I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 43 Part 3

On either side of him were Ji Yan and mud. Yin Xuezhou never let Ji Yan face Shao Xin. She was afraid that Shao Xin would collide with Yin Xuezuo, at the same time she was also worried that Yin Xuezhuo would kill Shao Xin in a fit of rage.

(Mud — It is often used to refer to indiscriminate and unprincipled mediation or settlement of disputes.)

At this moment, Shao Xin was like a real prisoner, being pressed to kneel‌, accepting Yin Xuezuo’s scrutiny.

The young man looked embarrassed, tense, and humiliated.

Yin Xuezhuo narrowed his eyes, his black eyes only stayed at him for two seconds then he looked away, and then intoned: “If it wasn’t for that little trash who insisted to bring you, I wouldn’t have brought you here, but since you’re here, you’re going to be of use.”

“I’ll give you two choices.”

 Yin Xuezhuo slowly walked off the throne, the corner of his black robe swept past Shao Xin, and his icy voice fell from above his head.

“Since you have a sword immortal brother, and you are in the mortal world at the moment, find a way to summon him to save you.” His black nails rubbed his chin, and he relented: “When I catch him and take his life, you will be completely free.”

Shao Xin angrily retorted: “Don’t even think about it!”

“Tsk.” Yin Xuezhuo glanced at him and said coolly, “Hypocritical, you don’t want to see your brother. Why do you still pretend not to want him to die? In exchange for your life, this kind of trade is profitable.”

“But it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to.” Suddenly, his tone changed and flames shot up on his fingertips. “Then I’ll just abolish your cultivation and will make you a waste.”

 “It’s not impossible to stay in the Demon Realm all your life and be the companion of the little waste.”

The little waste on the side: “…”

Ji Yan: Don’t induce me.

The anger of being tied up by the Magic Vine had not yet eased. Now she was inexplicably cued, she couldn’t help but raise her head angrily.

Only to go speechless by the sight in front of her.

In front of her, Yin Xuezhuo bent over Shao Xin, his sharp fingernails grazing his chin and forcing his face upward, while the ghostly blue flames looming over the teenager’s face seemed to contemplate where to start.

Ji Yan looked at this terrifying scene and wanted to intervene. She cleared her throat and opened it, but before she could speak, Yin Xuezhuo snapped his fingers, and when Ji Yan opened her mouth, all that came out of it was only a breath.

Damn it.

He again banned her.

Isn’t he looking at Shao Xin? How did he know she was going to talk? Ji Yan glared at his back and stumbled aside.

This time Yin Xuezhuo was determined not to let Shao Xin go.

He was not a good person in the first place. Except for Ji Yan, no one could get half a cent from him, and he really began to burn Shao Xin’s spiritual roots.

The spirit fire invaded his body, and nothing was seen outside, but Shao Xin suddenly became short of breath, showing that he was in great pain at the moment.

Oh my gosh! He was really going to lame him.

The original book didn’t have this paragraph!

Ji Yan watched with a wide eye. Yin Xuezhuo once again put his palm over Shao Xin’s face, and a black gas diffused along the palm. Soon Shao Xin’s eyes gradually lax, and his body fell limply to the ground.

After a long time, suddenly his body jerked and opened his eyes but his expression was very tenuous.

It seemed to be on the verge of collapse, the darkest thing in his heart was unearthed.

“What is your relationship with Shao Bai?” Yin Xuezhuo slowly asked.

Shao Xin’s eyes were blank, and his body shivered unconsciously for a long time, before he whispered, “…… is the Destiny Soul Talisman.”

“My soul talisman was bound with him. If something happens to me, my soul talisman will burn, and he will feel where I am ……”

A soul talisman bond could only connect to a soul through the blood of its next of kin. In most cases, external forces could not break this bond.

The soul talisman would not burn by ‌fire unless the host dies.

But Yin Xuezhuo had the fire of Jiuyou.

In front of Shao Xin’s eyes, he burned his soul talisman in the incense bag at his waist into ashes little by little, spewing ashes at his fingertips, he smirked at Shao Xin’s defeated eyes, “If you don’t succumb to the heart demon, you will really become a waste this time, and it seems that in your heart, you are still unwilling to sacrifice for your brother”

It turned out to be an inner demon.

Yin Xuezhuo had countless means of tossing people. After all, as a villain, he has made the protagonist suffer a lot of losses.

One of them was the Inner Demon.

Human nature was complex, with its own interests, affection, and love …… there were too many weaknesses that allowed the people to be exploited, and instantly disintegrate the other party’s heart.

Only a few people could survive an inner demon in their body.

Except for the protagonist, of course.

A supporting character like Shao Xin had no power to fight back.

The young man was still lying on the ground, his body was still shivering unconsciously, his eyes were lifeless, and it was not known what horrible images he had seen that made such a bright young man become vulnerable.

Yin Xuezhuo’s hands were too heavy, if he wanted to beat someone, there were really many tricks. At first, Ji Yan was afraid of him, but luckily he did not use such means against her when he was not acquainted with her, and with her personality, if he really did……she would have wept bitterly.

No, don’t think about it. Stop. Stop.

If she kept on brainstorming, she could no longer look at Yin Xuezhuo directly.

After Yin Xuezhuo finished taunting him, he threw the helpless teenager in front of Ji Yan, raised his chin at Ji Yan, and the emotions revealed in the corners of his eyes were “You don’t like this level of spicy chicken?”

Ji Yan: Alright, you are the best.

Well, everyone else was a little spicy chicken. Ji Yan didn’t think there was anything wrong with spicy chicken. She looked at Shao Xin… Well, Shao Xin seemed to be frightened.

