I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became The Villain’s Pendant Chapter 28 Part 3

In Qiu Mi’s eyes, this was really ridiculous, and she couldn’t figure out why.

After making sure the girl in front of her had a steady breath, Qiu Mi raised her hand for luck, slowly retracted her hand, and stood up.

“Everything is normal, it’s just that your body is very different from before, perhaps it needs time to adapt.” Qiu Mi said with a soft smile, her smile was comforting “You come with me.”

The pretty sister asked her to follow, so Ji Yan obediently followed.

But as soon as she rose to her feet, she felt her body lighten, thinking about the experience of flying up to the ceiling, Ji Yan cowardly retracted her feet.

She dare not.

Qiu Mi had only taken two steps, noticed her hesitation, then thought of something, she was silent for a moment.

Ji Yan: I feel embarrassed again and again.

She hadn’t figured out how to speak, Qiu Mi suddenly walked up to her, asked her to hold her arm tightly, and gently comforted: “You haven’t adapted to the power of Jiuyou Fire. If you are afraid of walking, hold me.”

Wow, she was so gentle.

Fascinated by the gentle sister, Ji Yan nodded obediently and she was willing to do whatever Qiu Mi said.

Little sister or something, but she is much cuter than the big devil.

Qiu Mi nodded and continued to move forward.

Her steps were graceful and the dress swayed as she walked.

In particular, this extremely close-fitting dress was completely different from the conservativeness of a human woman. On the contrary it shows her slim body,the tail of the skirt was swaying like the waves, and the long white legs were looming, and every move was full of elegance.

Like a noble and elegant cat.

Ji Yan stood by her side, slowly… became inferior.

Why is Qiu Mi so charming? Ji Yan carefully observed her catwalk-like walking, the more she looked at it, the more she couldn’t take her eyes away.

They are all girls, why the difference is so big?

If she were a man, she would be moved.

Yin Xuezhuo actually didn’t eat the grass at the edge of the nest. Is he a chicken or a chicken?

Ji Yan was held by Qiu Mi and flew all the way to a palace. As soon as she entered, she was thrown down by an oncoming cloud of white.

Then she was pressed to the ground and her face was licked.

Ji Yan: “…”

She was disgusted by the licking and struggled desperately, the other party became more excited and licked more vigorously she couldn’t escape the other party’s claws, so she wriggled on the ground, making a thin whimpering sound and raised her hand to cover her face, the other party licked the back of her hand and watched her rolling around. He also tilted to the side of Ji Yan, rolling around like her.

While rolling, he rubbed against Ji Yan affectionately while making a wolf-like “whoo” sound.

This was a huge furry ball.

How big was it? It was as tall as a horse, as strong as a lion, and his soft and smooth snow-white hair was fluttering in the wind, when he stood up, he was taller than Ji Yan, but this big, strong and mighty guy was actually lying next to Ji Yan to rub her.

His big eyes and pink nose made him look cuter than a cat, and his ears were actually folded, resembling lion ears.

What kind of species is this?!

Ji Yan lay motionless on the ground, not daring to move. Seeing her still, the fury wanted to lie on her again to lick, and also grabbed her clothes in his mouth, wanting to drag her to other places only to be stopped by Qiu Mi next to her: “Bai Bai, stop messing around!”

Bai Bai let out a whimper, and reluctantly let go of his mouth.

Ji Yan quickly got up, trying to run but not daring to walk, so she moved behind Qiu Mi in small steps.

Baibai gaze followed her, reluctant to part, and also tilted his head, attempting to find Ji Yan from behind Qiu Mi.

“You don’t need to be nervous, this is the Yin Yu Qi beast(Silver-coloured mythical unicorn). He is called Bai Bai. He was raised by the demon lord since he was a child and regarded as the demon lord’s mount. He is not yet the age of transformation.” Qiu Mi was also a little helpless, and very skillfully conjured out a black stone-like thing, threw it into the distance, Bai Bai ‘Woof’, and chased it quickly.

“Bai Bai likes the Demon Lord very much, but the Demon Lord does not like people getting close to him, so it can’t lick or rub him. Maybe he has been depressed for a long time, now you have the smell of the Demon Lord he pounced on you, but I didn’t expect him to attack you.”

Ji Yan: Tsunamis, it’s Yin Xuezhuo again.

The invisible Yin Xuezhuo did not stop him, probably watching another good show.

Qiu Mi looked at Bai Bai’s lightning-fast figure, and said lightly: “It is still a cub now, and it will become very strong when it grows up. Maybe it won’t be so clingy.”

