I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 50 Experiencing his pain.

“I treat you very well.”

He stared straight at her while saying this. His black eyes, hidden beneath the eyelashes, reflected the bright moon.

Ji Yan was already aggrieved, but when hearing him say this, she was dumbfounded and looked at him dumbly.

What is he saying?

Was he saying he treated her very well with a straight face and in a declarative manner?

How was he treating her “extremely well”? How did he say it in such a tone? How could anyone be like this? Didn’t he want to kill her? Then what happened why was he suddenly talking about treating her well?

For a moment, she actually forgot to cry, there were still two crystal tears hanging on her cheeks, and her small mouth pursed, and said unhappily, “If you give me food and clothes, will it be treated well? If you raise a pet, you can also feed it, so what’s the difference?”

Unconsciously, she quarreled with him.

Yin Xuezhuo frowned, stood up again, and simply picked her up. Bai Bai on the side saw the atmosphere was not right and watched them vigilantly with a pair of ears erected, and took a look at Yin Xuezhuo. As if he was about to do something, he let out a whimper and bit the corner of Yin Xuezhuo’s clothes.

Bai Bai: “Oh oh oh!!!”

 — Master! Don’t hurt her!

Yin Xuezhuo who already lost his patience, directly kicked Bai Bai, causing it to roll to the side like a big dirty briquette. Bai Bai grunted in aggression and buried his face in his paws. Yin Xuezhuo said in a deep voice, “Go away,” and no longer looked at it, but directly disappeared in place with Ji Yan.

He took Ji Yan all the way back to Demon Realm to be more precise he took her to the Demon Realm prison.

He wanted her to see with her own eyes what it meant to be a “pet” and what a “don’t care” was.

Ji Yan in his arms was so nervous, not knowing what he was going to do again, even though he was going to lock her up. She didn’t say anything, just watched the scene in front of her passing extremely fast, and soon came outside the prison where she had been twice. But this time he didn’t stop there and went further in, as going in the place was deeper and darker that she had never been to.

The deeper one goes, the more terrifying purgatory was.

In fact, there were many people imprisoned in the Demon Realm. Ji Yan always thought that Yin Xuezhuo’s killing methods were extremely simple and that was killed in one swift move. Except for situations like Shao Xin, he shouldn’t be brought back to torment slowly.

But she found that it was not the case.

On the first floor, several people were detained.

There were both men and women, unclothed, bruised all over, some even had their eyes gouged out and their necks were chained up, lying on the ground like an animal.

The others had injuries of various degrees, and almost none of them were able-bodied. As soon as they saw Yin Xuezhuo, they crawled towards him frantically, bringing a trail of terrible bloodstains wherever they crawled. The scene was simply like a ghost crawling out of the abyss.

Through the iron cage, they stretched out their hands towards Yin Xuezhuo, begging for him to spare their lives.

So humble, so terrible.

By saying Ji Yan was shocked was beyond the statement. A horrifying chill went up her back, causing her hairs to stand up and her hands and feet went cold.

But she couldn’t able to look away from it, her eyes glued to the man’s blood-stained face.

“These, this is what ‘pets’ are.”

While saying this he took out a piece of meat from a basket hanging on the side of the stone wall, and leisurely tossed it into the cage, watching the people tear each other because of the piece of meat, like vicious dogs grabbing food, without humanity at all.

The corners of his lips curled up in a sneer, “You said, isn’t it fun to watch them kill each other for a piece of meat? As a ‘pet’, you have to perform to your heart’s content and please me.”

Ji Yan said nothing, just stared at the bloody scene in front of her.

Obviously, they were all good people. But what has happened to them to become so inhuman and ghostly?

Yin Xuezhuo raised his hand, gently kneading the back of her neck with his fingers, leaning on the side of her cheek, and said in a soft tone, “I treat you well, don’t say anything like that in the future.”

“You should see that I did not do this to you, you are different from them.”

“Of course, I treat you so well, but if you betray me.” He chuckled and continued, “Then you will not end well either.”

Ji Yan pursed her lips, turned her head, and looked at Yin Xuezhuo.

“Why are you doing this to them?” She felt cold all over, and couldn’t help asking: “Are you threatening me by bringing me to see this?”

Yin Xuezhuo’s eyes went cold again.

He stared at her for a moment and revealed a perverted smile. “Why am I doing this to them?”

His smile suddenly became maniacal, the more he laughed the more out of control he became, and finally, he couldn’t stop himself from laughing loudly, as if he was out of control, making people’s hearts chill.

