I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 40 Part 2

Normally, these captives would be assigned to the demons as a reward for them to devour, or sent to do hard labor such as dig out the spirit stones and immortal grasses. If they were distributed to the demon clan with strong sexual desire, they would suffer a lot.

Previously this task were assigned to the Demon General Huan Wu, but currently he had other tasks and was not in the Demon Realm, so he had to ask Yin Xuezhuo for instructions.

Yin Xuezhuo frowned. In fact, he was too lazy to meddle in such trivial things. Just as he was about to say “kill” casually, the little girl’s aggrieved face flashed in his mind, somehow.

They were all mortals, like Ji Yan.

“Forget it.” He pressed his forehead and lowered his eyes and said: “Let’s let go all the incompetent ones. If the cultivation base is low, discard their cultivation before releasing. As for the high cultivation base, kill them directly to eliminate future problems.”

In the battle between humans and demons, he couldn’t be too soft-hearted, and this kind of remark was extremely absurd.

Rong Ge raised his head bafflingly. He didn’t expect the Demon Lord to make such a decision.

But he didn’t dare to say anything, and just retreated.

Yin Xuezhuo turned around and was about to return to Ji Yan’s side. Just then, he heard Ji Yan-Qiu Mi’s conversation.

Ji Yan looked very well-behaved as she spoke to Qiu Mi behind his back. “Sister, did Yin Xuezhuo send you here?”

Qiu Mi smiled, “Yes.”

“Is he still angry with me?”

“I just called him ‘zhuo’, but I don’t know why, his reaction is so big…” Ji Yan muttered aggressively, “This man is so stingy. He hasn’t talked to me for many days. If I hadn’t had a sudden menstrual phase, I don’t know how long he would have ignored me.”

Yin Xuezhuo: “…”

Ji Yan continued to babble. “Will he disappear again after today? Then can you help me tell him that I don’t want a cold war, if he is unhappy about something, he can tell me directly about it.”

In fact, Ji Yan was just joking. But Yin Xuezhuo was holding his breath. Even though she was careless and rude in front of him, she still spoke behind his back.

Qiu Mi paused, looked up into Ji Yan’s eyes, and suddenly said: “The name of the Demon Lord is always a taboo. The Demon does not take into account for you calling his full name is already very good, in the future …… or don’t call him that way again.”

Ji Yan was startled, “Why?”

Can these three words ‘Yin Xuezhuo’ not be called? But she called him very smoothly. When others called him “Demon Lord”, she never thought Yin Xuezhuo didn’t like being called by name.

why? Was this because this name was given by Yin Miaorou?

It’s called Zhuozhuo, and where did it touch him?

She didn’t expect that he was really brooding because of his name. Thinking of his past experience, she felt she had been careless. Her face flushed in embarrassment, and she lowered her head.

Well, just treat him as a post-traumatic stress reaction, and she won’t mess around in the future.

“Then I won’t call it anymore…” She bit her lip. “Sister Qiu Mi, he hasn’t come out of it…hasn’t he?”

Qiu Mi looked at her with hesitation and after a long silence, she raised her hand to hold Ji Yan’s little hand.

“Our subordinates never dared to ask too much about the Demon Lord’s affairs. It’s just that he has indeed been revengeful over the years, but he will not let go of anyone who hinders his revenge.”

Qiu Mi thought for a while and said: “In fact, the Demon Lord is so powerful in our eyes. Those pasts are not hard to erase. I don’t know if he has come out of it or not. It’s just I hope you will not mention those untouchable taboos in the future. Once a demon general carelessly mentioned that, and was directly beheaded by the Demon Lord…”

Yin Xuezhuo was always so decisive.

Qiu Mi couldn’t figure out why Ji Yan wanted to know if the Demon Lord had overcome the past, but in fact, she didn’t need to know. For a demon like Qiu Mi, just follow loyalty.

Ji Yan nodded her head as if she understood, Qiu Mi said lightly: “Come on, sit down, I will check the Jiuyou in your body.”

She obediently sat down and no longer asked any questions. Qiu Mi walked behind her and checked her body.

Yin Xuezhuo at the door, listened to their conversation, and then abruptly turned around and went out, standing in the empty hall, his eyes darkened.

He wasn’t mad at Ji Yan.

He was just caught off guard by her, his heartbeat was turbulent, and many things were too late to think about, so he couldn’t hide in front of her. At the time he had only one thought in his mind – found a place to calm down.

So he disappeared.

He was always there and couldn’t leave without her at all. But he couldn’t fool himself by being invisible. It was just a vain attempt to made her invisible, and it’s more like a cover-up for him.

He always hated the name “Yin Xuezhuo”.

He hated the past, the person that this name represents, and the weak and stupid self in the past.

But he didn’t want to change his name. These three words were a reminder to him, allowing him to always remember the taste of the wound, always telling him what he was.

It’s a dark nightmare.

What was pure as snow, blazing like fire.

He didn’t believe it.

So when she called him “Zhuo” in such a natural tone.

He was really frightened.

And panicked.

The author has something to say: Yin Xuezhuo’s name will not be changed. This is an indelible past for him, and he does not need to deliberately erase it. Accepting it calmly is a relief.

Yin Miaorou hates this name now, but Ji Yan likes to call it.

Only she can call now.

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