I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 52.2

After knowing the ins and outs, she was really in a complicated mood. It was clearly a misunderstanding, but she didn’t know how to explain it.

This kind of thing, even if she intends to clarify it, it would only go darker and darker, making the group of demons who eat melons more excited?

It was so embarrassing. She didn’t know how to face Yin Xuezhuo anymore.

After all, as the demon in question, he was kept in the dark during the whole process, and he probably didn’t know his reputation had been…

She didn’t know whether Yin Xuezhuo likes to eat melons, but she likes to eat melons. She used to eat melons on Weibo until 3:00 a.m., and she still likes to eat them. However, when it comes to her own melons, she felt it was a bit hard to bear it.

‘I hope Yin Xuezhuo doesn’t know about it.’

As pondering, she entered her chamber and came face to face with Yin Xuezhuo. After hearing the gossip she felt a little uneasy when facing him.

But the subjected party still had that lazy look and occupied the place where she usually slept, waiting for her to obediently come and touch him. Ji Yan hesitantly approached him and was about to talk, but saw his eyes closed slightly, seeming to be pretending to sleep.

His entire face appeared soft and handsome when he closed his eyes, as if he had emerged from a peerless ink painting.

It was just that before she could see enough, he opened his eyes and looked at her: “What are you looking at?” asked blankly.

Ji Yan laughed dryly: “I didn’t see anything, I thought you were asleep…”

“I told you a long time ago that I will never sleep.” Yin Xuezhuo looked at her carefully and judged: “There’s something wrong with you.”

Ji Yan: “…”

At this moment, this person has high emotional intelligence. How did he pierce her all at once?

She was still in a daze, while he pulled her to his side and made her lie on his body, holding her face to face, he asked in a low voice.

“What have you done behind my back?” as he spoke, his cold breath sprayed on her face.

When Yin Xuezhuo speaks in a low voice, his voice was undoubtedly low and seductive, coupled with his usual lazy tone made the ending sound very light and so close, passed into her ears, like a stone, suddenly aroused a ripple.

The roots of her ears reddened, but since it was covered by her scattered hair it wasn’t visible, but her black eyes brightened up again, “I…I didn’t do anything behind your back…”

Yin Xuezhuo: “You’re lying.”

Ji Yan:? ? ? Your mother, why do you have to be so grasping at the root?

Ji Yan became more embarrassed and worried.

Yin Xuezhuo didn’t know the rumors outside, but he would not let go of it if he asked so deeply. And on top of that, it would be more embarrassing for her to tell him the whole story herself than for him to hear it. She wanted to change the subject, but he was obviously interested again, every time he became interested, it was difficult to be interrupted…

She was worried, and her mind raced with the thought of.

What could have distracted him?

A flash of lightning in her head, she suddenly had a bright idea and grabbed his hand.

“Yin Xuezhuo, how about we practice?” For the first time, she took the initiative to propose, lifting his arm up so that he could place his hand on her rear heart, “Come on.”

Her watery eyes were clear while her soft voice tempted him. The girl’s smile was like chewing up soft candy, silently emitting an enticing sweet fragrance.

His eyes deepened as expected.

He was satisfied with her initiative. His fingers moved and grabbed her soft blue silk, but instead of mob=ving down he continued to stick to her back head. Ji Yan waited for his hand to stick to her back before starting. Who knew she was caught off guard, he did it directly.

A tingling feeling came, and she didn’t dare to move again.

The little girl lying on his body, face flushed, her eyes were watery. Yin Xuezhuo excitedly came up to her ear and laughed, “Surprised, right?”

Surprised? Was it unexpected?

Ji Yan: She really didn’t expect it.

Why in addition to the back and lower abdomen, the back of the head is also OK! Every time the spirit fire was activated in a different part, and he didn’t even say hello, Ji Yan was so angry, but she could only look at him with round eyes. After a long time, she looked very pitiful, black eyes brimming with water, inexplicably like a strange message.

Yin Xuezhuo raised his hand and stroked at the corners of her eyes, while the corners of his lips curled up, revealing a very nice smile.

He was so good-looking, but he never liked to laugh very much, usually looked too gloomy and cold. Even if he laughed, it was a yin and yang sneer so she seldom saw such a pure smile, and she blinked her eyes.

Although she didn’t know what her mentality was that she actually liked the Demon, she was extremely afraid of this person after wearing the book, hoping to leave him early and go on peacefully.

But to be honest, he was indeed so simple, so good-looking, and good to her, so she had no reason not to like him.

Soon, Ji Yan and Yin Xuezhuo reappeared in that small space.

Each time a new change was made, this time the space seemed more vibrant than the last time, the blossoms were more lush, the surrounding blackness also faded a lot, and the fire of Jiuyou at the border was more intense.

Ji Yan looked at Yin Xuezhuo beside him.

He was quite able to toss here last time, but this time he has gained a lot of peace. Ji Yan asked actively: “Can I practice here?”

Yin Xuezhuo turned his head slightly to look at her: “Huh?”

Ji Yan looked at him: “Zhuo Zhuo, I was lazy before, always not serious to learn those body techniques, so far I can only run, I…I want to learn to fly.”

She looked at him expectantly.

She really wants to learn.

The last time Yin Xuezhuo fought with the mysterious man, Ji Yan was held in his arms throughout the entire process, so he could not let off a drop of protection. Although he was so powerful, holding her might not be a hindrance, but she was still worried.

Worried that when he really encounters a strong enemy in the future, her presence would make him tied up.

Since this was the person she likes, she was willing to take the initiative to think of everything for him.

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