I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 32 Part 2

Chapter 32 Part 2

Yin Xuezhuo stared at her for a moment, then leaned over, wrapped an arm around her, put a hand on the back of her heart, and slowly controlled her breathing.

His long hair, with a slightly cool touch, fell on her shoulders, his broad chest was in front of her, this posture was charming and ambiguous, and as long as Ji Yan looked up, she could see his chiseled lower jaw.

In fact, from this perspective, Yin Xuezhuo was really handsome, the type she eats.

It’s just that he was too fierce, which reminded her of the nightmare of being ridiculed by the driving school coach when she took the driver’s license test.

After that, she didn’t step on to a driving school to apply for a test and really gave up her talent.

After steadied her breath, Yin Xuezhuo held her and fled twice. As if she had understood a little, she tried to fly by herself. With a slight leap, she landed in the next place.

Eh? It seems really not difficult?

Ji Yan tried to jump again. Although it was a bit crooked this time, she didn’t fall into the water.

There was no need to exert special force or hold a breath, recalling her previous posture and jumping as if she were about to land a long jump, Ji Yan felt a little embarrassed.

No wonder Yin Xuezhuo said she was a leapfrog.

In fact when you pay attention to it, it was really simple and elegant. Ji Yan jumped back and forth. The more she jumped, the easier it became, and she started to float a little. Wanting to challenge the difficulty, she focused on the farthest boulder, secretly exerted strength, and jumped forward.


With that, she fell into the water.

Yin Xuezhuo: “…” I just did not look at her for a while, how did she end herself up in the water?

Yin Xuezhuo frowned and was about to cast a spell to fish out Ji Yan from the water. Suddenly, he felt a familiar breath approaching at an extremely fast speed, in a flash came to his ear, and the blowing wind and waves split the air. The vibrating eardrum buzzed, like a vicious wolf that had been waiting for a long time to strike suddenly.

Before he saw who it was, he saw a giant python burst out of the water, stirring up a wall of water. Its black scales were as sharp as a knife. Under the light, it was shining, cold, and solemn, between the sharp fangs there was a piece of red.

… a light pink hem of the little girl’s clothes was faintly revealed between its teeth.

While the giant python swung its huge snake tail in the narrow stream as if to say hello to his demon lord, without realizing that he had eaten something extraordinary, it cheerfully wagged its tail at Yin Xuezhuo, like a pug.

The Demon Python Rong Ge some time ago took a group of little demons to the world and did a few waves of bad things.

These mortals built the city as solid as gold, and the barrier was indestructible but even so, they hid in like a tortoise with a shrunken head without moving. Rong Ge felt that his life was too boring, and he once fought against Yin Miaorou, he didn’t suffer and at the same time didn’t get any benefits. Rong Ge’s teeth were itching with hatred.

He heard that Chi Yang had helped the Demon Lord to destroy Linshuang City, and was now enjoying a good time. Rong Ge felt that there was not much difference between him and Chi Yang, one was a demon python and the other was a demon dragon, and they all came from the same clan.

And felt that this guy, Chi Yang was aloof. He didn’t call him for doing such a good job.

So Rong Ge went to destroy a mountain in the mortal world to deflate before returning to the Demon Realm, where he ran into old friend Chang Ming, one of the five great demon generals.

Chang Ming was a poisonous ice lynx. Back then, he and him were kings in the Demon Realm. They didn’t give a face to each other and occasionally even fought hard and wanted to annex each other. But since they all followed the Demon Lord, everyone has become a colleague who couldn’t look up nor looked down. In addition, the Demon Region no longer promoted private fights, so the relationship between Rong Ge and Chang Ming had eased a lot.

At least they didn’t fight as soon as they met like before.

When Chang Ming saw him this time, he unexpectedly approached him with a smile, and went gossiping with him. “This time after coming back from the mortal world the Demon Lord seems to be in a very good mood.”

Rong Ge wondered: “Can it be that he got some incredible magic treasure?”

Chang Ming shook his head, “I don’t know this, but the demon lord unexpectedly brought two mortals back and one of them is personally raised by his side. Moreover, the demon lord doesn’t need to eat so I think he intends to fatten up the mortal before giving us a little reward to eat.”

 In the eyes of the demons, the word “mortal” had no second meaning other than to serve as food.

Rong Ge thought for a while, felt a bit reasonable, and sighed with emotion at the goodness of the Demon Lord. “The Demon Lord once got the immortal grass spirit stone, and he also rewarded us. Maybe this time he really changed the taste and wants to reward us with something to eat? Although eating the mortals doesn’t increase the cultivation base, they still taste good…” But Rong Ge suddenly wondered. “But two are not enough to share…”

Rong Ge always felt strange.

But he didn’t know what was wrong.

Isn’t it food? But what else can you do besides eating? It doesn’t seem to be a good idea to keep a mortal as a pet. This kind of pet has a short lifespan and is weak, and also likes to be ungrateful. So if you want to raise it is better to raise Cong Shuang’s son Bai Bai.

As Rong Ge pondered it, it became clearer that something was amiss. But before he could figure it out, Chang Ming laughed and raised his hand to pat him, and said decisively: “You think too much!”

Rong Ge: “I think…”

“What you think is not important, if you want me to think, I will tell you now, the demon master did bring a mortal back to eat.”

Rong Ge: “…”

Chang Ming came over-enthusiastically, hooked his shoulders, and carefully analyzed him: “The Demon Master has not rewarded her to us for a long time these days. Why do you think this is? The previous few errands, I have been there, Chi Yang has been there, even Cong Shuang has gone, but you did not go, we have made a lot of benefits, but what about you? The Demon Lord probably thinks that he has wronged you, so he specially saved it for you. Don’t worry, just go and eat directly.”

Seeing Rong Ge still hesitating, Chang Ming snickered again, “I told you to take advantage of it, but you are still scared to eat a mortal. It’s just eating a mortal even if you eat it wrong so what, the Demon will not quarrel with you for a mortal? Rong Ge, when have you been so useless?”

He is useless? Rong Ge already had a stomach full of anger, now he was instantly riled by Chang Ming.

It’s just eating a mortal?

When Rong Ge learned that the demon lord was in the secluded water realm, he went straight over just in time to see a mortal jumping on the water. Seeing her falling into the water, Rong Ge dived directly into the water, flew over, and held her in his mouth with one mouthful and broke through the water.

Then he met the Demon Lord’s eyes.

Rong Ge hadn’t seen the demon lord for a long time and wanted to express his thoughts about him this time, so he happily wagged his huge tail. The python tail brought a strong air current, the windswept the remaining clouds, and the surrounding flowers and plants were all scattered away.

The eyes of the demon lord were instantly cold, and Rong Ge was shocked by the cold.

Rong Ge was shocked and swallowed the human in his mouth.

Rong Ge: “Hiccup.”

Yin Xuezhuo: “…”

For some reason, Rong Ge felt that the eyes of the Demon Lord became colder.

The author has something to say: The current situation does not delay the story, don’t worry, it will be soon.

If Yanyan doesn’t learn to walk first, after seeing the protagonist group, will she perform figure skating for them?

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    Does python meat taste good?

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    Sigh. No wonder Rong Ge wasn’t considered. Such an obvious scheme yet he still fell for it. No questions asked, just directly eating mc even though the lord didn’t say a word or “bestow” the mortal to him. Just did it with no questions asked or any confirmation.

    Thank you!


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