I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 53 The Art of Drawing Flames

She lifted the hem of the skirt and ran around the space.

But noting that the hem of the skirt and the wide sleeves were getting in the way, she rolled up the sleeves, tied the skirt to the waist with a knot, and felt better, except that her arms and legs were exposed. Yin Xuezhuo looked at her for a long time, as if he wanted to laugh, and then cast away his eyes as if nothing had happened.

Unlike Yin Xuezhuo, Ji Yan was the master of Jiuyou Fire and the master of this space.

She could naturally practice her skills here with no worry.

Yin Xuezhuo let out his wings and stood in the air. He told her that if she wanted to learn to “fly”, then she must learn to “jump” first.

Although she had no spiritual roots, the fire of the Jiuyou was in her body, if she could drive it well then flying would be a matter of minutes.

She did a short run-up and tried to “jump” several times, only to fall flat on her face.

Yin Xuezhuo: “Hahahahahaha!”

Ji Yan: “What’s so funny!”

In fact, it was not funny, it’s just that Yin Xuezhuo’s happiness was always based on her pain. He always gloats when seeing her fall in all kinds of funny postures, but had no pity.

Anyway, she looks so beautiful too!

…Forget it, even the great beauties like Sister Qiu Mi didn’t make him waver. She didn’t expect to impress him with any beauty.

She wrestled a couple of times, but fortunately, this space was friendly to her and would not let her get hurt. Ji Yan simply got up and learned to feel the fire of Jiuyou in her body, secretly raised the Qi, and after a few consecutive trots, she leaped forward.

As a result, she used too much force this time, and the soles of her feet were indeed vacated, but only halfway through the flight, the whole person fell.

“Ahhhhh! Zhuo!” Ji Yan waved her hands in panic, calling him randomly.

Yin Xuezhuo flapped his wings and swept over in an instant, steadily catching her in his arms.

While hugging her he landed slowly, raised his hand, and patted her on the head. “I am here, don’t panic.”

Ji Yan looked at him and muttered: “Who knows you won’t let me fall this time. Didn’t you throw me down from the sky last time?”

Hearing this his expression stiffened, and with a cold snort, he turned his head away, turning around and ignoring her.

As he turned around, the butterfly wings behind him were exposed in front of her. Ji Yan felt tickled at the sight of this, taking advantage of his carelessness, she quickly touched his wings.

Yin Xuezhuo: “…”

Yin Xuezhuo darted his head, staring at her with a deadly stare, while the wings behind him hastily retracted, so fast that it was almost only in an instant, revealing a bit of embarrassment.

Anyway, she had already got her hand on it, putting her hands behind her back solemnly, looking at the sky and the earth, just not looking at him.

She was secretly happy, but she still had some unfinished business.

Yin Butterfly’s wings were slippery to the touch, and the jade-like cold touch, made people addicted to touching, she still wanted to touch it.

But enough is enough, Ji Yan played dumb for a moment, always feeling that Yin Xuezhuo wanted to hit her on the head again, but he did not do anything.

After being satisfied with this touch, she concentrated again and began to practice flying.

Flying was really difficult. Ji Yan learned to ride a bicycle when she was a child, and at most, she fell once or twice, but now she has fallen dozens of times without any improvement. She was still as useless as before. It really made her doubt that the Fire of Jiuyou could really exert such great power through people.

As she practiced, she suddenly remembered the last time in battle Yin Xuezhuo’s fire suddenly went off, so feeling curious, she asked him why.

But the answer from his mouth was very sour: “Such thing has never happened before, even if the fire of the Jiuyou is not infinite in my place, killing a Shao Bai is not a difficult task.”

He snorted coldly and glanced at her, “It’s just that the fire of Jiuyou is with you. If you’re by my side, the power of the Jiuyou will be forcibly absorbed by you.”

But she could only be by his side.

If you think about it this way, there seems to be no solution.

Yin Xuezhuo said: “In fact, there is a solution, but the thing is that you have not been able to control the fire of Jiuyou which is really unexpected. Otherwise, when I fight, you will use the art of drawing flames to merge the spirit fire into my true essence, it will only help me to increase my power greatly.”

But the problem is that she is a little spicy chicken.

Yin Xuezhuo’s tone was full of disgust.

Ji Yan: All right, you shut up.

Every time she encountered this kind of “who is a rookie” topic, he became unfriendly and could hardly communicate well. Ji Yan wondered if she was in Stockholm and actually liked him.

The rumors among the group of demons were fobbed off. Yin Xuezhuo found nothing wrong, but Ji Yan still had a guilty conscience. Every night, she took the initiative to get into his arms, became a clingy cutie, and insisted on pestering him to practice.

She thought about this matter as she took the initiative to sacrifice herself, in order to let him better absorb the fire of Jiuyou, besides, the paper could not contain the fire. In case one day he came to know what kind of message has spread outside, just think of her these few days so along with him, should not … ridicule her?

Three days passed but the whereabouts of the intruder hadn’t been found yet. Recently Bai Bai seemed to have suffered some shock, he has never come to find her. These past few days Ji Yan has been pestering Yin Xuezhuo and hadn’t gone out to play, and always felt that she was missing something, until one day, when she looked at the empty palace, she patted her forehead.

“My God, I forgot Shao Xin!”

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