I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 37 Part 3

Ji Yan was forced to raise her chin to see the indifferent Yin Xuezhuo and heard rustling sounds from behind as if something like a snake had crawled out.

She noticed that the stone wall behind him was gradually covered by vines, and the dense foliage made her scalp feel tight.

“What is this?” She couldn’t help asking him.

He half-bent his body to keep parallel to her height, squeezed her chin with his right hand, and slid his thumb upward at the side of her neck, compelling her to tilt her head up, revealing a fine white neck.

His fingertips brushed at her strangulation marks, gently sweeping them away while replying casually: “This magic vine is too old to believe it has cultivated spiritual consciousness, even though it hasn’t yet, and was enough to occupy the entire cave as king.”

Ji Yan seemed to understand but not understand.

No wonder the magic vine was so thick, it was thicker than her waist, so scary.

After completely removing the bruises, he let go of his hand with satisfaction, and his cold eyes swept straight to one side.

The big magic vine has come out obediently, coiled into a ball on the side, looking wilted.

It must have been terrified by the Yin Demon.

Obviously, it was a big vine, but at this time, Ji Yan inexplicably saw a bit of grievance, which was a bit funny.

Yin Xuezhuo was too fierce.

She liked to watch Yin Xuezhuo bully others. Every time he bully her; his actions were very rough, but he never hurt her. Over the time, she was no longer afraid of him and felt that he was deliberately intimidating, and bluffing, just to make her cry.

But when it came to others he was really fierce, and with a cold look in his eyes, he revealed three-point fierce killing intent. Whoever met his sight would immediately feel his legs weaken.

Like being stared at by a bloodthirsty beast.

Currently, the beast was hugging her, raising his hand to burn this magic vine to death. The magic vine was also very psychic. Seeing that it was about to die, it flew towards Ji Yan.

Ji Yan only felt the slippery touch on her wrist.

She raised her hand and saw that the magic vine had become a very small one, that it coiled itself around her wrist and rubbed its end against her.

This, this… Is this to please?

Looking at the magic vine, she wanted to say, ‘Brother, you’re acting like a spoiled brat to the wrong person.’

She herself was just a pendant, and it’s useless to act coquettishly to her but to act baby to Yin Xuezhuo.

Of course, the magic vine knew that it was better to act cutely to Yin Xuezhuo, but it was cowardly and on the verge of death, so it climbed up to this mortal girl. How dare it get closer to the Demon Lord, when it was already bold enough to break through the sky.

It could see that the Demon Lord was unusual to this mortal, anyway, regardless of the situation, it desperately acted coquettishly to her.

She looked at the vine wriggling on her wrist and inexplicably felt that its actions were enchanting and seducing.

Ji Yan: You are so showy.

This magic vine was very shameless. After being silent for a while, she put her entangled hand behind her back, then looked up at Yin Xuezhuo, and negotiated with him, “How about …… you let it go?”

Yin Xuezhuo sneered even more.

He said coldly: “Who allowed you to touch her?”

The magic vine trembled, it was really trembling, even Ji Yan could feel its panic, and soon it returned to the place where it was previously coiled and continued to quiver.

It‘s just inexplicable, she‘s not a baby, what happened to be touched.

She always felt that Yin Xuezhuo’s expression when looking at her was full of disgust, the same as that of the lynx when she hugged before, revealing a certain familiar feeling as if she was thinking about something, Ji Yan looked at his eyes, felt more and more chill down the back.

He was not going to shower her again, is he?

Just because the wrist was entangled?

She really doesn’t want to wash up!

Ji Yan was about to explode, and a hint of rebelliousness was also born. The more he disliked her, the more she wanted to touch her, so she raised her hand to the magic vine and shouted loudly: “Come here!”

Yin Xuezhuo’s scorching eyes swept away, “You dare.”

Ji Yan refused to back down and continued: “Come here!”

Magic Vine: ??

Magic Vine looked at the two people who were clearly at odd and twisted into a twist.

Completely at a loss.

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