I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s PendantChapter 45 Bai Bai

Shao Xin: “…”

Ji Yan: “…”

The atmosphere suddenly became a bit subtle.

Ji Yan hurriedly shoved away her bib and turned away from Shao Xin, coughing dryly, and neither of them spoke for a while.

It was so embarrassing.

It was understandable that Yin Xuezhuo was afraid that something was wrong with her and prepared it for her necessities. But what the hell with this lace edge and the red color of this birth year If it wasn’t Yin Xuezhuo then it must be his subordinates who purchased it, this group of brainless demons what did they think at the time of purchasing? Did they buy this because they think it was bright and attractive?

Ji Yan had never been so embarrassed in her life.

Shao Xin turned his head and looked at the ground, his mind went blank. He did not utter a word, but the roots of his ears became red at a speed visible to the naked eye.

He had little contact with women before, and the entire Kunning Sect only had a few female disciples. Now not only was he accustomed to Ji Yan, but he also saw a woman’s bib…

It was so gorgeous and dazzling red.

If a woman wears this bib…

He closed his eyes relentlessly and tried not to think of it. But the bib still lingered in his head and also dangled in front of his eyes, making him a little dizzy and almost squatting unsteadily.

“That…” Ji Yan’s voice sounded quietly, “It was an accident just now.”

Shao Xin exclaimed: “Shut up!”

Ji Yan shut up resentfully.

Well, she shut up.

In this kind of situation, the more one talks, the more embarrassing it would be. Shao Xin seemed more unsettled than she was. Ji Yan was really embarrassed, although she was a spontaneous personality, she was not so open.

This way neither of them spoke and just squatted there silently, but what was even more painful was that Bai Bai outside was still looking for them everywhere. Seeing Bai Bai getting closer and closer, she wanted to propose a different place to hide. But it wasn’t easy for her to speak.

Bai Bai deserved to be brought up by Yin Xuezhuo.

It wasn’t difficult for him to find Ji Yan. He quickly found her hiding spot and directly pounced happily. It was such a huge creature that no one could resist its attack. Shao Xin was tensed all over, taking a branch and posing, intending to be rigid with it. As a result, Bai Bai directly went around him, titled his head, and pounced on Ji Yan with a “whoop”.

Bai Bai: “Aw ow ow.”

Ji Yan: “…”

This big guy directly pressed Ji Yan under his body, and his long white hair buried her face. Ji Yan was almost suffocated by its pressure, before she could react, her face was drooled by it.

Ah ah ah ah ah!

Yin Xuezhuo, your son went too far!

Ji Yan collapsed a little bit. Shao Xin looked at Bai Bai and Ji Yan in disbelief and then tried to get closer to rescue Ji Yan. But who knew Bai Bai suddenly turned his head, noticed him, tilted his head and pondered for a while, then lifted his big paw and shot Shao Xin.

This shot was no less than a slap, slapped by a bear, Shao Xin almost vomited blood and fell to the ground helplessly. Bai Bai looked at him, then after a little thought, it pulled out the magic vine with its sharp teeth, then clumsily wrapped Shao Xin in circles with his paws.

The technique was rude, just like Yin Xuezhuo.

He was indeed worthy of being brought up by him. They all loved to bind people and even the methods were so similar.

The magic vine was used as a rope again, and it wanted to cry without tears.

Bai Bai bundled Shao Xin, hung him on his body, then lowered his head and held Ji Yan in his mouth. Happily shuttling through the jungle, his happiness there was no word to describe how happy he became he was extremely happy, almost throwing Ji Yan out of his mouth. Along the way, they occasionally encountered the patrolling little demons who gave way in fear and greeted Bai Bai.

Bai Bai didn’t care about them, he was so happy, and from time to time, he stopped in his track to lick Ji Yan.

