I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 48 

As he heard the report, he felt an itch to kill someone.

As for Ji Yan, after hanging on for too long, the sense of existence was slightly sparse, and she almost forgot that he was a demon.

The demon who kills without batting an eye.

From the conversation between Yin Xuezhuo and Butterfly. It seemed that the person who broke into the enchantment wanted to rescue the mortals captured here. But the thing was, there were so many mortals here, and none of them had cultivation. If she was let to run out of Demon Camp on two legs, then she would be exhausted to death, not to mention that the captives were still mixed of old, weak, sick, and disabled.

The difficulty of rescuing was simply unimaginable.

The other side must be very powerful.

There were still four demon generals here. The one who could deal with four demon generals in one breath and still have a chance of winning. What kind of cultivation level should it be?

To be able to crush people to death, he must be in the stage of transforming to a higher level of cultivation.

How many other big brothers of the Divine Transformation stage were under the sky?

The youngest and most arrogant one was Shao Xin’s brother.

Shao Bai and Shao Xin’s childhood were incompatible. The young Shao Xin had no one to rely on. In childhood, he wandered alone and suffered a lot of hardship before joining the Kunning Sect by chance. After joining the sect, he was only regarded as first-class because of his qualification, not a peerless spiritual root, even the diligence was only carried out step by step. In addition, the Kunning Sect’s top management and leadership had changed several times, and more or less, it affected him a bit.

Compared to him, Shao Bai was simply the son of luck.

Since young, he was favored by his parents, and his family used all their financial resources to make Shao Bai immortal and worshipped the Divine transformation stage master. He had everything he needed heart, soul, treasure, and even had a rare spiritual root. Even with every breakthrough, he was protected by his master with countless treasures, for fear that he would get into trouble.

Therefore, Shao Bai’s cultivation base beat his peers at the same age.

Later, the master’s family suffered an accident, Shao Bai inherited his master’s technique, and his cultivation level went straight to Yuan Ying. Then he met Yin Miaorou and became her plug-in along the way. In the end, Yin Miaorou fell in love with Ji Yunqing, Shao Bai was so devastated he resolutely closed his all doors and went to cultivation.

So by the time he left the gate, he would be in a stage of divine transformation.

So powerful.

Otherwise, how could he be the only man in the book who dared to face Yin Xuezhuo head-on.

To be honest, Ji Yan felt that compared to Ji Yunqing, these male partners were simply better than the other. Each of them was so infatuated that they never married for the rest of their life. However, Ji Yunqing was the male lead, so no matter how good the supporting characters were, they couldn’t win the heart of Yin Miaorou – the female lead.

Therefore, Ji Yan felt that based on the ten possibilities, the person who came here should be Shao Bai.

Yin Xuezhuo flew straight in one direction.

The place where the captives were held was relatively remote and heavily guarded. Many birds were hovering in the sky, patrolling, so that no one could escape their eyes by sneaking in.

But by the time when Yin Xuezhuo arrived, the prison there had been destroyed.

It was the kind that lifted abruptly.

Surrounding demons suffered tragic deaths, and some of them were injured, there were still sword marks on the ground. The surrounding rocks were cut apart by the residual sword intent, and they were cut out of a large ‌space. The dead demon turned into ashes inch by inch and then lingered into black gas for a moment, then completely disappeared between heaven and earth.

The scene was so terrifying it frightened Ji Yan.

This kind of post-war ruins was exactly the same as Yin Xuezhuo’s demolition scene before. It could be seen that the opponent’s strength was indeed not low, and it was much more threatening than Ji Yunqing.

In the air, Yin Xuezhuo’s wide sleeves flapped in the cold wind, and his dark eyes became extremely gloomy.

Ji Yan felt that the surrounding air seemed to become thick and heavy in an instant, which made her breathless.

He suddenly raised his hand and backhandedly added a protective shield to Ji Yan.

In an instant, she felt her breathing smoothen, and the surrounding pressure disappeared. A little aware of his anger, she obediently stretched out her hands and hugged Yin Xuezhuo’s waist tightly, just like she did in Linshuang City.

Yin Xuezhuo raised his hand, and the boundless black energy gushed out of his palm, eroding away in all directions, instantly covering the clouds and avoiding the moon, smudging the surroundings to the point that one could not even see their own fingers.

He closed his eyes, then as if he were feeling something, opened his eyes, his body twisted into a faint shadow, and flew towards one place.

He flew so fast, so fast that Ji Yan couldn’t react for a while. If it wasn’t for Jiuyou, that made her as light as a swallow, she wouldn’t have been able to hang on to him.

She only felt the sound of the wind in her ears like silk tearing and soon heard a “clang” sound.

Like a close battle, once again there was another bang, the shrill rattle shook the eardrum.

Ji Yan opened her eyes, only to see a glimpse of silver light.

It was a weapon.

It was like moonlight coalescing into shape and the only dazzling light in the darkness. A sharp curved blade, with a long hilt perched with countless dark patterns on it, and red light faintly flickered.

