I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 44.3

Shao Xin: Are you sure?

The young man peeped at her silently and saw her tapping the magic vine that coiled in her wrist, and then saw the magic vine grow at a speed visible to the naked eye. Then she hung it on the side to let it grow bigger, and then slid it down while holding it.

The terrain here was rugged and complex, and there were occasional spiritual fluctuations that affected the fish in the pond. Ji Yan asked magic vine to take them to a safe place and fleed a mile away before feeling that the feeling of being smashed at any moment was gone.

Ji Yan showed off to Shao Xin: “Look! This magic vine will listen to me! I picked it up in Demon Realm! It was the same one that gave you the steamed buns last time!”

The magic vine twisted enchantingly and coiled into a ball in embarrassment.

He stared at the huge vine silently for a moment and nodded: “I remember it.”

“It’s the rope that tied you up yesterday.”

Ji Yan: “…” Can you not mention this?

As thought of yesterday, she felt embarrassed by how she was wrapped like dumpling.

Really, she didn’t want to be faceless. Yin Xuezhuo trampled on her dignity, even the little angel Shao Xin hurt her like this, it seemed she really lost her face.

Ji Yan sighed and rubbed her face sadly.

She and Shao Xin didn’t know where they were taken by Magic Vine. Although they were still on the Demon’s territory, the surrounding area was desolate. She was entangled and didn’t know which direction to go. Shao Xin said: “There is a river there. Just walk along the river bank and you will surely meet other demons.”

When he was captured, he was determined to “get killed but not humiliated”. But now his heart was as calm as water when looking at the demons, also thanks to Ji Yan.

Every day watching her jumping around in front of him, no matter how sad and unwilling he was, it became…a bit strange.

It was like he was not on the same channel with her.

Obviously, it was not like that at the beginning! Why temporarily endure the humiliation, join forces to save the Nightmare Clan, and let him go back to the human world… Does she really remember?

Shao Xin didn’t know when it started, but he was led crooked by her.

He almost forgot how he came to the Demon Realm.

Especially the person who was leading him askew was still running the train with her mouth while walking——

“Shao Xin, who do you think is stronger between the Demon Race and the Human Race? I just watched them fight very seriously, but, as soon as Yin Xuezhuo went in, it was like playing a game with one hand, those who don’t know will think he was whacking the gopher.”

Shao Xin: “…”

Ji Yan: “The skirt I am wearing today is not very pretty. Yin Xuezhuo is really too much. He didn’t let me bring too many skirts before coming to the human world, and he also didn’t allow me to choose the style myself.”

Shao Xin: “…Bringing too many skirts is a bit troublesome.”

“I also know it’s troublesome.” Walking along the riverside, she lowered her head and saw her reflection on the river, then she pinched and squeezed her face, and said with emotion: “But I’m so good-looking, it’s a pity not to dress up well. At first, I used to wear my hair in a bun, but these days they are hanging loose. With such long hair, it’s not even easy to braid the braids, and Yin Xuezhuo will mess with it if it is tied.”

Shao Xin: “…”

Out of nowhere he felt vomiting, and there were too many grooves and he didn’t know where to vomit for a while.

Ji Yan was concerned about Shao Xin again: “Are you feeling better? I didn’t expect Yin Xuezhuo to hit you yesterday, he has such a temper, but he shouldn’t touch you anymore, so you don’t have to worry.”

Shao Xin nodded and whispered: “I’m much better.”

In fact, the ambiance in his body was still chaotic. Yin Xuezhuo put that kind of flame into his body, the kind of pain that almost incinerated his internal organs, that he still had palpitations.

And there were also inner demons…

Through the inner demons, he saw the sight of his childhood.

He was a son of a concubine and was not favored by anyone. His mother passed away early, and his father did not want to see him.

At that time, he was still young; he was abused by his mistress, he didn’t have enough food to fill his stomach, and was abandoned…wandering all the way, living a life of pigs and dogs, which was completely different from his brother. When he thought of those days the injustice and the anger that Shao Xin felt today were unbearable.

Although after joining the Kunning Sect, his master taught him to act magnanimously, with a strong and righteous spirit, to be detached from the mundane, and not to stick to the past. Even though he was talented, he could never break through the last bottleneck in his cultivation.

He knew that it was because he hadn’t let go of his past.

His heart was obstructed, and there were too many distracting thoughts, which constrained countless opportunities to improve his cultivation.

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