“No, brother, what are you doing with me…”

Ji Yan was pressed under his body and licked, she covered her face in disgust, and collapsed a little, “Let’s talk about it if you have something to say, you can’t lick me, it’s really unhygienic…”

Hearing Ji Yan’s voice Bai Bai gave a low whimper, he seemed to be more excited and panted.

And his heavy breath sprayed on Ji Yan’s face, her face flushed abnormally.

Bai Bai circled her, then picked her up again, and darted off in one direction.

Bai Bai was the silver unicorn. The silver unicorn tribe was entrenched in this area. Each adult beast in the tribe was very large, almost the same size as the Cong Shuang that Ji Yan saw last time.

Bai Bai was a cub at most. Even if it was still small, it grew up next to the demon lord, so other people of the same clan saw it more like his father, the patriarch of the silver-riding unicorn clan. And also gave him the same  respect as his father.

Therefore, seeing Bai Bai ran out in the middle of the night and came in with a mortal in his mouth, even though those clansmen were curious, they did not dare to ask too much.

All the demons watched Bai Bai take Ji Yan into his den.

From eye to eye taking the mortal into the den differed. There were two meanings of “taking”-one was to want to deal with the object, and the other was to eat.

Without a second thought, the demons automatically defaulted to the second one.

But this thin body had barely any meat on it, and at this level of sustenance, it was considered inferior and unpalatable. Generally, the noble demons would not lose their worth to devour such mortals. It was similar to eating junk food, but with the suspicion that eating was bad for one’s stomach as well.

Since Ji Yan’s unqualified appearance was so characteristic, those demons paid a little attention and felt that such a characteristic mortal looked a bit familiar, especially like the one beside the demon lord.

So they intentionally or unintentionally reminded Bai Bai’s father, the demon general Lord Cong Shuang.

“Is Bai Bai in a bad mood today, so he has to eat junk food to let off steam?”

——Just like mortals overeating when they were unhappy.

“Bai Bai, hasn’t seen the demon lord in the past few days, right?”

——It was well known to everyone that Bai Bai was a “mama boy” and he especially longed to be loved by his demon master.

“Speaking of which, there is no second female who can go to Bai Bai’s nest yet…”

——This was just for gossip, thinking that Bai Bai could fall in premature love.

Although the demon generals were not serious in private, they were very prestigious. Cong Shuang, who returned from the battlefield, heard a few lower demon gossips and went straight to see Bai Bai with a sullen face.

There were countless ways for parents to teach children. As Bai Bai’s dad, Cong Shuang was undoubtedly the most severe one. At this moment, his mood was equivalent to “Lao Tzu’s son does not study well, but he goes to premature love.” The momentum of questioning just went so aggressively.

At this time, Ji Yan shrank in the Bai Bai’s nest, helplessly curled up into a ball.

Bai Bai liked her very much, really liked her, this kind of strong love made Ji Yan overwhelmed.

He pressed Ji Yan under its belly like a hatching egg, and with two claws on either side, it carefully guarded Ji Yan. From time to time, he lowered his head and licked her. Ji Yan seemed to feel his strong maternal love.

Could it be that she had some misunderstanding about Bai Bai? For Bai Bai was actually a girl? She seemed to have always acquiesced that Bai Bai was a boy.

Just after such a thought, she saw Bai Bai waving his big tail, revealing…

Well, he’s male.

Ji Yan was even more incomprehensible.

Perhaps, did this kid Bai Bai learn all the bad things from Yin Xuezhuo when he was a child and was led astray? This kind of snatching people on the street and bringing them back to his nest, it was really bad.

Also as a boy, Shao Xin was tied to sit on the side and watched silently Bai Bai licking Ji Yan. At first, he stared at him warily like facing an enemy, lest the silver unicorn would eat Ji Yan. But he watched and watched for a long time, the more he looked at it, the more he felt… he wasn’t going to eat?

Shao Xin patiently observed it slowly.

