I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 46 Part 2

Ji Yan: “You put…put…put it down! I don’t…no, no, no…”

She was so angry that she began to stutter.

Yin Xuezhuo thought that the way she looked at the moment was very funny and interesting, and couldn’t help but laugh and explained: “I asked my subordinates to collect it in the mortal world. They are afraid that you will not like it, so they brought one in each style.”

Ji Yan: Thank them.

Thats’s so sweet.

She would rather not.

Yin Xuezhuo was still carrying the brightly patterned bib. Ji Yan felt so embraced when seeing him holding the bib and hurriedly rushed over to snatch the bib and threw it away.

Yin Xuezhuo innocently asked: “Why don’t you like it?”

Ji Yan face flushed, and she didn’t say anything, but everything unusual must have a demon, there must be something wrong.

He didn’t see any problems. Clothes were clothes. Could it be that a piece of clothing can still be cultivated into essence? Yin Xuezhuo became more and more curious, and simply took a few bibs that almost made Ji Yan jump, and carefully compared them with other ordinary styles.

Well…the material was a bit less, the patterns were distinct, and some were more colorful. ‘If Ji Yan wears it, maybe she will look better.’

As he was pondering about this, his eyes went a shade darker, and he swept a glance at Ji Yan. 

Ji Yan: What are you thinking about? Don’t look at me like that, I am a little panicked.

Soon Ji Yan came to know the answer.

After this little episode, she first went to find Shao Xin to confirm whether he was okay, then she started to clean herself.

After being licked by Bai Bai, Yin Xuezhuo was disgusted by what she smelled. Ji Yan also felt that there was white hair all over her body, which was a bit unclean, so she went to take a bath.

There was a natural hot spring here. Since most of the demons didn’t need to take a bath, Ji Yan took it by herself.

As she soaked in the warm water of the hot spring, humming a little song, she enjoyed herself thoroughly. After a comfortable bath in the hot spring, she wiped her body with a towel, got up from the water, and intended to put on clothes.

Then she saw the bright red bib.

She almost got a mini heart attack.

“Yin! Xue! Zhuo!!!”

A scream broke through the birds in the forest.

What happened after that was not to be mentioned.

She and Yin Xuezhuo still have a class contradiction, right? What kind of perverted habit did he really have? It was said that he was born a simple nightmare. Could it be after being hurt by Yin Miaorou, even his habit has become unique.

Ji Yan didn’t want to wear it, but having no other choice she still wore it.

Fortunately, it was worn inside and no one could see her. Her face was flushed, just like the last time she changed into a lunar belt. Once she came out, she shrank into the quilt like a tortoise hiding inside its shell. Yin Xuezhuo poked her through the quilt, but no matter how long he played with her Ji Yan didn’t even stick her head out.

The next day, Bai Bai brought Shao Xin back.

Compared to yesterday when it chased them with power and prestige, he looked very embarrassed this time. All his hair was messed up, his body hair was different lengths, his long hair was knotted, and even his eyes became pitiful, looking like he had been bullied.

It was like when a domestic cat ran out and wandered for a week and came back from a fight with a stray cat.

Bai Bai waited outside the Demon Lord’s place with Shao Xin in his mouth. Then he cautiously entered, placing Shao Xin and a large bamboo basket in front of Ji Yan, and immediately jumped far away from Ji Yan just like Rong Ge.

On contrary to Bai Bai, Shao Xin looked completely clean, no difference from yesterday.

At first glance, it looked like Shao Xin had beaten Bai Bai.

Ji Yan couldn’t seem to guess what happened for a while, she looked at Shao Xin, then at Bai Bai, and asked Shao Xin, “What happened to …?”

Shao Xin coughed unnaturally.

How to say this.

After being beaten by Yin Xuezhuo, Bai Bai once again got a beating from his father.

Cong Shuang showed no mercy to his son, no matter how Bai Bai screamed, he didn’t stop his beating, even biting off a lot of hair. Seeing this scene, Shao Xin scalp went numb.

He didn’t understand why the family education of this demons was so rude.

Then he heard Cong Shuang say: “You must not be with him.”

Shao Xin: …?

Well, he finally understood why Cong Shuang was so angry.

For someone who finds that his precious son was actually crooked, and he took a human teenager back to his nest, and also bundled him in this way, it was a bit unacceptable.

Shao Xin was very embarrassed and looked at the aggrieved Bai Bai, the latter was also looking at him.

There was one small problem with the silver unicorn, its cub period was too long, and without learning to transform they couldn’t speak human words. There was no obstacle when it came to communicating with the demons, but to people, it was the biggest obstacle. All night long it oooo ooooo to Shao Xin, but later didn’t understand what it meant and simply thought he was pouring his grief out.

The next day, Bai Bai took him back.

He also collected many flowers and fresh fruits, hung a large basket around his neck, and stuffed them into Ji Yan.

Ji Yan looked at the basket full of fruits and flowers, then looked at his pitiful eyes, and probably understood.

It was an apology to her.

Such a big fluffy was apologizing to her earnestly, it was so cute, even if Ji Yan was licked and scared by it, she became a little softhearted in the end.

But she still didn’t dare to let it come closer, but took the fruit and took a bite in front of it.

It’s sweet.

Seeing her eating his fruit, Bai Bai was so happy, and wagged his tail on the spot and wanted to look around for Yin Xuezhuo’s figure, but he didn’t find him and left resentfully.

For the next few days, Bai Bai came over to deliver the fruit as usual.

Even though his hair still looked messy, it grew very faster, and soon those bald areas became dense and smooth again. Ji Yan mustered her courage and slowly approached it, took a comb, and combed his hair.

Bai Bai was very happy he lay down and let her touch his belly. Once he lay down, he looked like a big tiger without fangs.

Occasionally, Ji Yan would see other Yin Yu Qi beasts.

Compared to Bai Bai they looked much smaller, probably they should all be cubs. They all followed Bai Bai to Ji Yan, and after seeing him get combed, they also wanted to be groomed, but as soon as they got close, the meek and well-behaved Bai Bai suddenly leaped up and press them fiercely under his paws. He gnawed the opponent’s neck and bared his teeth fiercely.

At first, she thought that Bai Bai was only intimidate those cubs. They were of the same race anyway, so they wouldn’t be so ugly. But who knew that once Bai Bai became fierce, he could really bite each other’s neck.

The demons didn’t have too many rules. The strong bullying the weak was justifiable. Bai Bai’s status was noble and his strength was not weak. Even If he bites others to death, there was no need to worry about the opponent’s parents daring to settle accounts with Bai Bai.

After the bite, Bai Bai went to the river to wash the blood-stained fur, then turned into his previous cute and harmless mode. He slumped in front of Ji Yan and asked her to comb his hair.

It also took the chance and act accordingly. If Yin Xuezhuo was there, he would only look for Yin Xuezhuo to act like a baby and would never dare to approach Ji Yan. If Yin Xuezhuo was not there, he would look for Ji Yan to pamper him.

Ji Yan: “…”

It really deserved to be brought up by Yin Xuezhuo.

This style of behavior was simply carved out of a mold, which shows the importance of education from an early age.

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