I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 41 Part 1 Going to Mortal World

After Qiu Mi left, Yin Xuezhuo came back to the room. The little girl was lying on her stomach, still seriously playing with the flame on her hand. Just now Qiu Mi helped her drive the Jiuyou in her body, and this little flame directly jumped out, Ji Yan found it particularly fun.

Seeing Yin Xuezhuo coming over, she showed him the fire on her hand, “Look!”

He frowned slightly, Ji Yan thought he was going to taunt her again. But after looking for a while, he suddenly put his hand on top of her head. Ji Yan only felt her dantian was tumbling, and the flame in her palm suddenly became larger, and the beating blue flames reflected in her eyes.

“Wow!” She was so surprised.

Such a big fire! It’s almost catching up with Yin Xuezhuo!


It also feels very imposing!

Yin Xuezhuo said in a flat tone, “The Jiuyou is in your body, you can use it at will, but you still don’t know how to use it, and now it is just a volume for parasites.”

Ji Yan immediately said: “Then can you teach me! Yin…” thought of something, she immediately changed, “I will study hard!”

Yin Xuezhuo frowned and his dark eyes stared straight at her, “What do you call me?”

Ji Yan called out, “Dad?”

Yin Xuezhuo snorted coldly, obviously not satisfied.

Ji Yan: “… Yin… Xue Zhuo?”

Yin Xuezhuo said lazily: “It’s called Zhuozhuo.”

As he spoke, he slightly angled his chin and turned his face to the other side, sitting down on the side with a cold and proud expression, leaning lazily.

Ji Yan: “…”

No, why is it possible to call again now?

She had just accepted his sensitive and poor personality, and reluctantly acceded to the reality of not calling him by his name, and now he was telling her it was okay.

Is it really okay for him to contradict himself like this?

Is it okay to be so awkward?

The demon’s heart was really the seabed needle.

After Yin Xuezhuo said that she could call, Ji Yan did not push back. A cheerful smile appeared on her face, and she called out, “zhuo!” She opened her arms and hugged his arms tightly.

Yin Xuezhuo didn’t look at her nor did he respond, as if he was not the one who wanted her to call him “zhuo”.

She sat next to him and observed his pristine sideface.

He really looked like a cat, the cat that was clearly called by the owner, but deliberately doesn’t look back, and only moves his ears, and was especially loved to pretend. In the past, Ji Yan liked to mess with her cats. Now she raises her hand to Yin Xuezhuo, constantly yelling: “ Zhuo Zhuo Zhuo!”

“It’s so noisy.” Yin Xuezhuo raised his hand and picked her little hand.

He turned his head and saw her smiling at him, startled slightly, he mumbled unnaturally: “Isn’t it just a title? Why make such a fuss.”

And you’re talking about her.

He was the one who made a fuss, okay?

Ji Yan didn’t know why, but she was very happy at this moment, and had long forgotten all those days of grumbling after the Cold War had swept away.

Yin Xuezhuo was surprisingly patient that day and taught her some tricks about Jiuyou Fire.

As an ancient spirit fire, Jiuyou was indeed extraordinary.

Because Jiuyou was as light as a swallow, he said that it would not be difficult for her to float in the air, but Ji Yan wasn’t very good at a little complicated light work, and she didn’t know how long it would take her to float in the air.

Then, it also had a very powerful function, which was smelting and casting magic weapons.

It could melt all tangible and intangible things in the world, from magical weapons to souls, it could even melt the human body. At first, Yin Xuezhuo planned to use this fire to melt Ji Yan into a lifeless consciousness Human Gu.

Although Ji Yan had no spiritual roots, a small chicken with a negative force value, if she concentrated on the sideline like practicing Qi, she would not have to worry about getting rich or relying on magic weapons to counterattack. But before she had time to dream about it, Yin Xuezhuo cruelly brought her back to reality with a word.

“The world’s magical artifacts are divided into many levels. The difference between the magic artifacts and spiritual artifacts is enormous. Each level is different and you need to control the fire according to them. For you, it is just a different way of cultivation from immortal cultivation. You can’t even walk safely and still want to practice artifacts?”

Yin Xuezhuo struck mercilessly, and ended with a snort, “Instead of focusing on being a vessel, let me slowly merge the Jiuyou, why bother.”

Ji Yan: Crap.

Nothing good could be expected from his mouth.

Before Ji Yan had time to refute, Yin Xuezhuo said “The Jiuyou”, and seemed to remember something he hadn’t done for a long time, and dragged her into his arms in that familiar posture.

She had a bad premonition in her heart, and before she could say “no”, she felt a familiar tingling sensation coming up.

Ah ah!

So numb! ! !

She had such a rough time getting tsd on this thing that she prepared herself beforehand, and didn’t let out any sound. But her small face gradually turned red, and she plunged into Yin Xuezhuo’s arms regardless, and obediently did her little quail.

The long hair of Yin Xuezhuo flowed on the back of her shoulder. As she leaned on his shoulder, she could smell the faint fragrance of his hair.

It was like the breeze soughing through the bamboo forest, with a slightly cool touch.

Her heartstrings moved slightly, by the time when she came back to her senses, she was already in the spiritual palace.

This seemingly vast small space was not much different from the last time, except that the ground had a little change.

Green grass sprouted up on the ground.

Yin Xuezhuo stood beside her, frowning while looking around.

“What’s wrong?” Ji Yan asked him.

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