I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 57.1 Failed to Change the Ending

The cold wind whistled low and poured straight into the cave entrance.

The withered and fallen leaves rolled all over the ground, the sky outside the cave gradually dimmed, and only a strong smell of blood permeated.

In the deserted cave deep in the barren ridge, there was a person who sat leaned against the stone wall, holding a little girl tightly in his arms. It was not someone but Yin Xuezhuo.

The blood had stained them all red, even though the pain deep into the soul was clamoring, his body was failing at a speed visible to the naked eye, his palm remained stuck to Ji Yan’s back from beginning to end.

Her eyebrows were tightly knitted in pain, and her small face had completely lost all color, but she clung to his left hand tightly, unable to say a word.

It was not only that she was injured, but she was also sharing his pain, so no words could describe the extent to which she was hurt at this moment.

Tears of pain spilled over the sides of her eyes, wetted his clothes and mixed with the sticky blood. As long as he moved a little, the blood in his abdomen gurgled out, and the pain made her convulse.

Yin Xuezhuo lowered his eyelashes stares intensely at Ji Yan’s pale face, desperately transmitting spiritual power to her.

Get better soon.

Get better.

She must not die. It’s too easy to die, and she must not die in the hands of those people.

Indifferent to his body, he kept pouring out spiritual power onto her, causing him to spit a mouthful of blood out. His black eyes gazed at his wrist for a moment, then without caring, he directly cut his wrist with his fangs, aimed the gurgling blood at her mouth, wanting to feed her.

He was a little irritable and anxious, feeding impatiently. Instead, he got blood all over her face, momentarily at a loss, and looked at her blankly.

Ji Yan half-opened her eyes, and after a long time, she said softly: “I seem to… accidentally harmed you…”

The system said that if he was the only one injured, they would survive.

But she couldn’t bear to watch him get hurt.

In the end, she still chose to help him and didn’t expect that Shao Bai would turn to attack her, and her life would be in danger, and would drag him down with her.

“Stop talking.” Yin Xuezhuo lowered his eyes and looked at her. After a long while, the corners of his lips swept, as if mocking something. “I didn’t protect you well.”

With that, he hugged the person in his arms tightly and pursed his lips.

The person in his arms was like a cloud of light and fluttering smoke, as if he didn’t catch it, she would float away at any time.

She was hurt too badly and went deep into her soul. She had no afterlife, only the soul could fly away ……

He didn’t know what to do.

For the first time, he was so at a loss.

He was of the same lineage as the Wan Qiu Jian, so even if he poured all of his blood, he wouldn’t be able to cure Wan Qiu Jian’s wound.

The irony of Yin Xuezhou’s eyes gradually disappeared, and he closed his eyes suddenly.

If she was destined to die, he could not live either, so why die in the hands of those villains? Why are those people cheap?

It would be better to end it early.

Even in death, she has to follow him forever.

He slowly opened his eyes and stared at Ji Yan with newfound determination. The color of his pupils gradually turned blood red, he laid her down flat, leaned over and rubbed her cheek, slowly his fingers descended and caressed her slender neck, but all of sudden his eyes sunken and uncertain.

As long as he applied little force, everything would be over.

But his fingers seemed to be frozen on its own, and couldn’t help thinking, would it be possible that she could use Jiuyou to hold on? Or, it would be better if she could talk to him more before dying.

He had been alone for hundreds of years, but for the first time, he wanted to talk to someone so much.

His wings, which he forgot to retract, dangled over her like a diaphanous quilt covering her legs.

She could touch it as soon as she reached out.

Ji Yan couldn’t help reaching out and touching it, a happy smile appeared on her lips, but she had no energy to speak anymore, just grabbed his hand and quietly looked at the big butterfly.

“Ji Yan.” Yin Xuezhuo called her in a hoarse voice, his fingers tightly clenching the mud on the ground, his nails still growing uncontrollably.

The black veins on the back of his hand crept up his arms and towards his pale face. Pointy ears emerged from the black hair, his eyes were full of hideous blood. He was so weak that he could not even control his transformation, revealing the most horrible appearance of the demonic nightmare.

This was the first time she had seen him like this.

But no matter how scary Yin Xuezhuo looks, he looks good in her eyes.

Such a good-looking him, the hottest him, the one who treats her best.

She couldn’t help raising her hand, rubbing her cold fingertips against his cheeks, and snuggling closer, with all her last strength, she lifted her arm and rested it on his waist, a half-embrace position.

She closed her eyes and thought drowsily: That’s it.

Holding him, she selfishly acquiesced that he was hers.

She came to this world and knew him, it was a worthwhile trip.

But it’s just a pity.

She couldn’t change the ending and let him be at peace.

The outside wind intensely whistled. The wind mixed with slight rain was drawn into the cave, cutting his cheeks like a knife.

Yin Xuezhuo’s long hair was scattered behind him, sitting quietly he stared straight at her all this while. His eyes were so red, as if it were about to bleed.

Ji Yan has long since fallen unconscious.

He wanted to wait a little longer.

All this while he only had one thought in his heart, wait a little longer, a bit more, a little more, like this he holds on to for her to open her eyes once again. But he was also reaching his limits, feeling so exhausted couldn’t able to hold on, he collapsed beside her, and finally felt the rapid passing of life. His fingers resting on her neck hesitated for a moment, wanting to quickly end it all at once, but finally did not do it.

His eyelashes trembled as he stared at her profile.

Forget it.

He suddenly reached out and forcefully plucked off a piece of profound ice scales on his wings. It was the piece she had regained for him in Linshuang City. This time, he willingly placed it in her palm and cast a simple spell so that no one could take it away.

He believed she was the only one who approached him, not for Xuan Bing’s sake.

He was willing to give her everything.

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