I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became The Villain’s Pendant Chapter 29 Part 1 The Fire of the Nine Serenities 4

Of course, Ji Yan had no idea and continued to sympathize with him. Seeing Ji Yan’s silence, Qiu Mi didn’t say more, and directly led her into the hall.

Behind this hall was a pool.

But the water inside was not ordinary water, but a black mist. Ji Yan guessed that this might be magical qi, according to the normal routine, it might have some special effect, but what effect?

“You have the fire of Jiuyou in your body, so you don’t need to be afraid of the water of the Demon Realm.” Qiu Mi said: “You can strengthen your physique by soaking here for three hours, in the future…you will be able to withstand some…”

Ji Yan suspected that she had heard it wrong, tilted her head to Qiu Mi, and asked “Withstand what?”

Qiu Mi didn’t say much, just stepped forward and pulled Ji Yan’s clothes apart as soon as she raised her hand.

Ji Yan: “!”

Ji Yan covered her chest and stepped back, her whole body was about to explode, she looked at Qiu Mi vigilantly.

They are all girls, don’t be rude!

Qiu Mi didn’t think there was anything wrong, she didn’t even need to get close to Ji Yan, as long as she lifted her finger, the clothes on Ji Yan’s body gradually became fragments. Seeing that something was not right Ji Yan hurriedly jumped into the pool and soaked obediently, without moving, Qiu Mi stood by the pool, nodded in satisfaction, “I will pick you up in three hours.”

With that, she turned and left.

Ji Yan: ‘Are all demons rude?’

Ji Yan obediently soaked for three hours, during this period, Bai Bai kept banging the door. It wanted to come in to play with Ji Yan. Yin Xuezhuo showed up and drove Bai Bai away. At other times, he didn’t show up.

 Ji Yan suspected that when he used to be alone in the past, he was in this state of air, no need to sleep or eat, and just hang in place bored.

Yin Xuezhuo did not watch her take a bath, so Ji Yan obviously relaxed a lot.

She lay obediently in the water, very bored, and suddenly began to admire her figure. For a while, she felt that her long white legs were very beautiful, and then she felt that her breasts were particularly plump, with a thin waist as a willow, without a trace of fat, and her figure was almost perfect.

Skin was as flawless as white jade, what does that mean?

The ice muscle and jade bones can be broken by blowing a bullet.

(Tl: Describes that the skin on the face is very delicate; it breaks when you blow your breath or bounce off it. ice muscle and jade bones refers to the crystal clear skin and slender figure, very tender.)

Ji Yan pinched herself, and her skin instantly turned red, extremely delicate.

With such a beautiful body, it would be a waste not to dress up properly. She remembered that every time she was carried around by Yin Xuezhuo, she was often made a mess, and she had no chance to be a delicate little fairy.

Forget it… the fairy system is not for her.

Soaking in the water for a while she gradually became sleepy and fell asleep directly in the water. Three hours passed quickly, taking a new set of human women’s clothes Qiu Mi approached her and put on a goose yellow color. This bright color made Ji Yan become more and more lively and well-behaved, small and exquisite, when walking in the demon realm, it became a beautiful scenery.

Qiu Mi took her back to Yin Xuezhuo’s palace,

Yin Xuezhuo didn’t sleep, and that palace was mostly for him practicing qi. he prided himself on being strong, but in fact he seldom practiced, but as long as he was here, even the five great demon generals would not dare to come in at will. Ji Yan saw what Qiu Mi had used to open the very tall palace door and pulled her in.

As soon as she entered, Qiu Mi retreated.

Standing alone in the empty hall, Ji Yan was still not clear about what was going on.

Get her cleaned up and bring her here. How does this look like…… ancient concubines wait for the emperor to serve bed?

Ji Yan shook her head, and threw away all of her strange thoughts.

When serving a ghost, Yin Xuezhuo obviously couldn’t do it.

Taking a few steps forward she shouted into the empty air: “Yin Xuezhuo?”

“I’m here.”

Yin Xuezhuo’s voice sounded from behind her.

He stood behind her, raised his hand to hold Ji Yan’s shoulder, and pulled her back into his arms, holding her and flying to a taller cave in front.

He lazily leaned against the carved horizontal railing behind him, leaning on his arms Ji Yan and met his playful gaze blankly.

His fingertips probed her cheeks, his black nails scratching slightly, “Although you have no spiritual roots, you can always remain as you are now because of the Nine Mysterious Fires, you will always be so young. As long as you are not killed, you can live with me. Are you happy? ”

Ji Yan blinked slowly.

Can live for a long, long time?

She thought about it seriously, and asked curiously: “Then how long can you live?”

Yin Xuezhuo narrowed his eyes as if he had heard some kind of joke and laughed out loud, “Me? I am made of spiritual energy. I can live with the sky and live longer than everyone else.”

What a big tone.

What is the lifespan of a day? He was only over three hundred years old, so arrogant.

Yin Xuezhuo raised his hand and pinched Ji Yan’s face, made her look at him attentively, with a threatening tone, “You haven’t answered me yet, to live forever with me, are you happy?”

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