I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 33


Ethan touched the artifact Sarah had made. The reason he didn’t say it was Ambrosia’s power was that he hadn’t told Claude about this power in detail yet. Sarah also didn’t want Claude to learn about this power. At least, until Claude became an adult.

“No, it’s because I lost too much blood that day and managed my mana in a bad condition.”

“But you couldn’t even wake up for five days?”

“I know you can’t believe it, but magicians sometimes be like this. You will have to adjust to it. I’m going to say the same thing even if you bring a doctor or a priest.”


“So don’t worry too much. There are a lot of sleeping princesses in the magic tower. I’ll assure you.”

Ethan sighed quietly at Sarah’s words. It had been quite some time since the existence of a magician last appeared in the Empire. Even the Empire could not grasp the power possessed by a magician, let alone individual doctors or priests. He had no choice but to believe what Sarah said. But his sharp sense was telling that something bad was happening to Sarah’s health.

‘Build your strength until your surroundings dry up, you monster bastard. By eating everyone around you, including your mother.’

Ethan clenched his fists at the thought that this power his mother had feared all her life might have made Sarah like that. If you wanted something, the more desperate it was, the more brutally it would be taken away. His mother’s shouting like a curse was still buzzing in his head.


At that moment, Sarah placed her hand on Ethan’s clenched fist and called out to him. Ethan looked at her, not knowing what expression he was making.

“My goal is to be around until Young Master Claude grows up.”

“I know.”

“It’s my personality that I have to get what I want. I think the Duke knows this well because he has stepped back from my stubbornness several times, no?”

“That’s right, too.”

“So trust me. I’m okay. I wouldn’t even start if I was going to run away in fear of this power.”

Ethan’s eyes shook slightly at Sarah’s words. The anxiety he felt when he saw her not waking up with her eyes closed still remained intact at his fingertips. Ethan realized what the fear was that unconsciously shook him. Why he wanted Sarah to open her eyes.

‘I want to throw up.’

He was afraid Sarah would disappear forever. That woman, who said she was not afraid of Ambrosia’s power, said she didn’t expect this, and she was afraid and ran away, saying it was terrible. He was afraid it would hurt Claude, who had already fallen in love with her because she hadn’t appeared forever since then. He was afraid he would find himself hoping for Sarah without realizing it. That was how he was afraid she’d let Claude and himself go. Ethan realized that she was the first salvation he had tasted, and at this moment he opened his eyes and saw Sarah smiling at him.


Ethan sighed briefly and hardened his face. It was the first time he openly realized his feelings like this. It was not as pleasant as he thought to realize that he was desperate. It meant that the existence of the woman named Sarah Millen inside him was bigger than expected. To the point of him discovering it by himself.

“By any chance, do you not like it?”

Looking at Ethan’s face hardened by shock, Sarah asked in a cautious voice. Claude also looked up at him with a terrified look, wondering if his father was trying to reject Sarah.


When Claude grabbed his hem with a whimper, Ethan looked at the two as if he had come to his senses.

“No, I’m not.”

Ethan took a deep breath and clasped Claude’s hand awkwardly, which was holding his hem.

“Can I ask you why you’re doing this?”


“I’ve become curious about why you’re putting so much effort into me and Claude.”


At Ethan’s question, Sarah smiled as she looked at Claude’s face looking at her. The softly curved corners of her eyes and the bright smile on her lips were as fresh and bright as the sunlight.

“It doesn’t take that long to fall in love with someone. I’m already in love, and now that I know this loveliness, I can’t help it.”

6 years. For as long as six years, she had been researching how to end Ambrosia’s curse, thinking of Claude. During that period, it was right to say that she only thought of the child and Ambrosia like crazy enough to be called obsessed. At that time, it was true that she felt deeply sorry for Claude, worried, and guilty. The first time she fell in love with the real Claude was when she met the child and met his tear-soaked eyes.

“There was plenty of loveliness existing in front of my eyes. So what can I do? I have no choice but to fall in love.”