Yin Xuezhuo, this dog man, had no mercy.

Like a tyrant.

Ji Yan was already tied up now, her mouth was also sealed. She stared at Shao Xin, who was in front of her. After looking at each other for a long time, they both had a kind of sadness of “the lost person at the end of the world”.

Ji Yan and Yin Xuezhuo both looked at each other, but she didn’t believe that he would keep her tied up. Who knew that this was really true, and not only that, he also carried her and went to inspect the camp. Although being wrapped in a quilt wouldn’t hurt, she felt so embarrassed.

Though her face had long since been lost.

When patrolling the demon camp, he also caught a few lazy little demons. The demons’ self-control was not as good as humans, it was actually a common phenomenon in the Demon Domain. Yin Xuezhuo didn’t have much expression and directly stabbed the other side with a hand.

All could hear was a “poof” sound of blood spurting out.

After that, he expressionlessly drew back his bloody hand, wiping it clean on the demon’s body. When it came time for dinner, Ji Yan anticipatedly looked at Yin Xuezhuo, thinking that he would untie her for a dinner.

But much to her disappointment, he directly took the bowl and chopsticks and intended to feed her personally.

Upon seeing this, Ji Yan’s expression froze, and she intended to shut her mouth tightly to fight him back with a hunger strike. But the result was after taking the chopsticks he tried to pick the vegetables, but no matter how much he tried, that stubborn piece of cabbage refused to clamp on his chopsticks.

He had never used chopsticks before.

He incredulously clipped two more times, but still couldn’t.

Ji Yan: “Pfft.”

What was he pretending to be if he couldn’t use chopsticks?

Yin Xuezhuo’s movements stiffened for a moment. He didn’t expect that the dignified and powerful king of the Demon Realm could not even use such simple chopsticks, and he could not even compare to this mortal.

After a moment of silence, he sneered and crushed the chopsticks, and directly switched to grabbing them with his hands.

Ji Yan: “!”

No, did you wash your hands after killing the demon!!!

If there is blood, don’t touch my dishes! !!

— — 

Finally, Ji Yan was successfully untied.

Ji Yan wondered if he had been struck hard by this because while she was eating, Yin demon who didn’t know how to use chopsticks was staring at her hand which held chopsticks closely with a frown as if wondering why he wasn’t able to do such a simple thing.

But he just couldn’t.

Seeing his reaction, Ji Yan wanted to laugh a little.

In order not to irritate the demon, she called “Zhuo” several times, smoothed his hair first, and when he turned his head and ignored her with a cold snort, she knew ‌he had been coaxed.

Yeah, that’s how it was.

Don’t ask her how she could tell.

Ji Yan: Her skill of coaxing butterfly became more proficient.

After coaxing the Yin butterfly, Ji Yan quietly hooked her fingers to the Magic Vine, which was curled up with Shao Xin in the corner. The Magic Vine first peeked at Yin Xuezhuo, and then looked at Ji Yan, after some painful struggle, it quietly slipped over.

Who told it to have no backbone? It just didn’t want to offend anyone.

Ji Yan quickly grabbed a few steamed buns and stuffed them into a Magic Vine, who quickly rolled the steamed buns and rushed back to Shao Xin, and shoved the steamed buns into his arms, a series of actions completed in one go.

Yin Xuezhuo’s back was full of indifference. If this guy didn’t turn back, it would be fine, Ji Yan boldly continued to engage in covert operations.

Shao Xin was hit too hard this time, he dazedly just held the steamed bun and remained still. Ji Yan gestured in the air, and the Magic Vine tentatively poked Shao Xin, and according to Ji Yan’s command, it coiled around his neck, intimately rubbing him.

Perhaps it was because the Magic Vine’s gestures were always too enchanting. Last time it acted coquettishly to Ji Yan, this time to Shao Xin. It did not take long for the teenager to come back to his senses and looked at the coiled Magic Vine in front of him in silence.


Silence again.

It wasn’t until the boy’s stomach growled that he clumsily held the steamed bun and took a bite.

Shao Xin slowly nibbled on the steamed buns until he was no longer hungry. Looking at the young girl not far away staring at him closely, his face slightly stiffened, thought about it, and nodded at her, expressing that he accepted her kindness.

Ji Yan showed a bright smile.

Yin Xuezhuo still had his back to them, not moving a muscle.

Shao Xin’s soul talisman was burned, Shao Bai there must be able to sense it, whether or not he came out of the gate, it was estimated that at this moment he would be out of the gate. As an older brother, Shao Bai was extremely concerned about his younger brother. Ji Yan’s little brain made up a lot of drama, such as breaking into a demon king’s palace at night and killing him, going to a meeting alone, or going deep alone, luring the tiger away from the mountain ……

Having been a sword immortal, he had cultivated into a sword. Currently, he was the most capable person to fight Yin Xuezhuo, Ji Yan was really worried that Shao Bai would appear in a terrifying way and directly play a big game.

However, no matter how big it was, probably not as big as Yin Xuezhou, he broke into a Ten Thousand Immortals Alliance and made a big commotion.

How many houses were destroyed at that time?

When Ji Yan thought about it, she felt magical. According to her, Yin Xuezuo would always demolish anywhere he went, and he would also demolish Demon Realm at this time, but she had never seen him demolish his own home until now. So it could be seen that he intentionally demolished other people’s homes before.

Just like when a cat runs cool at home, it was light as a shadow, but had a strong ability to avoid obstacles, so why knock over a vase?

Because the cat was intentional.

Then Yin Xuezhuo must also be deliberate.

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