I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 51 You don’t look like her

Her tone was so serious.

For a moment he stared at her, his figure reflected in her clear eyes, promising to be solemn as if it were a gentle confession.

Yin Xuezhuo turned his head and muttered weirdly: “You can’t betray me.”

If she betrayed him, he must…

But before he finished the defamation, he heard the little girl in his chest hum “Um”, then hugged him tighter, and rubbed her face softly against his chest.

Acting like a kitten, his eyelashes dropped slightly, finally, he no longer cared, and raised his hand to touch the top of her soft hair.

Then quickly left the place.

When Yin Xuezhuo and Ji Yan returned to the palace, Cong Shuang and Bai Bai were both there.

Bai Bai looked like a big bald dog, but he washed the scorched black parts of his body. At this moment, apart from being a little ugly, he was not as embarrassed as before. It’s just that it drooped its head and curled up into a ball motionless. Standing next to him was his father and with a frown, he looked at it, and he kept looking at it. The father and son were relatively silent.

Cong Shuang had never seen the second Yin Yu Qi beast that burned his hair bald.

What the hell did he do to get himself into such a ghost?

Generally, ordinary fire would not hurt the Yin Yu Qi Beast clan. After all, it has the bloodline of ancient unicorns. Even though Yin Yu Qi Beast’s fur looks soft, in fact, swords and spears were difficult to get in. The one with low cultivation levels would not be able to get Yin Yu vellus hair.

As a result, Bai Bai became the first hairless silver-driven unicorn to break the ground.

The whole clan’s face was going to be disgraced by it!

It’s almost too embarrassing to look now. If it weren’t for the demon lord’s palace, Cong Shuang could not help but use “domestic violence” on the spot, but there was something more important at the moment — Bai Bai hurriedly called him here because the demon lord was missing. 

This “missing” was explained vaguely by Bai Bai. It was said that the demon lord had a fight with a mortal, and the fight escalated a bit, and then the two disappeared together and had not appeared until now. 

Of course, before going out, he first took Shao Xin, who was left alone outside, back to his nest, after that only he came to find Cong Shuang, insisting that it was because he was worried about the demon master that he needed Cong Shuang’s help to contact the demon master.

After hearing this Cong Shuang was actually at loss.

The Demon Lord quarreled with mortals? Fight? As a result, he was still worried about the Demon Lord? What’s the matter with this? If he hadn’t seen bald here, he wouldn’t believe that this guy had the guts to play with him, and Shuang felt that his guts grew fatter, since he dared to play with him.

And Shuang didn’t wait for too long in the hall before he saw the demon master holding the mortal back.

The atmosphere between the two seemed to be harmonious, but the mortal in his arms was a little excited to see Bai Bai, but as soon as she saw Cong Shuang, she immediately grabbed the demon lord’s clothes and hid in the demon lord’s arms, as if she had seen some kind of flood beast.

Cong Shuang: “…”

Although Cong Shuang was awed and feared by more than the Ten Thousand Demons, he was inexplicably unhappy to be so scared in person.

He coldly swept over at Ji Yan and bowed towards Yin Xuezhuo, “Demon Lord.”

Yin Xuezhuo: “What’s the matter?”

While responding lazily, he dragged Ji Yan out of his arms and walked to the side of the couch specially set up for her in the corner. Taking the quilt and wrapping her up, while stopping Bai Bai, who wanted to come over with his eyes, Bai Bai with a grieved expression, wagging his burnt bald tail, squatted on the spot, the hairless him looked like a pitiful pug.

Since nothing was wrong, Shuang focused on another matter: “The subordinates have sent people to search around in the past few days, but the person who broke in is not found. This person seems to have reached the stage of spiritual transformation and has become a man of profound self-cultivation. Even if he is injured by the Demon Lord, if he wants to hide, it will be quite difficult to find.”

Yin Xuezhuo said coldly: “He can’t run far. The wound cut by the moon knife it cannot heal itself.”

Cong Shuang nodded in reverence: “The subordinates will continue to search, and will also let the little demons below pay attention. If there is any abnormality, I’ll immediately report it to the demon lord.”

Yin Xuezhuo ignored him. Ji Yan looked at the man who was seriously playing with her hair in front of her. He was so bored that he actually tied her hair in knots. Ji Yan was afraid that her long hair would be turned into a chicken nest again, so she slightly tilted her head to avoid his destruction. He narrowed his eyes discontentedly, and before he could reveal an unhappy expression, Ji Yan came closer.

She leaned forward slightly, put her hand behind him, grabbed his long hair, and stuffed a large amount of it into his hand solemnly, asking him to play with his own.

But Yin Xuezhuo was unwilling to play with his own hair, so he threw away his hair discontentedly.

It was very clear he wanted to play with her.

 Of course, Ji Yan was also unwilling, her hair was already prone to tangles, and if he played with it like this, it would take a long time to fix it the next time she took a shower. She pushed his hand away, but he stretched out his hand again, and accidentally his nails scratched the back of her hand, and the stinging sensation was like being scratched in a fight with a cat. Ji Yan caught his fingers, like catching a cat’s paw stalemate with him.

She just stalled with him childishly in this way, until she glimpsed Cong Shuang looking here suspiciously. Then she promptly pulled Yin Xuezhuo’s sleeve, and Yin Xuezhuo reluctantly said in a perfunctory sentence: “You back off, carry your son out.”

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