I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 44.1 Warm Up

Yin Xuezhuo’s demon’s demolition skills were by no means nonchalant.

The next day, a loud noise awakened Ji Yan.


It was as if the sky was cracking, even the ground was trembling, Ji Yan sat up with a jolt.

Soon several bombarding sounds followed. This consequent sound made Ji Yan feel she was at the scene of  World War II where the enemy’s bombardment was going on, it was terrifying.

Sitting on the bed, she searched around and found Yin Xuezhuo was not there at the moment.

He was usually invisible, except at night when Ji Yan was holding him to sleep. But it was not known what happened to him last night before going to bed. After she interacted with Shao Xin, he seemed to have ignored her.

Once Yin Xuezhuo became invisible, he would not show up for several hours. He was very calm, which did not fit his grumpy old brother’s character.

If she stayed a few hours without eating, drinking, sleeping, or playing like this, then Ji Yan would go crazy.

So how come Yin Xuezhuo always stayed invisible for so long?

When she took a bath, he could not show up for three hours. When she went to bed every night, he wouldn’t run around. The last time he had a cold war with her, he was also patient that he did not appear for so long.

Based on Yin Xuezhuo’s invisibility these few times, she seriously suspected that his invisibility was not in the traditional sense.

What was the traditional sense? It was a person standing there, he could see everyone, but no one could see him, other than that, there was nothing unusual.

But she also suspected that his invisibility was partly similar to sleeping.

Otherwise, why was it the same as nonexistent?

Just like now. Ji Yan was so frightened by this constant bombardment that she curled into a ball and from time to time, trembled. This guy Yin Xuezhuo still didn’t show up.

After a long time, he ambled out of the void with a cold expression on his face.

He walked to Ji Yan’s side, bent over, and pulled her into his arms. His eyebrows frowned slightly, and he had an inexplicable look as if he didn’t expect her to be frightened like this.

His expression was a little weird while he soothed her clumsily. “What are you afraid of with this little movement? The battle between the humans and demons now is only at the level of kids’ fight, it’s not even considered a warm-up.”

His tone was like saying, “It’s just a meal.”

Ji Yan: You are so amazing.

With his tone, it was impossible for her to complain. She had never experienced such scenes before. She was clearly sleeping in the palace the empty place, but the next moment along with the thunderous sound, the ground was trembling, it was like the world was falling apart and the house was about to collapse. How could she not panic?

Ji Yan leaned against his chest, took a deep breath, and said aggrieved: “Why did you only come out now?”

Without her knowledge, her voice carried a slight whining.

Yin Xuezhuo said: “I was cultivating and sensed the movement around me. At first, I didn’t take it seriously, but I still gathered my consciousness and took a look, and I didn’t expect you to be afraid like this.”

Thanks to him for taking one more look. Otherwise, she would be scared to cry.

Ji Yan muttered something to him. Because her voice was too low he didn’t hear her clearly, so he lowered his head and leaned over. “What?”

Ji Yan was a little awkward and whispered: “Then you don’t go invisible, it’s the same, anyway. I can be bold by seeing you here.”

Till now, she had seen lots of big scenes, but she wasn’t afraid of anything because Yin Xuezhuo was always there.

He stood in front of her like a mountain blocking wind and rain. So that even the weakest and powerless existence could grow up bravely without fearing all the strongest in this world.

Listening to her words, he pondered for a moment and explained: “I am not just being invisible.”

He didn’t expect her to have such a simple mind and thought that he was watching her from the sidelines with his body invisible. With this thought he laughed and raised his hand to ruffle her long hair, while playing with her hair, he said casually: “Like the black fog you saw, my form is not one. The so-called ‘invisibility’ is actually a way of cultivation that blends in with the surrounding environment, with the true essence running in the body and probing everything with spiritual consciousness. There is no entity, and it’s a way of cultivation.”

In fact, he was always invisible, but occasionally he would come to eavesdrop on her muttering, but most of the time, it was not so boring.

Ji Yan seemed to understand and nodded.

Probably it meant that he had become a mass of air. Sure enough, the stronger the cultivation level, the less mundane things could restrict him. The more he could transcend the world, the greater he became.

Others just stood there in a daze, at least their brains were still active anyway, Yin Xuezhuo directly hung up.

In fact, the sign was still here, but people had long gone away.

It was not difficult to understand the way the games were played.

Yin Xuezhuo didn’t waste much time here and directly took Ji Yan to the main battlefield where the humans and demons fought.

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