I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 47.1  Stand-in

It took a few days for Bai Bai to make Ji Yan not afraid of him.

And under his constant cuteness and coquettishness, he eventually made Ji Yan ride on his back the next day.

Bai Bai was too tall once he stood up, Ji Yan did not dare to sit upright. She clung to Bai Bai’s neck and did not dare to let go. But Bai Bai, who finally achieved his result was so happy it bounced on the spot a few times, almost throwing Ji Yan off the back.

Ji Yan: “Ah, ah…, slow down!”

She was so nervous as she grasped his fur, her palms were sweating.

After hearing her, Bai Bai’s movements slowed down, four legs flexed and he lay on the ground, and his tail kept flapping, like a big well-behaved dog.

Shao Xin from the side watched at these and frowned.

As far as he knows, the Yin Yu Qi Beast clans were only good for people who were close to them. Generally speaking, this phenomenon occurred in …… courtship.

The male Yin Yu Qi beast was very loyal and doglegged. For the sake of winning the other party’s favor, they could be shameless and do anything. Of course, such a thing happened to adult Yin Yu Qi beasts. For Bai Bai, whether this kind of phenomenon was precocious or regarded Ji Yan as a “toy”, he was not sure for a while.

But he looks so cute.

As he looked at Bai Bai’s rustling ears, he also wanted to touch them.

After all, a creature as fluffy as this big cat could be regarded as a straight killer, cute enough to make a macho weep, let alone Shao Xin.

Ji Yan saw that he wanted to touch it but was unsure, so she waved to Shao Xin: “Come over and ride!”

Bai Bai also looked over. For some reason, Ji Yan always felt that as soon as Bai Bai and Shao Xin’s eyes met, the atmosphere became a bit strange.

Ji Yan:? ? The two should have nothing to do with each other, right?

Even though Shao Xin was tempted, he didn’t move forward directly. After all, Yin Yu Qi Beast was extremely xenophobic, and he didn’t know that Bai Bai was willing …Until Bai Bai turned his head nonchalantly, the young man slowly stepped forward and carefully stroked the hair on Bai Bai’s head.

Compared to Ji Yan, his action was much more subtle.

Ji Yan had always used Ji’s original violent hairdressing technique, which could blow the magic general Changming’s hair, which shows how perfect her kung fu was.

Shao Xin was much gentler, stroking the white and soft fur slowly, until Bai Bai tilted his head comfortably, and leaned his head towards Shao Xin as much as he could.

Looking at this scene, Ji Yan felt that the two of them were in harmony. After she was taken away by Yin Xuezhuo that night, what happened to them that night? Accidentally developed a friendship?

Stop it.

I don’t think so.

Shao Xin’s movements were very gentle, and it was normal for Bai Bai to like to be touched by him. Taking this opportunity, Ji Yan climbed down from Bai Bai and tried to sneak away. But the moment she stepped down, Bai Bai who was closing his eyes and enjoying the stroking, suddenly came back to his senses. He rushed over and pressed Ji Yan under his body, not allowing her to run. 

Ji Yan who was thrown down again by Bai Bai: “…”

What about those who have already repented?

Why pounce on her again!

Bai Bai:”……”

After accidentally revealing its true color, he paused for a moment. Feeling a little guilty, he quickly let go of her, biting Ji Yan’s back collar, pulled her up, and then shrunk aggrievedly, pretending that it wasn’t him who had just pounced.

Ji Yan: I see, so these days he was just pretending.

He actually wanted to pounce on her, but because of her reluctance, and Yin Xuezhuo’s majesty, he didn’t dare to do so.

Sure enough, rising a large beast by your side was not safe, and he was just like his owner, Yin Xuezhuo. No matter how nice it looked on the surface, it was a bit wild and untamable in its bones and would reveal its original form and fangs when you were not careful.

Ji Yan looked down at the hair that was all over her body. Again…


It seemed that tonight she couldn’t escape the bath.

And going to change another attractive bib.

Yin Xuezhuo was hard to serve. If she didn’t follow his wishes, he would not cooperate with her. As his son, Bai Bai was also very difficult to serve. If Ji Yan did not play with it, it would pretend to be ‌pitiful, making Ji Yan unable to help but feel soft… It was really hard for Ji Yan to be caught between them. During the day, as long as Yin Xuezhuo was not there, Bai Bai would come over and pester her to play. At night, Yin Xuezhuo would dislike the Bai’s smell on her body. If she doesn’t take a bath, he wouldn’t hold her to sleep.

The two of them simply fought and forget about it.

But when Ji Yan was away, Bai Bai and Yin Xuezhuo were get along well in harmony.

Such a complicated relationship.

And she felt that Bai Bai was very scheming.

It was manifested in many small details.

For example, when Yin Xuezhuo was there, it would be very obedient to make Yin Xuezhuo happy. Even though it was always a hot-faced and cold butt, it still stuck out stiffly. And also carefully watched how Ji Yan and Yin Xuezhuo got along with each other.

If she leaned on Yin Xuezhuo’s arms for a nap, Bai Bai would use his belly to tempt her to take a nap in his arms; she liked to walk with Yin Xuezhuo, and Bai Bai wanted her to ride on him; Yin Xuezhuo liked to mess up her hair when he had nothing to do, Bai Bai also followed his path and mess up her hair while she was not paying attention.

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