He laughed for a long time and suddenly raised his hand and pressed on the back of Ji Yan’s head. Ji Yan didn’t even have time to struggle. She only felt a sharp pain burrow into her brain, and her consciousness was taken elsewhere.

It was Yin Xuezhuo’s sea of consciousness. Countless images flashed in front of her eyes, as if from hundreds of years ago.

She saw some pictures.

It was Yin Xuezhuo who followed behind the real Mingshu.

At that time, Yin Xuezhuo was just a cub. He was bred for some years and was no longer a normal nightmare. He seemed harmless in appearance, but as soon as he stumbled upon the corpse and smelled the blood, the devilish energy which had accumulated over the years took control over him, would make him crazy and out of control, making him a bloodthirsty monster.

Ji Yan’s perspective became his perspective and experienced a lot with her own eyes.

…How he was helplessly surrounded by people, how he saw everyone was looking at him in disgust, calling him a “monster”, how he was confined in the iron cage by Ming Shu, strangled by Xuan chain, and led a life even worse than livestock.

How those honest gentlemen who colluded with the authentic Ming Shu stood outside the cage and looked at the “his-self” in the cage with an arrogant attitude.

How smugly holding his blood-stained scales in their hands, ignoring his painful hissing.

In their eyes, “Spirit Nightmare” was just a bred monster, no different from cats, dogs, cattle, and sheep, and could be slaughtered and eaten anytime, anywhere.

They didn’t treat him as a human being, and they didn’t care about this spirit nightmare thoughts.

But their ugly faces were always swaying in front of the nightmare, and every one of their disgusted looks has buried deep in his heart.

He would always remember these people.

He remembered all the people who had hurt him, their faces.

Ji Yan regained her consciousness suddenly and met Yin Xuezhuo’s face.

He looked at her with a smile, patted her face carefully, and asked with excitement, “Aren’t this past very interesting?”

Ji Yan stared at him blankly.

So he always remembered those faces for hundreds of years, never forgetting, just to vent his hatred one day.

In the same way, lock them up, deprive them of a part of their body, and let them taste the pain of the skin.

Trample like a dog, and let these proud people taste what it was like to be inferior than a pig and a dog.

She looked at those from his perspective, which was very different from seeing him from the perspective of a bystander in a dream.

The ugly faces of those people, each like a sharp knife, viciously pierced into his heart with blood dripping.

Ji Yan was shaken for a long while and couldn’t speak. Her eyes poured out, and without saying a word, she lowered her eyes.

At the time, she was so angry and just said sullenly, “He treats her as a pet”, But she didn’t expect that he would be so serious as to take her to see this.

He did not hesitate to tear his wound open again, so thoroughly.

What does the “pet” in her mouth mean like these people?

Of course, she knew he wasn’t so bad to her, but she complained unknowingly, just felt that every time he was so dictatorial and did not respect her. Always clamoring to “kill” her, as if accusing her of wrongdoing.

That’s it.

He… is he stupid?!

If she didn’t understand, Ji Yan would have forgotten that he had lived in vain for hundreds of years, and no one had taught him how to get along with others.

Where did Ji Yan get angry? She lowered her head and kept silent for a while. Yin Xuezhuo wanted to see her wonderful expression, but he didn’t expect that she would not answer.

He raised his hand in dissatisfaction, forcefully snapped up her chin, and suddenly narrowed his eyes.

She was crying again.

Where so much to cry? What’s wrong with her again?

Yin Xuezhuo looked at her weirdly. Ji Yan suddenly raised her hand and pushed his arm away, plunged into his arms, hugged his waist tightly, and buried her little face in his heart.

This unexpected hug made Yin Xuezhuo motionless for a while, just looking down at the top of her hair.

His expression became more and more weird.

“What are you doing?” He took a step back coldly, with disgust at the corners of his eyes, but Ji Yan also followed him and took a further, just hugging him tightly and turning back to his pendant.

His distasteful tone was as if he was saying: arguing, what is there to hug?

The atmosphere was spoiled.

Ji Yan couldn’t help but lift the corners of her lips. “Well, I am not a pet. You are really good to me.” She also learned from his previous tone and said seriously: “Zhuo, I also have something that I want to tell you. .”

“What?” With a frown, he lowered his head and met her clear black eyes as she titled her head up.

The girl’s eyes were still a little red from crying, and now she was smiling again, which looked inexplicable in his eyes.

Ji Yan: “I want to tell you I won’t betray you either.”


Because she found she seemed to like him a little bit.

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