Claude’s eyes were filled with great joy when she heard Sarah’s answer. Kissing the tears dripping down from those big eyes, Sarah continued.

“You don’t need a grand reason, for the human heart. It’s flowing without me knowing. I just quickly acknowledged that.”


“So, Duke, don’t be afraid to give your heart either.”

At Sarah’s words, Ethan looked at her silently for a moment. Looking at his forehead narrowed like a habit as if he was thinking complicatedly, Sarah thought for a moment that she might have forced him to admit his feelings for Claude. It was time for Sarah to apologize, saying it was too early, thinking of a father-son relationship that would still be awkward.

“Sarah is truly a miraculous person to me and Claude.”

Listening to Ethan’s soft voice with a short smile, Sarah opened her eyes wide and gaped.

‘He smiled.’

Ethan Ambrosia smiled. The corners of his lips curled up softly, and the spring sunshine-like energy permeated his icy lips. In addition, a warm feeling lingered in his navy blue eyes, which had always gleamed, and the glow shone along his curved eyes. It wasn’t the first time he smiled in front of Sarah. Sometimes he smiled out of courtesy or showed a smile on one corner of his mouth. But at this moment, Sarah could see that he smiled sincerely at her.

‘……How can a person smile like that?’

Sarah, who held her breath without realizing it, soon blinked with a deep breath. Ethan’s bright smile quickly faded, but it was stuck very clearly in Sarah’s mind.

‘This is cheating. I’m as happy as when Claude-nim called me by my name.’

It was as if Ethan, who pretended not to be, who was always wary of her, finally recognized himself for the first time. Sarah’s cheeks were slightly heated up because the untamed beast seemed to have shown his true feelings for a brief moment.

“So, Duke. Won’t you tell me what happened to the First Prince? Duke Ambrosia didn’t just blow away the five days I slept, right?”

In response to Sarah’s question, who was changing the subject for no reason, Ethan said with a relaxed expression on his face, as if he had forgotten the slightest thoughts.

“Although Marquis Bollun put a lot of effort, it seems that the First Prince’s deprivation of the right to be the heir to the throne will proceed without any problems.”

“Oh my, the First Prince must be heartbroken.”

Even though she clicked her tongue as if she was sad, there was a hint of surprise that Sarah could not hide in her voice. The First Prince’s madness was not what happened yesterday or today, so the case of attempting to wield a sword at Sarah and Claude could have ended with a few months of self-reflection. However, the fact that the Duke of Ambrosia, who declared that he would not be involved in the issue of succession to the throne at all, took it to the point of stripping the First Prince of the right to the throne, was an achievement that could not be achieved with ordinary abilities.

“How did it happen?”

“I’ve only said a few words of personal advice to His Majesty.”

“What did you say?”

“His Majesty wanted to know about your mood, so I was just telling him that having a conversation with you was impossible.”

While cleverly hiding the facts, cleverly telling the truth. Sarah knew how scary Ethan Ambrosia was, but this was the first time she realized it. The Emperor would not have believed that Sarah was seriously wounded by the sword of the First Prince because the Emperor knew that Sarah Millen was a magician. However, Ethan Ambrosia’s words were also true because she was actually hit to the point of falling asleep for five days. The Emperor, unaware of this fact, misunderstood that Sarah was angry with the First Prince.

“Did you sell me?”

“After the death of the Emperor, shouldn’t the great magician’s wrath be directed toward the Empire?”

Ethan shrugged, wondering what the problem was.

“I was just hinting to the Emperor that the Emperor was an Empire. It’s the Emperor’s job to interpret this, not my job.”

“Wow, you’re so mean. I’m not a person who has that much anger.”

“I just didn’t correct what the Emperor thought.”

“…… So scary.”

“If it’s a compliment, I’ll appreciate it.”

Sarah finally shook her head and sighed deeply. As a result, the First Prince, the Emperor’s most cherished and beloved son, was completely removed from the throne.

“Then how are you going to deal with the First Prince?”

Another smile appeared on Ethan’s lips at Sarah’s question. Obviously, it was a smile with a completely different meaning from before.

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