I Became the Villain’s Pendant 47.2

Ji Yan:? ? ?

I was confused and always felt that Yin Xuezhuo had turned into Bai Bai, and she seemed to have triggered some stand-in script.

Every time she got her hair messed up by Bai Bai, she felt guilty for some reason.

As if she became a scumbag.

Ji Yan: Bai Bai, why are you wearing Yin Xuezhuo’s clothes?

After two seconds of reflection, she didn’t bother it anymore. Forget it, who told Yin Xuezhuo to hang up all day, the dog man didn’t help her, she could not wander outside. Ji Yan, who had figured it out, instantly became happy and played happily with Bai Bai together with Shao Xin.

Bai Bai had a lively temperament and came to find Ji Yan on time every day. He took Ji Yan and Shao Xin to various places. The Demon Camp was very big and with Bai Bai, she could go everywhere with no hindrance. As the passing day, she also discovered that there were various demons than she had imagined. There were three-headed six-armed demons, as well as the demons transformed from the very disgusting swamp, dripping with sticky liquid all over, reminiscent of terrible things.

She hadn’t seen these demons before. Was it a problem in the circle? She thought that all the demons in the demons realm were handsome and beautiful. It seemed that it was because she usually came in contact with the higher-level demons.

Ji Yan swayed in front of almost all the demons. Moreover, many demons were extremely impressed by her when she appeared with Yin Xuezhuo last time. This time the presence of Bai Bai deepened their speculation. And they automatically regarded Ji Yan as a crony of the demon lord.

Therefore, when Ji Yan encountered demons along the way, some of them suddenly threw her all kinds of spiritual treasures and elixirs, and it almost filled the basket. The treatment was simply Pan An’s trip, throwing fruits in the car as soon as he leaves the house.

She was suddenly so popular and was flattered. At first, she thought it was because she was so good-looking, but later only she realized that it was because of Yin Xuezhuo.

The demons respect the Demon Lord, and they respect and love everything around the Demon Lord.

This kind of love was too strong, so strong that Ji Yan was a bit overwhelmed.

She knew Yin Xuezhuo was popular with demons, but she didn’t expect him to be so popular.

Apart from this little episode, she just played with Bai Bai every day.

In fact, Ji Yan was still worried about the plot, but the story of the plot never appeared. She thought that after Yin Xuezhuo burned Shao Xin’s soul talisman Shao Bai should appear suddenly. So she prepared a separate small bag with Yin Xuezhuo’s bell, in order to prevent all kinds of accidents, she could ring the bell to summon Yin Xuezhuo instead of taking out a bunch of embarrassing items.

But several days passed still Shao Bai didn’t show up. At first, Ji Yan was worried and thought about various possibilities, but later, she didn’t have time to think about it.

Because playing with Bai Bai was really tiring.

Just like walking a husky. It was not her who walked the husky, but a husky was walking her.

She simply couldn’t hold it at all.

But after tossing with Bai Bai for a few days, Ji Yan felt that her lightness had progressed. Before she only dared to walk in small steps and if she took a larger step, she would easily fall. Now, let alone walking, she was running.

Ji Yan thought that it would take some time for Shao Bai to come here, but who knew that one day, Shao Bai suddenly appeared.

On that day, Ji Yan grew a small flame and showed it to Shao Xin. As a result, Bai Bai on the side didn’t know that the fire was Jiuyou, so he didn’t take it to heart and came to Ji Yan as usual.

Then the fire suddenly got out of control and burned Bai Bai’s hair.

The fire of Jiuyou was not an ordinary fire, and it couldn’t be extinguished with fire. Bai Bai who got attacked by Jiuyou jumped up and down, screaming and rolling, rumbling and knocking down countless trees, and then slipping away. 

Seeing this Ji Yan was a little worried, rang the bell, summoned Yin Xuezhuo, and asked worriedly: “Bai Bai should be okay, right? The fire seems to be very powerful, do you want to help it?”

Yin Xuezhuo said indifferently: “It just burns bald at most, as long as he doesn’t eat it, he’ll be fine.”

At most burn bald …… only?

Sure enough, he wasn’t born to him, just so ruthless.

Well, it was okay to get bald than to get hurt. If you’re bald, maybe because you care about the face, you won’t come to haunt Ji Yan again. Ji Yan pitted Bai Bai, but she was a bit unkind to gloat at misfortune– — She had been roaming with Bai Bai for these days.

Ji Yan was still lamenting. Yin Xuezhuo took her into his arms and was about to leave when the surrounding barrier suddenly shook.

It shook so slightly, and the normally invisible barrier suddenly emitted a dazzling light, illuminating the sky.

Yin Xuezhuo narrowed his eyes.

Although the Demon camp barrier wasn’t built by himself, it was indeed made by the joint force of several great demon generals. It was impossible for people whose cultivation level lower than that of the demon generals to shake it. That was why the human race looked eagerly at such a big demon camp stationed here, but they could only look at them and could do nothing.

So the barrier was shaken, which meant that someone very powerful has broken in.

“Who is so bold to enter the demon’s camp alone?” Ji Yan was a little surprised.

Was this considered coming to fight Yin Xuezhuo head-on?

Yin Xuezhuo snorted coldly, “After breaking into the boundary, he instantly concealed his breath, which is quite capable.”

“Do you think I can’t find you in this way?”

The corners of Yin Xuezhuo’s eyes and eyebrows were ironic and cold. He was clearly displeased at being provoked. He raised a hand and pointed out a few butterflies, and said coldly: “Go and search, who is so bold.”

Not long after, the butterfly flew back, fluttering twice in front of Yin Xuezhuo. There was no sound, but it seemed to be talking to Yin Xuezhuo.

Yin Xuezhuo sneered while listening, “Still want to save the captives, but don’t know how high the sky is.”

The butterfly fluttered two more times.

Yin Xuezhuo: “Hmph, looking for death.”

The butterfly fluttered twice again.

Yin Xuezhuo: “So he was there.”

Ji Yan:? ??

What are they talking about?

Who will translate this butterfly language for her?

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