I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 38 Part 2

She and Shao Xin had been talking for almost half a day, but only now did she find they weren’t on the same channel and didn’t seem to be talking about the same Yin Xuezhuo.

Yin Xuezhuo in Shao Xin’s eyes would not be angry because of this trival matter, because he was cruel and cold, and all the people who had offended him were died in his hand.

But in Ji Yan’s eyes…

He was a naive elementary school chicken.

She seemed to have suddenly discovered something extraordinary and was silent at the moment, and quickly said to herself that it was an illusion, while fled from the stone room.

Having nobody to hug at night, she had insomnia for several days in a row.

She tried to force Yin Xuezhuo out.

So she went to the secluded water realm to practice by herself, and the magic vine also accompanied her. Since the return from the dead, the magic vine has faithfully followed her. It would become longer and shorter, thicker and thinner, if Ji Yan wrestled, the magic vine would quickly wrap her up to protect her safety.

There was no need for Yin Xuezhuo.

Ji Yan was in a complicated mood.

She felt the Demon Realm weather was a bit colder today, her hands and feet were cold, and her body still had an indescribable feeling of discomfort She barely ignored the discomfort, bouncing around in the secluded water realm. She still didn’t dare to jump on the cliff, but the kind of rapids and steep slopes could no longer be difficult to defeat her. The magic vine was coiled on a tree like a snake, swaying its head to Ji Yan, hoping she would learn how to climb trees.

She reluctantly tried it. Under the guidance of the magic vine, she slowly climbed to the tree top, while holding one of its branches, she looked over the entire secluded water landscape.

As the name suggests, the secluded water realm was extremely quiet and beautiful. At a glance, the distant place looked like connected to the sky, and the endless undulating mountains stretched like clouds.

In fact, Demon Realm was a nice place, but it was too desolate and there was a little life.

Ji Yan asked the magic vine: “ I haven’t come for only a few days, but how do I feel that it’s so quiet here?”

The magic vine swayed in the air, and Ji Yan looked at its clumsy appearance and giggled.

Magic Vine drooped his head again.

Ji Yan said, “Are you trying to say that all the demons here have left?”

The magic vine nodded quickly.

“Did they go to the human world?”

Magic Vine continued to peck rice.

Ah, sure enough, it was going to mess up again. She knew that Yin Xuezhuo would not let go of this great opportunity, but he didn’t tell her.

As she was thinking, she felt a slight discomfort in her lower abdomen, this feeling was familiar it remained her of some nightmares that were exclusive to females -wouldn’t it be so coincidental, that the new body was still like this?

She slowly climbed down the tree vigilantly. It was easy to climb up but was difficult to get off the tree. She slipped halfway to the bottom of her feet, but luckily she was as light as a swallow and leaped up in mid-air and landed firmly on the ground.

As soon as she touched the ground, she felt a familiar painful sensation accompanied by heat flow.

Damn it.

Seems likely! It’s really an aunt!

Ah ah…… It’s gonna leak!

She squatted down while covering her stomach and collapsed instantly.

— —

Since Rong Ge swallowed that mortal the last time, he was punished to stay in the Demon Realm to maintain the order of the Demon Realm.

It may seem like a small task, but it was…difficult.

The demons in the Demon Realm were actually divided into many races. Some races were bloodthirsty, some liked to mess with men and women, some liked to fight for courtship, and some even… Loved to do damage.

But the ability to wreak havoc was not as good as the Demon Lord.

He remembered that once the Demon Lord went to the most prosperous Ying Cang Peak, in the Demon Realm. At the time the demon general Huan Wu, who was in charge of the Ying Cang Peak was not there, as a result, and because of the peak‘s complicated terrain, the lord directly got lost in it.

Then his big wings almost flattened the top of Ying Cang Peak mountain in an instant, causing all the Peak‘s demons to flee all the way to the next city for refuge.

The power of the demon lord was too strong, Rong Ge was really pleased, but also really aggrieved.

Chi Yang and the others went to the human world again.

But didn’t take him on this good deed.

It’s because he has no hair.

That guy Chang Ming was too much. He deliberately used the communication magic weapon to transmit him the image of the human world, making him feel sour in this corner.

The big python wilted and wandered through the mountains, and suddenly caught a hint of an extremely sweet scent.

The fragrance wasn’t particularly strong, it was hazy and blown away by the wind, it was a very light fragrance, mixed with a sticky sweetness, but a fatal attraction for the devil.

Like the most harmless little lamb mistakenly intruded into the wolf pack.

Wherever the fragrance passes, it was enough to cause a commotion among the demons.

It smells like the freshest blood, tender and delicious, and juicy after a bite.

Rong Ge swung a huge snake tail between the mountains; several giant trees fell to the ground with a thud, splashing a cloud of smoke and dust. He raised his head and spat a red-letter, suddenly his golden vertical pupils narrowed, and he sensed the little demons in all directions swarming toward the source of scent, and it seemed that they all wanted to vie for that flavor.

This group of little things, he was here, still, want to grab food with him?

The blood on Rong Ge’s whole body boiled, and a divine dragon waved its tail, making a huge rumbling noise in the mountains, rushing away beyond the source of the fragrance very recklessly.

Ji Yan — the source of the fragrance, squatted on the ground motionless.

Seeing her pale face, and her weak body, the Magic Vine was very anxious, it didn’t know what happened to her all of sudden. It hurriedly coiled around on the tree. Then, it felt a pressure of demon energy coming from all directions, which belonged to the higher demons in the demon realm, including Guhuo birds, mysterious sea eagles, and magic dragon…

Magic Vine, like a little demon who had just gained independent spiritual knowledge, was so scared that he curled up into Ji Yan’s arms.

Ji Yan was still shaking unnaturally.

It hurts so much.

Dysmenorrhea was like this. She was still conscious, but she couldn’t stand up at all, had a thin layer of sweat on her back, and her hands and feet felt cold.

Damn, isn’t Yin Xuezhuo coming out yet!

Is this dog man just watching from the sidelines!

As long as she moved, she felt a stream of heat rushing out of her body, with a force of a thousand miles.

She was dying to cry.

My aunt was really too pitted to come to the fantasy world, why it was all merged with the fire of Jiuyou, and yet my aunt still found the way to come here as usual!

She’s so damn desperate.

Ji Yan felt a large red bird hovering overhead. It flew low several times and seemed to want to take her away, and countless strange-shaped demons were creeping in.

Soon she found that these demons seemed to sense something in general, and they retreated quickly, the ground began to vibrate crazily, like some kind of behemoth crawling towards this side.

A large python opened its bloody mouth towards her again.

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