s body or in Sarah Millen’s body, there were often cases in which each body opened its eyes. But every time, like a doll without a soul, she had never ‘spoken’ if she had just opened her eyes.

‘What the hell is going on?’

That she didn’t know the limits of how much power she had. And that she didn’t know what she could do with that power. From the moment Dieline’s life was in shambles, she fully felt the horror it gave. Like Ethan Ambrosia from the ‘future’ and Claude from the ‘Flower of Darkness’, who plunged themselves into endless darkness not knowing what Ambrosia’s power might do.

“You said you were fine because you were in a very good condition, but you couldn’t wake up after that, so I was going to wait a little longer and contact Count Millen’s family.”

“No, no. That’s okay. But my memory……”

Sarah put her hand on her head, which hurt like it was about to break. Then Ethan’s large hand gently landed on Sarah’s forehead. 

“Were you like this from the beginning? If there was a doctor who looked after you at Count Millen’s family, please call that person. I will contact the temple as well.”


Sarah couldn’t hide her worried eyes and made eye contact with Ethan, who was staying with her. As she stared at him silently, Ethan’s eyes twitched faintly, and a subtle heat lingered in his palm. A hard, sturdy castle-like man was looking at her with an anxious look like a lost child. It felt like that sculptural man’s eyes were digging into something more than her aching head.

“What happened to the First Prince?”

Sarah just changed the subject. She had been blatantly trying to avoid commenting on the condition of her body. So, it was natural for Ethan’s eyebrows to crease.


A stern, low-pitched voice leaked out. He didn’t seem to want to pass it on if there were any problems with her health. Sarah let out a deep sigh as if she had finally given up.

“I’m sorry. For the Duke to trust and entrust Young Master Claude to me in the future, I need to be healthy.”

“Then I’ll call a doctor.”


Sarah quietly nodded her head. At that moment, Ethan’s hardened face loosened.  Ethan’s hand on her forehead went down as well. As the warm feeling disappeared, a cool chill came in at the place where his hand had been placed previously.

“I’ve got something to talk to Sarah, so all of you go out.”

At Ethan’s orders, all of the servants, including the butler and the head maid, left the room at once. Claude looked at Ethan with anxious eyes as to whether he had to leave too. The child tightened his arms as he embraced Sarah.

“Claude, you too……”

“It’s fine. So just say it.”

Sarah said as she embraced Claude, who didn’t want to be separated from her. Ethan looked at the two alternately and soon shook his head with a deep sigh. Then he sat on a chair next to the bed and asked in a cautious voice.

“Did this happen……because of this power?”

If Sarah said it was because of Ambrosia’s power, it sounded like she would be kicked out immediately.

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