“How strong is it?” Ji Yan was curious.

Qiu Mi thought for a while and said, “There are five strongest demon generals under the demon master, one of them is Baibai’s father Cong Shuang. I believe that when Baibai grows up, he will not be inferior to Cong Shuang.”


So strong?

So why is it that the father becomes a demon general, the son becomes a mount?

Is it a distortion of demonic nature or a loss of morality?

She couldn’t help but spit on Yin Xuezhuo again, “Did Yin Xuezhuo just grab someone else’s son as a mount?”

Qiu Mi was shocked when she heard her calling his name directly. After a while, she said, “It’s not like this.”

“Being next to the demon lord is the most yearning thing in life for all the demons in the demon realm. Bai Bai status is equal to its father Cong Shuang which is a great honor.”

Ji Yan: I really don’t understand.

Qiu Mi smiled slightly and explained: “We demons are different from humans. People like to help each other, but demons always respect the strong, regardless of life or death. The demon lord is the strongest demon in this thousand years. When he first came to the demon realm he swallowed the six great demons who had teamed up to kill him, and regained several demon kings. The Demon ream is very barren for thousands of years. It is also the Demon Lord that allows many nightmares to live in the Demon Realm, nourishing it with the spirit of the nightmare, and causing many kinds of spiritual things to blossom in the Demon Realm.”

“Now, look at the Demon Realm, it’s not desolate at all.”

“He also re-established the rules of not allowing all the demons to decide their lives and death in their own way, so that many cubs have the opportunity to grow up, but he did not restrain the nature of our demons, and encouraged the fighting between the strong”

“Before the demon master came to the demon realm, the five demon generals were kings and cooped up on one side, now they are all willing to submit.”

“He used absolute power to deter the demons and tried his best to revitalize the demon race. We don’t mind killing. For us, the demon lord that the human race fears is actually not that bad. We follow the demon lord and are willing to sacrifice our lives for him, and he treats us extremely well.”

“It’s an honor to be by his side.”

“Bai Bai was born with insufficient spiritual roots and was very weak. Cong Shuang couldn’t bear the weakness of his offspring, tried to kill him countless times, it was the demon Lord who personally found him a magic weapon for him to be reborn. If he could not stay up with the demon Lord to grow, Bai Bai might have been swallowed by other demons many years ago.”

Is that so?

Ji Yan was startled.

She didn’t expect that Yin Xuezhuo would treat these demons like this, not using them as a tool for revenge, but really revitalizing the demons.

In the original book, there was only one sentence about Yin Xuezhuo’s experience in the Demon Realm, “He suppressed all the demons and proclaimed himself as a king, and the demons became increasingly stronger and unstoppable.”

It was such an abstract sentence that slowly began to unfold in front of Ji Yan and became a vivid reality.

He… just wasn’t nice to people.

Even if he was good to the demon, he never let anyone approach him, and always refused. Perhaps bitten by a snake once, and the injury was too serious, he was afraid of being betrayed again.

Ji Yan bit her lip, lowered her eyes, and stopped talking.

Qiu Mi said so much, wanted to let this mortal girl know how important the demon lord was to the entire demon realm, and also hoped she could have some respect for the demon lord.

But she didn’t know that Yin Xuezhuo and Ji Yan had already formed some kind of contract, and Yin Xuezhuo would not leave. She talked about Yin Xuezhuo’s old things secretly, while Yin Xuezhuo heard everything clearly in the dark.

He hates to appear in the mouths of others, if it were the past, Qiu Mi would be severely punished.

But this time he did not show up.

He suddenly wanted to see what Ji Yan’s reaction would be after hearing this.

Indeed this time she didn’t disappoint him, and really showed that kind of tangled expression.

Yin Xuezhuo was always puzzled by her, why she was less and less afraid of him, and sometimes she could feel his pain. The thing he hates most was being pitied by others, and he hates being associated with the word “good person”, and even more hates being False sympathy.

But Ji Yan was like this and surprisingly he was not angry at all.

She is different from Yin Miaorou.

Yin Miaorou always looks gentle and kind, but he knows very well that she was the most insidious viper, she seemed gentle and selfless on the surface, but in fact she was unscrupulous, all her hypocrisy was hidden under the skin, and he couldn’t see through her.

But Ji Yan…she seemed a little stupid.

If Ji Yan knew that Yin Xuezhuo was thinking this way, she probably wouldn’t want to sympathize with him instantly.

The author has something to say: this is a small golden finger, the heroine is not a force type, she does not need to cultivate immortals, it is good to follow the jungler as a support.

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