I Became the Villain’s pendant Chapter 38 Part 1 Cold War

Magic Vine found it difficult to decide.

Didn’t he just hang here to cultivate? Who was messing with who, who knew that this mortal would suddenly appear here, and who knew that this mortal couldn’t move, it was really wronged.

Now also faced with a life and death decision.

Shall I go over, or not go over?

The magic vine tangled for a while. If it were other demons, they would probably listen to the strongest one, but since this Magic Vine had practiced alone so far, its brain was very simple not very sophisticated and often became stupid as a result.

The consequence of the inadequate brain was that it listened to Ji Yan.

She looked at the small vines that obediently circled around her wrists. Under Yin Xuezhuo’s death stare, she calmly put her hands behind her back and said bravely: “I think it is innocent. This is still my problem. if I hadn’t touched it, it wouldn’t have attacked me.”

The magic vine which was on Ji Yan’s wrist, raised its end up like a small head, nodding hurriedly.

Yin Xuezhuo’s expression was so gloomy that it couldn’t be more gloomy, his eyes fixed on Ji Yan’s wrist, and he slowly raised his hand.

She always felt that his expression was as if he were going to break her wrists alive. At the last moment when his finger touched her, her brain twitched, she suddenly stepped forward to hold his hand and shook it vigorously.

Yin Xuezhuo: “…”

While looking at him she cheekily curried: “You are the best! You must not be bothered with me, right!”

Yin Xuezhuo raised his eyes and looked at her, faintly spitting out two words, “No.”

He wants to care.

Ji Yan was embarrassed for a moment, “Dad…”

Yin Xuezhuo snorted softly from his nose, “It’s useless to call Dad.”

He was already too difficult to serve, now he still had a haughty look on his face, she angrily grinds her teeth, after pondering for a moment, she called: “Big brother?”

“Yin Xuezhuo?”

“Lord Demon King?”

“The handsome and dashing jade tree Demon Lord?”

“Handsome guy?”

“…” The more she screamed, the more outlandish she became, Yin Xuezhuo frowned, and turned his back to her, Ji Yan felt a slight softening in his attitude, and tried harder; she stood on tiptoe to his ear and continued, “…Zhuo?”

The fluttering words suddenly penetrated his eardrum, and his eyelashes trembled slightly as if being electrocuted, he took a step back.

Just to meet her clear and innocent eyes.

His black eyes under feather eyelashes moved and flicked to hers for a moment, while his demeanor was inexplicably tense, and the look in his eyes was vicious.

He seemed to be very reactive.

She didn’t know why the word “Zhuo” made him react so much, but if it managed to divert his attention, then it means she was right. Her eyes suddenly radiated brilliance, and she continued cheerfully: “Zhuo! Zhuo!”

She leaned over, hugged his arm, stood on tiptoe, and wanted to harass him again, but unfortunately, she was still too short and could only get close to his chin, and the shallow breath from her nose brushed his neck like a feather.

Yin Xuezhuo took another step back, suddenly regained his consciousness, and lowered his voice fiercely, “Don’t shout!”

Ji Yan was stubborn and continued, “Shining Zhuo Zhuo! What happened to you, Zhuo Zhuo!”

Yin Xuezhuo took another step back, and the only thing in front of his eyes was Ji Yan’s face. She kept calling that title in her mouth, which was so noisy, that it made his head swell and his heartbeat become unusual.

He clenched his hands fiercely in his sleeves, his eyes gradually became fierce, like a wolf, staring deadly at her mouth that kept opening and closing.

“You…” Ji Yan was startled, before she could react, she was roughly pulled over by him. The corners of his eyes were red, and he stared at her lips, then he suddenly lowered his head and bit down fiercely.

It was not a kiss. It was a bite, it was a mess.

Ji Yan was bitten so hard by him, that her little hands tightly clenched his clothes.

She was in pain as well as he. It was the same pain that abruptly awakened him. His eyelashes trembled slightly, and he looked at the tear-stained Ji Yan.

Her lip was bitten by him.

He gazed at her crimson lips near his own, an inexplicable emotion churning in his eyes. He held her hand tightly, causing her to struggle slightly.

Ji Yan was so badly bitten by him, that she didn’t dare to call him like that anymore, but looked at him uncertainly.

She didn’t know what happened to him all of a sudden.

Why can’t he be called “Zhao”?

It’s just a title, she didn’t think much about this, just making a joke…

“You…” She wandered for a moment, in such a quiet atmosphere, and whispered to him: “Are you all right?”

She was a little worried about him, did she accidentally touch something against the scale?

Yin Xuezhuo suddenly opened his eyes again. The bottom of his eyes was full of bright red, he instantly turned into a puff of smoke, swept Ji Yan into his arms, and quickly left the place.

Indeed the Magic Vine escaped, Yin Xuezhuo had long forgotten the existence of this tiny creature, but what made Ji Yan depressed was that he ignored her.

Yin Xuezhuo disappeared.

Like most of the time, he was hidden in the void and never appeared again.

For the first time, she discovered that this demon was actually so good at playing the cold war.

She stayed alone in the cold palace, with no one to speak to her. She didn’t usually think Yin Xuezhuo was very important, but now when she didn’t see him appear, she felt awkward.

There was no hair to play with before going to bed, nor could she sleep in his arms.

It felt so uncomfortable and boring.

Ji Yan thought she was very good at Cold War when she used to quarrel with her best friend in the past, the longest she didn’t speak was half a month. But she didn’t expect that Yin Xuezhuo‘s standoff would not exceed three days, she couldn’t bear it and went to find Shao Xin.

Shao Xin has been confined in a stone room these days and has gradually become a tree cave for Ji Yan. The teenager has a gentle and quiet temperament, and he was also very patient to listen to her pile of grumbling.

Ji Yan: “Yin Xuezhuo is angry with me.”

Ji Yan: “I called him “Zhuo”, and his reaction was so big. His original name was Yin Xuezhuo so what’s wrong with calling him, Zhuo? Is it because he thinks I’m too fussy?”

Ji Yan: “He hasn’t spoken to me for three days. It’s too much.”

Shao Xin listened for a long time and was very puzzled: “Why should he be angry”

Ji Yan immediately stood up and nodded frantically, “You also think he is petty, right! A big man is so easy to get angry, he’s really too much.”

Shao Xin: “No… I mean, why would he be angry because of this matter.“

Ji Yan: “Because I said something he didn’t like.”

Shao Xin: “He won’t be angry if you offend him.”

? She asked weirdly: “Is he happy if he isn’t angry?”

Shao Xin: “??? No, I mean, if he was upset, shouldn’t he just do it, why would he have the heart to be angry with you?”

Ji Yan: “…”

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