He once heard that the Yin Yu Qi beast had a part of the ancient divine beast’s bloodline in its body. They were born with extraordinary strength. When it was young they looked cute, had excellent temperament, and were full of curiosity about everything, but once they grew up they became very aggressive. This one should be a cub, maybe just simply feel fresh and happy with Ji Yan, and maybe he would release her after playing with her for some time.

Thinking of this, Shao Xin breathed a sigh of relief.

There should be nothing wrong.… right?

As time passed, Shao Xin felt that Ji Yan’s struggle was getting smaller and smaller, as if she was suffocated by the silver unicorn cub. You must know that this big guy was fat and strong, let alone crushing people, with his strength even crushing a cow was possible. Even if Ji Yan wasn’t crushed to death, its hair was so thick… maybe it suffocated her.

“Ji Yan? Ji Yan?”

Shao Xin tentatively called her, a little worried, and slowly rubbed it over.

But no matter how long he called Ji Yan did not respond. 

Oh my god, wouldn’t it really be suffocated?

With that thought, Shao Xin flustered in an instant.

Before he could call for help, he saw a cloud of black air suddenly condensed, and Yin Xuezhuo walked out of the darkness.

He took a few steps and suddenly paused, and his eyebrows frowned. He didn’t seem to expect to appear here, and then he saw Bai Bai.

Bai Bai also didn’t expect Yin Xuezhuo’s sudden arrival, and it uttered a “Woo” at him, shook a pair of ears, and shrank back.

It seemed scared of him.

As soon as he covered back, Ji Yan was exposed under his belly. The little girl curled up in a small ball, her cheeks flushed with discomfort.

Yin Xuezhuo narrowed his eyes and looked at Bai Bai in front of him.

When Bai Bai was young, he was frail and sick, and his spiritual roots were difficult to shape. That day was a coincidence, he happened to be cultivating in the valley and had difficulty breaking through a bottleneck. If it were other little demons they wouldn’t dare to approach him because of his powerful aura. But Bai Bai who was born with deficiencies did not notice his powerful aura for a while and thought he was injured.

Yin Yu Qi Beast had a harmless character when he was a child, and he was a little familiar to him. After yelling at him for few times, he turned and ran away. Yin Xuezhuo didn’t care about it. But who knows after a while, it unexpectedly came with the spirit grass in its mouth.

He was helped by a mistake.

Yin Xuezhuo then simply kept it by his side, transforming its physique so that it had the same aptitude as its father. Bai Bai had a clingy temperament and has loved him since he was a child. Although he was sometimes forced to work hard, he still depended on Yin Xuezhuo. He wanted to follow him to the mortal world several times. But he disliked his playfulness and refused to take him down.

It might be a result of neglecting his repeated requests for love as a child. Now he fell in love with Ji Yan, and last time he said that she could not be his wife, but he still didn’t remember it.

 It’s time for a good beating.

Yin Xuezhuo raised his hand and pinched the white cheek.

The male Yin Yu Qi Beast had already started to have cheeks at this age, his face was very round, and the cheeks were full of meat.

“Who allowed you to move her? Didn’t I make it clear to you last time? Huh?” Yin Xuezhuo seemed to smile, but the strength on his hand was not light, it was a deadly pinch, that Bai Bai didn’t dare to struggle and was aggrieved, and the water gleamed in his moist eyes.

It was useless to pretend to be pitiful.

“So disobedient, it’s because I spoiled you too much on weekdays,” Yin Xuezhuo’s eyes were cold and unmoved, he drove it aside, walked to Ji Yan, and squatted down to check.

Fortunately, only her face was red. She was not suffocated, nor crushed to death.

Just as Yin Xuezhuo wanted to reach out and pull Ji Yan up, Ji Yan suddenly raised her hand angrily and slapped the hand he had reached.

There was a “pop”, not too big or too small, and the people present at the scene were stunned.

“You taught Bai Bai. If the upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is crooked, you are not a good bird either.”

Ji Yan lashed out at him bitterly, but she still didn’t feel enough, turned over and turned her back to him.

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