I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 52.1 Sweet Heart Became Stepmom.

Ji Yan felt that her status in the Demon Realm might have changed a little.

The specific manifestation was that as soon as she stepped out for a walk, the little demons that were wandering outside the camp would take the initiative to bow their heads, step back slightly, and look at her in awe.

Even though it wasn’t comparable to the sincerity and fear when confronting Yin Xuezhuo, it nevertheless defaulted her to a higher status.

She was somewhat flattered.

In addition, she also discovered that the look on the demon’s eyes had changed greatly. From the few demon generals to the lower-level demons, they no longer had that indifferent look as they had before, like ‘just ignore this weak creature’. On the contrary, they took the initiative to treat her well.

As she wandered outside, she could see a bunch of little demons coming over and asking her to ride on them.

At first, she was confused, later she heard about the Demon Realm gossip.

Regarding “the overbearing demon lord and petulant mortal girl have to say twenty or thirty.”

Ji Yan: “…”

That’s enough. Aren’t these demons always being cold-blooded, ruthless, and preying on the weak? Why didn’t they go to fight instead, they gathered here to gossip!

A bunch of birds and beasts gathered together to gossip. The flying ones were passing the gossip too fast. But she couldn’t stop it before clarifying it, okay!

But for this matter, she could only blame herself.

Blame her for her own sins. Why on earth did she teach Yin Xuezhuo to tie the hair knot?

Of course, she confuses Yin Xuezhuo, a dead straight man of Yin Xuezhuo’s level that could not be twisted overnight. What’s more, he was not interested in such tricks. He was only interested in killing people and seeking revenge. Afterward, he would play with Ji Yan childishly because he liked to tease her.

Therefore, even if Yin Xuezhuo didn’t know, there were always a few of those demons who knows.

Following Yin Xuezhuo’s path through the Demon Realm to the human world, countless demons have sneaked into the human world, either as undercover(spies) or as villains of doing something against the human. After spending a long time in the human world, they can always mix up a few old fried dough sticks.

For example, Rong Ge, who had never been able to get a good job for thousands of years, actually likes gossip in secret. He also ate a lot of mortal love and hate melons on the earth. One was more exciting than the other for him. “Knotting hair” was as simple as common sense.

So when he saw Ji Yan and the Demon Lord’s hair tangled in knots, his expression was a bit wrong.

Although the knotted hair seemed a little off and looked funny, it was not the point at all for Rong Ge.

The point is! The Demon Lord! Would actually allow this mortal to move his hair!

And he even had his hair tied with her!

Is this a symbol of them being together? Did the demon master secretly fall in love, while the subordinates are not paying attention? Is this iron tree finally going to bloom?

Rong Ge’s gossip soul was on fire and he almost lost control on the spot.

Fortunately, the years of training didn’t make him laugh easily, unless he could not hold it ……

Despite the self-control he couldn’t help, lowered his head and grin, it was really hard for him to hold back.

Question: What should I do if I want to gossip about my boss?

Rong Ge: Thanks for the invitation, but I’m currently in a meeting. I’m a little excited that I really want to become a prototype and crash several big mountains.

Therefore, as soon as Rong Ge went out, he couldn’t control his mouth. He wanted to say what he held in his breath, but he was afraid to shoot the first bird out of the head. If rumors spread, the Demon Lord would hunt him down… …So Rong Ge decided to drag these colleagues into the water and directly dragged the Demon Generals who had just come out of the demon lord’s palace to the old forest corner of the mountain, and said this mysteriously.

Chang Ming: “Um… so this is the reason why she touched my hair and butt last time?”

Cong Shuang frowned: “We have no right to intervene in the affairs of the demon lord. Rong Ge, you keep your mouth shut.”

Chi Yang: “It’s pretty good.”

There was also a Demon General absent for thousands of years.

Seeing them so calm, Rong Ge was a bit frantic, and his snake tail swept around on the ground, splashing a cloud of smoke and dust, “This is the Demon Lord! The Demon Lord! And a mortal! Are you not surprised at all? The Demon Lord loves mortals!”


“What a big fuss.”

“Well, I have things to do.”

After making excuses, they turned around and left one after another, leaving him alone.

Rong Ge:  So it was me who was out of place.

Actually, what he didn’t know was. Those few generals also had their own thoughts, unlike Rong Ge, who lacked heart and eyes, they were clever and cunning enough to not open their mouths first to say anything that offends the Demon Lord, so they all pretended not to care, and secretly waited for the “head bird”.

The first “Bird” that fell into their trap was Bai Bai.

Bai Bai had bald his hair so feeling down and having no face to face his sweetheart, he ran to the mountain to find a quiet place to hide. Like this, he ran into Rong Ge and “inadvertently” learned about it.

After learning of the illicit relationship between Ji Yan and Yin Xuezhuo, he felt he had been poached by the demon master, and his sweetheart had become his stepmother, which was unacceptable to anyone.

It stood on the cliff in sorrow and indignation and howled to the sky below.



So on the next day, all the demons knew about it.

Spooked! The story of a demon lord falling in love with a mortal, and a wolf falling in love with a sheep was staged with full passion!

Ji Yan: “…”

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