I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 56.2

As if thinking of something, Ji Yan suddenly paled, enduring the pain – stabilizing her figure, she saw a blood mist exploding like fireworks not far away.

It was Yin Xuezhuo, who was injured.

The blood gushed out from his heart, dying his black robe into an intense crimson. His figure had become somewhat unstable, his snow-colored face had changed a little. His pair of black eyes were as black as ink, and the red at the end of his eyes was shocking.

Sensing the threat at the last moment, he threw her away immediately without a thought.

If she hadn’t worked hard to maintain it, she wouldn’t have been able to hold her figure.

On the other side, a man in blue stood in the air, holding a very solemn sword. The sword was glowing with an ice-like texture. Even Ji Yan could detect the terrible pressure brought by this sword.

As she looked at this, she remembered that the weapon in Shao Bai’s hand wasn’t this the last time.

What the hell is this?!

Why suddenly there was such a powerful sword!

The feeling of this sword made her feel a little familiar, and there was even something in her body about to move, but she was clear that she had never seen it before.

She had never seen such a powerful divine weapon before.

This Shao Bai didn’t play his cards according to rules! Did the Dog system arrange for him to hang up! Who is the one who wears books!

【Host! Host! Final reminder, just run away immediately with the villain! 】

As soon as Ji Yan scolded the system, the system immediately popped up, and frantically sounded the alarm.

[Host don’t entangle here, Yin Xuezhuo can’t die from injury, but once you are injured, both of you will die! 】

But all of this went into the deaf air, and she only had one doubt in her heart, and asked calmly. “Why does Shao Bai have such a powerful weapon?” 

[Because of the plot deviation.】

[In original book, when Shao Bai broke into the Demon Realm alone, Yin Miaorou did not fall off the cliff, and Shaobai did not rush to get the divine sword. He could not control the Sword well, but now Yin Miaorou fell into the cliff, Shao Xin’s soul talisman did the catalyst, he took out the Wan Qiu Jian in desperation!】

[Wan Qiu Jian is Yin Xuezhuo’s childhood parasitic sword, it is fatal to him!】

Wan Qiu Jian…

What kind of sword was Wan Qiu Jian?

It was the former Ming Shu sword.

Yin Xuezhuo was born because of this sword and suffered endless pain because of it.

How did the former real Mingshu control the gradually demonized nightmare?

It was to be suppressed forcibly with this sword!

With the mere thought of this, Ji Yan trembled all over.

She jerked her head up and looked at Yin Xuezhuo.

Yin Xuezhuo!

The moment he saw Wan Qiu Jian, he lost all his control.

Standing in the mid-air, as if being beaten by the wind, his black robes danced wildly in the air, and the emotions in his eyes surged sharply, his black eyes stared at Shao Bai calmly, it was indeed the last calmness before madness.

An arrogant sneer crossed his lips, as if he didn’t feel the pain in his chest at all. He turned around in the air and went up again to face Shao Bai.

Numerous dazzling sword lights, the surrounding spiritual power eclipsed the heavens and the earth, the surrounding demons had no time to escape, and instantly turned into dust, while Ji Yan stood in the air, evoking the fire of Jiuyou with the artifact around her neck and blocking all aftermath.

It was really hard for her to stand steady and felt more and more pain all over her body.

Neck, chest, arms, abdomen, and even the bones were so painful as if they were about to be broken.

But when she thought he was also suffering from such terrible pain; she endured it.

Even her fingers were curled in the pain, and the system in her brain went silent. Perhaps it should have realized that it was too late to say anything now. So all that mattered for now was as long as she stood aside and endured the pain, it would be fine.

As for Yin Xuezhuo, even if he was injured, he would not die.

But Ji Yan had already reached her limit and couldn’t stand it anymore. At the last minute, she suddenly remembered the art of drawing flames which Yin Xuezhuo had mentioned once.

Raising her hand, felt the flame in her body, and slowly drew out the Jiuyou.

The blue flame surged in the palm of her hand, and met the wind waves of spiritual energy, suddenly surging towards Yin Xuezhuo.

Maybe it’s because people’s potential could always be stimulated in desperation. What she always didn’t do well was doing well now. She almost became a string that was about to break, and poured out all her strength, giving him all the spirit fire she could feel.

As the spiritual fire turned into his body, Yin Xuezhuo’s figure stagnated, and the random attack became even more ferocious, while the sword glinted with spiritual flame.

That’s all she could do to help him.

She carefully paid attention to the distance, and moved slightly along with the air, while the flame in her hand uninterrupted.

She felt she was reaching her limit.

But it was still a drop in the bucket, he was still injured.

Listing all his reasons, his eyes turned into a dreadful blood red, and he bleed endlessly all over, his hands stained with red blood.

This was the first time Ji Yan had seen him like this.

He looked so terrifying, like a monster. The nails on his ten fingers were as sharp as a knife, cutting countless blood marks on Shao Bai’s body.

Even if Shao Bai had Wan Qiu Jian, it gradually became more difficult to handle. The Jiuyou was like an engine oil, which kept the machine running continuously. First of all, Shao Bai hadn’t mastered Wan Qiu Jian yet and coupled with Jiuyou he couldn’t withstand it.

Shao Bai didn’t expect Yin Xuezhuo would last so long. At the same time, he was also sincerely amazed at his strength.

As he pondered, he caught a glimpse of Ji Yan.

“If you can single out, why are you relying on a woman?” Shao Bai’s lips flashed a smile, and the sword in his hand turned and suddenly aimed at Ji Yan.

Having had no time to dodge.

She only heard the sound of flesh and blood being pierced through, and her mind was blank. For a moment, she didn’t even feel the pain.

With a “poof” Wan Qiu Jian withdrew, followed by the immense pain spread from the lower abdomen. The pain went straight to her soul and the fire of Jiuyou in the soul instantly burned, wrapping her whole person tightly like a ball of blue fire.

“Ji Yan!”

Yin Xuezhuo eyes widened, and in an instant he fled over her without a thought.

The wings came out behind him, he turned into ‌ his original form regardless, and firmly pressed Ji Yan into his arms, with his chin against her forehead.

The flames wrapped both of them together, and their bodies continued to fall, falling from the height of the cliff. The flames driven by the huge bone wings burned, illuminating the invisible abyss.

However, Ji Yan only felt that the person holding her body held her tightly.

Her body was convulsing unnaturally. She was in so much pain that she couldn’t speak, but called him with much difficulty.


With her eyes closed, her hand fumbled around, all she felt was wet and slippery, and it was not clear whether it was his blood or hers.

In the end, she held his hand tightly.

“Leave…Leave this place…” While gasping she whispered this with much difficulty, “Don’t fight…”

Yin Xuezhuo’s eyes slowly changed from crimson to clear black, and a strand of soft black hair fell from the sideburns, making him a little well- behaved and harmless.

He lowered his eyelashes, gave a low “um”, and said, “No more fighting, you won’t die..”

At this moment, he looked listless, even the hatred for seeing Wan Qiu Jian also disappeared.

There were so many hatreds to be avenged, there was no end to revenge, but only the person in front of him had nothing to do with it.

At this moment all he could see was the person he held in his arms, and the butterfly wings behind him suddenly set off a storm, immediately flung away the Shao Bai behind him and disappeared.

The endless black air gradually dissipated, once again the world returned to tranquility, the wind and waves remained static, and the vitality of all things reappeared as if nothing happened.

The author has something to say: He won’t die, but what you want is coming soon.

And Wan Qiu Jian is not Shao Bai’s golden finger.

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