I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 40 Part 1 Searching Aunt

The entire Demon Realm was in full swing in search of the “Great Aunt”.

The Demon Lord himself gave an order that this “Great Aunt” hurt the mortal he raised. If any demon caught this “great aunt”, they must bring him to the demon master, and never let him get away.

All the demons were very excited, scrambling to find it, lest they be caught by other demons.

If they perform a meritorious service by catching the “great aunt”, it would be a great opportunity to show in front of the demon.

But the problem was the group of demons didn’t know what the “Aunt” was, whether it was the name of the thing, or referred to a new species.

It was the first time for all demons to hear of “Aunt”.

They had no idea what it looked like.

Whether it was a mortal or a demon, a man or a woman. But this didn’t stop their enthusiasm.

Just look for it anyway.

Rong Ge was also busy looking for it. Although the Demon Realm was boundless, the capital city was just a small corner, there were too many demons, and some higher demons were extremely powerful and familiar with the terrain. So it was not hard to find a creature they had never seen before, but even after searching for a long time, they have not found the whereabouts of the “Aunt”. This was something that has never happened before.

This made many demons ‌ wonder, could it be that this “big aunt” is even more powerful than the demon master, so that they could not perceive its breath at all?

Or was the “Aunt” already escaped from the Demon Realm without a sound?

So the few demon generals who were still in the mortal world also began to look for the ‘aunt’ in the mortal world. When hearing the name ‘Aunt’, they also had the same inexplicable thought, it was the first time for them to hear such a strange name.

Next day Ji Yan felt a little better. But because of the bleeding, she still shrank in the corner and didn’t move. She was living a life like a salted fish for retirement and was wondering. Didn’t Yin Xuezhuo understand last time? ? So? Anyway, give her something to put on!

Then she heard Rong Ge’s report on “Aunt”.

Ji Yan almost choked on her saliva.

Grass, sure enough.

She couldn’t have any illusions about Yin Xuezhuo.

Does he understand? He knows a fart. She was so embarrassed when picturing how all the demons were helping her to find the “Great Aunt” in a serious manner yesterday.

It was too embarrassing.

She lost a face.

She was so mad, “This aunt doesn’t mean that! It’s not a person! Don’t look for it, don’t look for it!”

Her face flushed with anger, and she wanted to dig a hole to bury herself in it.

In the end, the group of demons listened to Ji Yan talking for a long time, but still didn’t understand what this aunt was. She felt like she was playing the piano to the cow, and her mouth was dry. How could she explain it to them?  The “big aunt” is actually just a normal physiological phenomenon?

At last, Qiu Mi probably understood a little bit, and interrupted: “I once heard a saying in the mortal world that when a woman reaches a certain age, she will come to Sunflower. The so-called Sunflower is like a human sleeping and eating. It is extremely normal, not an injury.”

Ji Yan nodded frantically.

Finally a demon understood her!

She was…so touched.

Qiu Mi explained it to all the demons, and Ji Yan embarrassedly plunged her head into Yin Xuezhuo’s arms. What is it called… She was on her period, but it was really too embarrassing to make a huge mess for it ……

Ji Yan thought that the matter was over. She had been insisting on it for two days, and it would be fine if she insisted on it for a few more days, but she underestimated Yin Xuezhuo.

Yin Xuezhuo asked Qiu Mi to go to the mortal world in person.

Not long after Ji Yan woke up that day, she saw Yin Xuezhuo walked up to her, carrying a long red and white thing in his hand.

Ji Yan slowly raised her head and met his eyes.

He held it up to her and said, “Put it on.”

Ji Yan: “!”

She never wanted to have another period in this life.

She was really scared.

And was going to have a psychological shadow over this matter.

Although Yin Xuezhuo likes to take her clothes off to bathe her, thankfully he was not interested in this blood-soaked things. Ji Yan soaked in the water, and very shyly changed into the “menstrual belt” that Qiu Mi found from the mortal world. After putting on her clothes, she hid in the quilt, wrapped herself into a dumpling, pretending that she did not exist.

She shrank all day long.

Yin Xuezhuo didn’t bother her and went around the corner and saw that Rong Ge and Qiu Mi had been waiting for a long time. When Qiu Mi saw him coming out, she bowed her head and went in to check Ji Yan’s condition. 

Rong Ge raised his hand and summoned a magical tool, which floated in the air. It was similar to the psychic mirror that Ji Yan liked before, but much larger than that, which showed many scenes from different places in the mortal world.

Some places were calm as usual, some seemed to be sword furnaces, and some people were forging weapons to defend against the demons. In other scenes, a group of famous sects fought against each other to the point it was full of red. In short, it was really wonderful. 

If one looked closely, they would know that all these scenes were shot from a remote and hidden place, as if someone was spying.

This magic tool had no prying function. In other words, someone was lurking on the other side, secretly projecting the scene through the magic tool.

Such a strategy was also the result of Yin Xuezhuo’s handwriting.

Yin Xuezhuo came from the human race and learned a lot of bloody lessons from people back then. He also learned such cunning tricks of deceiving and sending people undercover. He had always been smart, and knew many things, even if he didn’t know something, as long as he learned it, he could create more means.

——This undercover agent was just one of them.

He looked at the people on the other side of the mirror with a ridiculous smile on the corners of his lips, as cool as a lantern in the autumn night.

“Tomorrow I will personally go to the human world, let Cong Shuang and Chi Yang reorganize the army, hassle the border city everyday, so that the people have me in their hearts all the time.” With that he turned around, his tall figure was cut apart by light and shadow, and the tone was as light as his cold voice, “Now that they have no leader, wouldn’t it be a pity not to shed blood.”

Rong Ge asked for instructions in a low voice, “The human captive after the first battle yesterday…”

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