I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became The Villain’s Pendant Chapter 28 Part 2 The Fire of the Nine Serenities 3

As Ji Yan struggled in his arms, she heard him say. “Move again, I will strangle you.”

Ji Yan: No, I dare not move.

She had no choice but to lie obediently in Yin Xuezhuo’s arms, while he sniffed on her neck for a while, rubbed her face with his fingers for a while, and ran his hands over her body for a while, Ji Yan’s whole body was rigid, and she was surprised to find that Yin Xuezuo’s icy body temperature had disappeared.

But she didn’t have time to speculate, because Yin Xuezhuo became more arrogant, and he touched more and more recklessly, Ji Yan suspected that this person was plotting against her, but after he finished touching her, he actually pushed her to the side and said coldly: “It’s cheaper for you.”

Cheap for her? Why is it cheaper for her? Isn’t he the one who took advantage of her, it was him who cheaply touched her?!

This person was simply inexplicable.

She wanted to scold him very much, but found that there was no suitable expletive to describe her complicated mood.

Forget it, she can’t reason with demons. She propped up her hand and stood up, feeling that her body was so light that she couldn’t help but jump a little.

… but the little jump went straight to the ceiling.

Holding a prominent stone pillar, Ji Yan hung on the top stone wall, beseeching for help: “Yin Xuezhuo, Yin Xuezhuo! I, I, why did I fly up, ah…, you quickly save me, ah.., ah.., I’m going to fall!”

He gave her a look as if she were mentally retarded.

He hooked his fingers lazily, and Ji Yan held firmly by a force and landed steadily on the ground. As soon as she landed, she squatted down, hugging her knees with her hands and huddled into a ball.

Not to mention jumping, she didn’t dare to walk anymore.

Having been too light like a swallow, she was afraid that once she lifted her foot, she would fly again.

Has she evolved? Ji Yan wanted to cry without tears.

Yin Xuezuo looked at Ji Yan who was so cowardly, and frowned again, wanting to make a mocking expression as usual, but after thinking about it for a moment, he didn’t even bother to make an expression.

Ji Yan’s level of waste was really not worth his ridicule.

Squatting on the ground she slowly moved to the side of the big demon, she stretched out her hand and tugged the corner of his clothes.

“Yin Xuezhuo, did you do something to me…” Ji Yan’s mood was very difficult to say. There was absolutely no sense of pleasure after the robbery, and even a little messy. “Why do I seem to be lightened suddenly? I feel like I can fly now, and why didn’t I die? Did you save me?”

Yin Xuezhuo let out a perfunctory “um”, “I merged the Jiuyou with you.”

Ji Yan: “…”

No, what does merged mean?! He looked like he was talking about the weather, but Ji Yan was really panicking right now.

Ji Yan squatted and didn’t dare to move, Yin Xuezhuo walked a few steps to go out, and found that she hadn’t followed. He impatiently turned his head at Ji Yan who was squatting in the same place, and said coldly: “The fire of Jiuyou has been born in ancient times. It is the most powerful spiritual fire in the world, which can refine everything in the world. I move it into your body and merge with your soul to let you escape death. But now that you have become a fire, you are lightened like a swallow.”

“Then why do I feel there is something wrong with you?” Ji Yan was curious: “Your body temperature…”

“I’m fine.” Yin Xuezhuo said indifferently: “Your body temperature is the same as mine.”

Ji Yan: “!”

Damn, she actually became like Yin Xuezhuo?

Ji Yan couldn’t accept it, who would want to be a big ice ball, but after thinking about it, somehow she got her life back. Ok, Forget it.

At least she wouldn’t feel cold anymore if she hung on Yin Xuezhuo again.

Yin Xuezhuo looked down at her tangled face, but he didn’t feel there was anything wrong in it.

He couldn’t figure out why he was suddenly merciful.

There was even some irritation, but he didn’t know why he was unhappy. He just grabbed Ji Yan impatiently, held her hand, and dragged her out directly.

Ji Yan was dragged by Yin Xuezhuo’s hands and staggered out and found that the underground palace where she was now was very wide and as long as they moved their steps echoed.

It feels like Yin Xuezhuo’s original shape could be stuffed here.

Thinking of his original shape, she remembered the beautiful patterns on the stone wall, and the more she thought about it, the more likely she felt it was.

The sound of footsteps echoed around the darkness.

When Yin Xuezhuo walked out of the underground palace, Qiu Mi, who had been waiting outside for a long time.

“The Demon Lord.” Qiu Mi stepped forward respectfully, and looked at Ji Yan in Yin Xuezhuo’s hand, and smiled at her, “Miss Ji.”

Yin Xuezhuo directly pushed Ji Yan into Qiu Mi’s arms, “show her.”

The attitude was very bad.

‘What is he upset about?’ She didn’t quite understand but obediently leaned on the beautiful sister, this beauty was so pleasing to the eye, the Demon realm actually had such a stunning beauty. She couldn’t help staring at her again, and compared her face with her face and wondered who looks prettier.

If she was a coquettish type, then the sister in front of her was the dark royal elder sister, right?

Qiu Mi held Ji Yan’s wrist, let her sit cross-legged in place, then she sat behind Ji Yan and raised her hand to instill a spiritual energy through her back. Ji Yan only felt that there was cold air circulating in her body, a jet of icy blue mist swirling around her, she raised her hand, and a cluster of blue flames emerged from her fingertips, like the one that often appeared in Yin Xuezhuo’s hands.


I can actually turn into fire!

Isn’t this Yin Xuezhuo’s ability? His ability actually came to me!

Then can I also cultivate immortality? Can I also fight with fire? Like Yin Xuezhuo, can I also take down a group of people with a single lift of my hand?

Finally, she was no longer a waste material, Ji Yan was so happy, but before she could scream, Yin Xuezhuo ruthlessly interrupted her fantasies, “You still don’t have spiritual roots, and it’s impossible to cultivate with a fire, and for you it’s impossible in this life.”

Ji Yan: “…”

He continued to mock with malicious intent: “You think you’ve got your life back? No, you may have a chance to be reincarnated in the past, but now if you die, you will just have your soul scattered.”

Ji Yan: “…”

Yin Xuezhuo: “Oh by the way, ‘little waste’, do you know what it means to be scattered?”

Ji Yan: “…”

Yin Xuezhuo’s mouth was really poisonous, at this moment Ji Yan’s mind was scrolling full of ancestral words. If it weren’t for her being able to beat this person, she would have directly smeared his face with fragrance.

Taking a deep breath she squeezed out a teeth gnashing smile, “Little waste does not know it, big brother do you want to demonstrate?”

“…” Yin Xuezhuo glanced at her, but he didn’t expect that she would really call herself a “little waste”, it was like a punch on the cotton, and he went invisible with a lack of interest.

Every time Yin Xuezhuo bullied her, he deliberately wanted to see her worked up but unable to do anything(powerless), that aggrieved expression was very funny. As long as she showed that expression, he would be very happy. He was like an elementary school chicken and calling him an elementary school chicken flattered him.

Ji Yan would definitely not do what he wanted.

Qiu Mi, who was transmitting spiritual power to Ji Yan, was very surprised when she listened to the conversation between Ji Yan and Yin Xuezhuo.

The Demon Lord in her eyes was very dangerous, and moody, even when facing his most trusted subordinate, he would smile at one moment, and may turn his face the next moment, so even she dared not do anything disrespectfully.

This mortal… the demon and her were almost inseparable, and the demon lord had made many exceptions for her.

Even such an important Nine Serenity Fire, he actually gave it to her if he said it.

What in the world is she from?

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