I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 44.4

Yin Xuezhuo, the demon, knew too well how to catch people’s weaknesses. Shao Xin lost at the hands of the inner demon, and finally submitted to the dark desires.

He was jealous of Shao Bai. He also hated his parents for abandoning him, he resented fate for treating him unfairly…

“Shao Xin?” Ji Yan waved her hand in front of him. “What’s wrong with you?”

Shao Xin was slightly startled, and immediately returned to his senses, looking at the smiling girl in front of him.

She and the demon…

Shao Xin recalled the voices that he heard yesterday, outside…

They seem to have…

Suddenly, he felt a lump in his heart, Shao Xin clenched his hand silently, and the blue veins burst out on the back of his hand.

“I’m fine.” His voice suddenly became a little cold, his eyes regained his clarity, and he took the lead to walk in front, leaving Ji Yan behind.

Ji Yan looked at his back, somewhat puzzled.

Did she say something wrong?

Ji Yan and Shao Xin didn’t go too far, and as Shao Xin said, they encountered several demons.

In accordance with the rules of the sub-racial encampment, Ji Yan felt that this should be considered close to the home base, and she didn’t know what demon races were here. In case it was a centipede, cockroach or something, it would be too terrifying, and she retreated.

“Why don’t we…” She opened her mouth to suggest to Shao Xin, but before she finished speaking, Shao Xin looked behind her, and his eyes widened, he shouted, “Watch out!”

A sound of air being split ‘swis-’ was heard.

It was like something flying over, very fast, like a bow and arrow coming through the air, unstoppable.

Shao Xin was a swordsman and had cultivated for many years. Although the spiritual energy in his body was almost depleted, his skills were still there. He subconsciously pulled Ji Yan to his side, holding her arm with one hand he quickly called ‘Magic Vine.’

The magic vine also reacted extremely fast and quickly became larger, lateral blocking the behemoth. Taking advantage of this moment, Ji Yan saw the thing that suddenly attacked her…

Holy crap.

It was Bai Bai!

When Ji Yan saw this big guy, her scalp went numb and was about to explode. Shao Xin had taken her to one side, and the magic vine quickly entangled the two of them and fled away.

Bai Bai raised his head and let out a “ow”, it seemed that he was very excited to see Ji Yan. kicking his front paws on the ground, he happily chased after her.

Like a big cat suddenly attracted by birds, he chased after her to catch her.

The magic vine nervously carried them, while Shao Xin looked around the terrain everywhere, passing by a low-lying, convenient place to hide, and he immediately let the magic vine hide them there while they were out of Bai Bai’s sight, which was interrupted by the group of walking demons.

They hid behind the grass.

The grass grew extremely luxuriant, and Shao Xin made the magic vines become slender and long, pretending to be ordinary vines in the mortal world, so as to hide their figure.

The big guy outside was still running around, searching for them.

“This is the Yin Yu Qi beast. This beast has a part of ancient bloodlines and is naturally arrogant and difficult to tame. Why is it chasing us?” Shao Xin eyebrows frowned in confusion.

Ji Yan laughed dryly: “Then what… it should be directed at me.”

Shao Xin: “…” It’s you again.

Ji Yan was a little embarrassed. This was all because of Yin Xuezhuo, it was that dog man’s fault.

The dog man was hanging up now, and his children were attacking her!

It was not a big deal to wait here. Ji Yan thought for a while and took out the provisional kit from her waist— Even though it looked small, it actually contained a lot of her things. Before coming to the mortal world, Qiu Mi personally packed it up for her and occasionally, Yin Xuezhuo would add something to it. She never opened it, and there might be something usable in it.

Ji Yan rummaged through it and took out an apple.


After throwing the apple, she continued to dig in.

The osmanthus cake from the human world, butter cake, the Magic fruit that quenches thirst, and hemp rope…

What the heck was this hemp rope!

Just thinking about it, she knew who put it off. Yin Xuezhuo this guy really has long wanted to tie her up, right, indeed, he had long been premeditated! The last time he took the magic vine to wrap her into a dumpling, it was not an accident! He did it on purpose!

Crap, what was in this man’s mind?

Ji Yan was so embarrassed and then reluctantly continued to pull out, and pulled out a number of indescribable red and white strips, and quickly put it in again before Shao Xin could react.

Her face reddened at a speed visible to the naked eye.

A bunch of! The menstrual belt!

Damn it!

Shao Xin saw that her expression wasn’t normal, and asked with a concern, “What’s wrong with you?”

“No, no…” As soon as she opened her mouth, her tongue knotted, and she smacked her head with some annoyance.

Forget it, the menstrual belt was also a necessity, although this was a bit too much, but it did not exclude the possibility that sister Qiu Mi prepared it.

Ji Yan took a deep breath and continued to dig.

This time, she took out a red dudou.

——Still the kind with lace.

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