The cold, sharp, and white blade was extremely thin, like light snow falling on the wings of a cicada.

But at first glance, the sharpness emanating from this scimitar would shock everyone.

Yin Xuezhuo held the knife and quickly separated from the other party. Then he suddenly disappeared into the darkness, like a cloud of shadow, and appeared behind the person.

His face was not clear, and his movements were too fast.

Almost made Ji Yan’s eyes dazzle.

In fact, this was Ji Yan’s first time seeing how he turned into black smoke and moves from Yin Xuezhuo’s perspective.

It was almost an instantaneous movement, and without delay, he get close to the enemy in a flash.

The long sword in his hand slashed round, a silver light cut through the darkness, suddenly swept up a fierce wave.

The opponent was no match for Yin Xuezhuo’s skill, so he fell a little behind and received the hard knife abruptly.

But when the moment the sword struck the man’s sword, their robes fluttered wildly, only their figures stood still, and surroundings rumbled, and the wind circled wildly.

It sounded like an earthquake, mudslides along with volcanic eruptions.

Real immortals fight.

Ji Yan: I finally understand why Yin Xuezhuo put a protective cover on her.

Although the opponent was strong, he could not be stronger than the ultimate villain. Even though Yin Xuezhuo held Ji Yan with one hand, his movements were still sharp, and there was three-point laziness with his sharp aura. Having hacked, the opponent lost a moment, and the action became increasingly passive.

“I haven’t seen you for a long time. Your demon’s skills have improved a lot.” The man narrowed his eyes and said with a sneer: “Killing my human clan, do you really think no one can stop you?”

“You are just like that. Although I can’t kill you now, you may not be able to kill me either.”

Yin Xuezhuo simply let out a “tsk”, obviously not wanting to chat with him, just wanting to kill him quickly, but the other party was so noisy, he reluctantly spat out: “So much nonsense.”


Yin Xuezhuo single-handedly turned the weapon in his hand, just like Ji Yan used to turn her pen in class, but as the blade slashed in the air, it suddenly split into three invisible knife winds and greeted the opponent’s face.

In the fighting, mostly no one would hit the opponent’s face, but Yin Xuezhuo liked to hit the face most.

Especially when it comes to the one who killed him. The opponent narrowly avoided a few blows to the face, then Yin Xuezhuo immediately attacked him in the lower directions with three blades. The man stumbled and dodged, not expecting Yin Xuezhuo to be so destructive and a little irritated, he shouted. The man suddenly joined his fingers together, summoning his sword from behind, the sword light in his hand split into countless parts, attacking Yin Xuezhuo from all sides.

Yin Xuezhuo raised his eyes slightly. Ji Yan saw the blade was at close range to his chin, but he seemed to be so calm and didn’t even bother to hide. Suddenly he raised his hand, and blue flames burst out from the palm of his hand.

The flames gushed out at his fingertips, like the vast ocean, it engulfed everything, engulfing the sword light in it.

The Fire of Jiuyuo.

Ji Yan’s eyes widened in astonishment, she didn’t expect this fire could even swallow it.

It was soo powerful.

Then one day if she could control the fire … With this thought, Ji Yan was so excited.

Although she couldn’t fight, it was not bad to have an invincible protective shield. With this fire in hand even if she couldn’t beat the divine stage transformer, she could more or less fight others.

Yin Xuezhuo seemed no longer wanted to waste time. He directly controlled the flame at his fingertips. The ancient spirit fire swallowed everything and rushed towards the man. Seeing this, the man fled in a panic, his mind revolving, barely resisting the flame.

Seeing that he couldn’t hold on, Yin Xuezhuo’s movements suddenly stagnated.

The flames in his hand dwindled at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Then it went out with a “chi”.

It was like running out of oil.

Yin Xuezhuo: “…”

The other side:”……”

Ji Yan:? ??

The other party seemed to not expect Yin Xuezhuo’s fire to come and go fast. Taking advantage of this opportunity, he raised his hand to form a magic circle and was about to flee. Yin Xuezhuo coldly snorted and directly threw the weapon in his hand toward him.

The long knife split the air and came to the man in an instant.

Although the man ran away, he also kept an eye on his back. If his back was injured by Yin Xuezuo’s weapon, then it would probably cause him serious injury. Just as he was about to dodge, Ji Yan’s sharp eyes caught a glimpse of a snow-white figure not far away. 

It was Bai Bai.

Bai Bai was really miserable. The hair on his body was about to burn bald. It was estimated that it has been leaping around until now. Ji Yan was still soft-hearted when she sees it and could not help but call out, “Bai Bai!”

The man who was about to escape suddenly stopped.


Who called him?

He hadn’t reacted yet, within a few seconds of this short daze, the long knife had sliced through his flesh, and the magic energy immersed in his body instantly disturbed his true essence. A sharp pain came, his face changed, and fishy sweetness suddenly came to his throat.

Enduring the severe pain, carrying his injuries, he disappeared into the air.

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