I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 32 Part 1

Ji Yan was really a timid person.

Before crossing over she didn’t even dare to participate in activities like bungee jumping, but now she was forcibly carried around by Yin Xuezhuo, which made her guts got a bit bigger, and no longer afraid of flying, but this also made her develop another bad habit—— Like to hang.

She was accustomed to hanging on to Yin Xuezhuo’s body whenever flying, and if she didn’t hang on, she would feel like she was going to fall and die at any moment.

So now, no matter how Yin Xuezhuo laughed at her, she would not let go.

Yin Xuezhuo waited for her for a while before he personally stepped forward and began to pry off her hand holding the trunk. Her strength was too weak to break Yin Xuezhuo’s grip. After reluctantly breaking off by him, she quickly climbed up to him, hanging on his body, tightly wrapped her arms around his neck, and buried her head in his neck.

“I don’t want to jump, I don’t want to jump.” She clung to him desperately, like a kindergartener who refused to go to school.

Being hugged tightly by her, he began to pull her from his body again. Ji Yan held his clothes tightly, during this commotion she accidentally ripped open his clothes, revealing a snow-colored chest, her little face flushed, and taking advantage of her awkward moment, Yin Xuezhuo took her off from him and let her flutter in the air.

He looked down at his disheveled clothes and sneered coldly. “How can you think about it, always being carried around by me in the future. Do you think of me too well?”

Yin Xuezhuo had never seen anyone who was more useless than her. She didn’t even want her legs anymore and used him as a means of transportation.

He only serves to enslave others. When did he become her mount?

Ji Yan fluttered on his hand twice, grabbed his sleeve tightly, and held on like that as if holding onto his clothes would make her feel safe. While holding his clothes, she innocently looked at Yin Xuezhuo.

She didn’t care, she just didn’t.

But she did think too simply, indeed underestimated Yin Xuezhuo’s ability. Yin Xuezhuo just raised his finger, even without using a high-level spell. Ji Yan felt that her body was out of control and she had to do what Yin Xuezhuo asked her to do.

After seeing that she hadn’t jumped over the cliff, he guessed that maybe it was too difficult in the beginning to jump over, so he took her to the stream below the secluded water realm. The stream was connected to the waterfall and the current stream was fast flowing and dangerous and there were many undulating boulders. Once one fell into the water accidentally, at most they might have been washed away by the stream.

He let her stand on the shore, pointing to the opposite side. “Jump over.”

He personally taught her to jump step by step, and he felt that no master was more patient than him.

This kind of difficulty, she had to get through it.

Ji Yan only glanced at the opposite side, then squatted down on the spot, shrinking into a ball.

Yin Xuezhuo: “…”

His forehead veins jumped, he pinched the back of her neck and lifted her up abruptly, and no longer had any patience, and said in a calm voice. “I can’t kill you, but I have plenty of means to deal with you.”

Ji Yan: Huh.

It was really too difficult for her.

She once again looked at the opposite side embarrassedly, her small face wrinkled, and her eyes glistened with water.

In the end, she couldn’t be the devil, she tentatively stretched out a foot while pitifully turning her head to look at Yin Xuezhuo. She looked like a baby doll who was learning to walk for the first time. 

Yin Xuezhuo let go of the hand pinching the back of her neck and watched her slowly creeping to the river, suddenly she closed her eyes and jumped forward.

This action of jumping into the river with her eyes closed made his eyelids twitch, Yin Xuezhuo hooked his fingers and directly caught Ji Yan back in the air.

“How do you jump with your eyes closed?” Yin Xuezhuo clasped her chin in discontent and forced her hard to look at the first landing place, his arm tightened around her waist and swept her forward with him.

In an instant he became a hazy mist, mingled with the white mist of the mountains, only his arm became a solid, firmly holding her waist. He was flying neither fast nor slow, and his swift posture was like a wisp of light smoke, soft and silent, and lightly landed on a ledge in the stream.

Ji Yan stepped on the ground, but before she could react, Yin Xuezuo pinched her chin again, stared at the dazed little girl in his arms, and asked in a low voice, “Do you understand?”

His voice was low and tinged with a chill, and it came from the top of her head, Ji Yan missed a beat, and before she could say yes, Yin Xuezhuo landed three meters away from her again.

“You do it yourself.” He said to let go and looked at her with interest.

As soon as he let go of his hand, Ji Yan couldn’t help but want to squat down but was warned by Yin Xuezhuo’s fierce eyes.

Ji Yan didn’t know what was going on with this demon today. He insisted on teaching her to lightness(jumping) and was so strict, she gulped under the watchful eye of Master Yin, then mustered up some courage she fixed at the next foothold, and jumped forward.

When she jumped, she used too much force, her breath was uneven, and her posture was wrong. She almost fell into the water, but before she could scream, she was picked up by Yin Xuezhuo.

“Carry on.”

With a calm face, Yin Xuezhuo let go of her mercilessly again.

Ji Yan bit the bullet and continued to jump.

She jumped again and again, gradually becoming proficient, and also understood how to grasp the balance, but she was just always out of breath and never landed accurately on the point, her posture was still ugly, and Yin Xuezhuo always laughed at her.

“Are you learning from frogs? Frogs jump better than you.”

“I let you jump, not let you flutter in the air.”

“Unlucky, the posture is too ugly, staggering east and west, like a duck.”

“Tsk.” Yin Xuezhuo narrowed his eyes and said in disgust: “You might as well swim over.”

Ji Yan:? ?? Damn you, you don’t have to teach me, did I ask you to teach me?

Can you stop being so mean?

Ji Yan couldn’t help but scold him. “I learned it for the first time. You said I won’t be lucky, and you didn’t teach me luck.”

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