I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became Villain’s Pendant Chapter 37 Part 2

Like an old father teaching his child to walk, Yin Xuezhuo explained the precautions to her, after that he turned invisible and kept an eye on her.

The remaining was all up to her.

The cave had many protruding rocks to land, as well as stone walls to climb, which didn’t look difficult at first glance, but when it came to practice, Ji Yan found it difficult.

Although she hesitated, she could not hide from Yin Xuezhuo, who condensed to teach her personally. All she could do was to try her best.

After finding a starting point, she adjusted her breathing slightly, leaped forward and fluttered away like the wind. As she passed a protruding stone wall, she raised her hand and grabbed it, barely stabilizing her figure.

The first step was ‘successful’!

She couldn’t help but let out a smug smile.

The body was indeed as light as a shallow, Ji Yan felt as if she was like a flame that could be gently blown by the wind without having to exert too much effort. It was as if she had grown a pair of light wings.

Do those immortal cultivators feel like this when they fly over the eaves and walls?

But what she didn’t know was that the Fire of Jiuyou, as a flame of ancient times, itself surpassed those mortal wombs. The level of her cultivation at the moment was beyond what these people could reach, no matter their cultivation.

She quickly collected her mind and looked for the next landing spot.

She happily swept through several magic vines in a row and gradually found the feeling of lighness. She never disturbed the magic vine at all, and compared to before she didn’t exert any effort, not even a trace of sweat trickled down. Since transmission, she hadn’t felt the same redundancy for a long time, and her body has been much better.

As she flew, there was a cool wind passing through the secluded cave, whizzing through little girl skirts like a disc wagging up and down.

She was very beautiful with her flowery smile.

Quietly, Yin Xuehuo followed her along, casually plucked a flower on the stone wall, rubbing his fingertips lightly on it, and carrying a handful of fragrance.

His moist black eyes reflected her figure.

The spiritual palace left by Jiuyou’s fire in Ji Yan’s body is slowly changing. He could feel that part of the Jiuyou that fused in his body was burning more and more as if sensing the breath of Ji Yan.

He still hasn’t figured out exactly why he gave the fire of Jiuyou to her.

Perhaps it started from the habit of holding her, or it was when he heard her say those words outside the prison cell that day, that moved his heart with compassion.

Or it was that day when she touched his wings, her eyes were very clean, and she told him frankly that she was not afraid.

Sometimes she seemed timid and cowardly and was frightened of him, but sometimes, this seemingly weak body held unmatchable courage and was not even afraid of death, it seemed that nothing could completely defeat her.

Unknowingly, Yin Xuezhuo’s corners of his lips curled slightly.

And he continued to follow her.

Unwittingly, Ji Yan flew far away, and was now stuck in a place, facing a big problem.

There was a very thick magic vine in front of her, almost sealing the entire cave firmly.

Only a slit was left, just enough for her to get through, and just a slight deviation would disturb the vine.

After estimating the distance, she took a deep breath and swept out.

After practicing for a long time, she became much more skilled and flew so well that , she tipped her toes on a protruding sharp stone below and re-charged her strength in mid-air to make her figure more stable, except that she wasn’t very proficient at all, i.e., as she was about to pass through the gap, her body still swayed a little and banged the magic vine.

The magic vine instantly exploded.

It moved so fast, this magic vine was older and stronger than the others, Ji Yan stagnated in the air. Before she could react, her waist was quickly entwined by the vine.

The vines in all directions awakened, and countless branches stretched out towards Ji Yan.


She screamed and was instantly strangled in the neck, and a slight sense of suffocation came. Before she could call for help, she felt her body lighten and fell back into Yin Xuezhuo’s arms.

Yin Xuezhuo hugged the little girl in her arms and said displeasedly: “Go away.”

Just one word, those magic vines as if they met something fearful and fade away like a tide.

Ji Yan: This wave of forced pretense has made her show off.

Yin Xuezhuo was indeed a stubborn existence. Ji Yan stuck her head out of his arms and carefully observed the surroundings. Before she could see the surroundings clearly, her chin was clamped heavily by two cold fingers.

She was forced to look up.

He squeezed her chin and carefully observed her strangled neck. His eyes became more hostile and with a wave of his hand, a black air hit the stone wall. He suppressed his anger and said coldly. : “Get out!”

Huh? Who did he tell to get out?

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