I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 57.2

Shao Xin’s heart was in turmoil.

He wanted to remind Ji Yan not to get involved with Yin Xuezhuo, and Shao Bai was ruthless and would never spare her life.

But if he told her he might let the Demon escape along with her, perhaps for the sake of the world, he should not be soft on her alone. Yet he still couldn’t make such a decision after all.

He didn’t know how long he convinced himself, and finally stopped trying to see Ji Yan.

Soon, Shao Bai broke all the shackles and came all the way over to rescue him.

But instead of getting happy for freeing up or winning over Demon, Shao Xin’s heartbeat suddenly sped up, when seeing the blood all over his body and he asked directly, “Where are the Demon Lord and Ji Yan?”

“Ji Yan? The woman next to the demon?” Shao Bai who was wiping the blood on his sword paused for a moment and said lightly: “The woman got seriously injured just at the end of the battle and may not survive, but the demon may escape, but it is difficult to recover in the short term.”

Shao Bai’s tone was casual, as if he was talking about eating a meal, randomly weighing the sword in his hand, showing a sneer of sarcasm.

That woman, apparently, was the one who called him by his name that day.

Because of her, he was seriously injured and was dormant for so many days. She colluded with the demon race for the sake of people, so her death wasn’t innocent.

It’s just that the reaction of his younger brother in front of him took him by surprise.

As soon as he heard that Ji Yan was dead, his face turned pale, and incredibly grabbed Shao Bai’s sleeve in disbelief. “You actually killed her?!” His voice trembled at the end.

Shao Bai was noncommittal.

“Why did you kill a mortal? If it weren’t for her, I would have died long ago!” Shao Xin’s body swayed, his eyes turned red, and his words could not help but become fierce. “You killed an innocent person indiscriminately. What’s the difference between you and Demon!”

Shao Bai frowned displeasedly, “Brother! She’s in league with the Demon and deserves to die!!”

Shao Xin didn’t care about him and coldly asked, “Where is her body?”

Shao Bai frowned. “She was pierced by my sword. Before she died, she was taken away by Yin Xuezhuo.”

In that case, there was still a glimmer of a chance of her being alive?

Wasting no time, Shao Xin directly raised his hand to push him away, and ran out desperately.

“Shao Xin!”

Shao Bai’s angry roar sounded from behind him, but he was left far behind.

Shao Xin ran all the way down the cliff. He himself had no idea where he was going, but he just ran and ran.

Just blaming himself and remorse, overwhelmed at the thought that Ji Yan might really be dead.

He didn’t want this.

Blame him for being cowardly, blame him for hesitating, and blame him for scorning her trust, thinking of killing the Demon, but forcibly implicating her.

“Woo-” There was a sharp howl, and before Shao Xin could react, Bai Bai pounced on him.

Bai Bai, who came to know what had happened, was no longer gentle, he bared his teeth ferociously, lowered his head and bit his neck violently, hitting the fate gate.

Shao Xin raised his hand in a panic just in time for Bai Bai to bite his arm, and blood dripped in an instant.

“Bai Bai.” Enduring the severe pain, Shao Xin tried to calm it down, “I’m also looking for them. Ji Yan is dying! Wan Qiu Jian’s injury is not unsolvable. You first take me to find her! If she is still alive, I can definitely save her!”

He tried his best to comfort him. Under the mad bite of the Yin Yu Qi Beast, his voice gradually became hoarse and the corner of his eyes turned red.

Bai Bai bit him until he was covered in blood, then let go of his mouth, bared his teeth and threatened him twice, before lowering his head and biting his collar with his teeth, throwing him on his back.

It went as fast as a flash of lightning, only a faint phantom was formed from its body, and it took him quickly to the depths of the canyon.

By the time Shao Xin arrived at the cave entrance, there was only one person in the cave.

Ji Yan was lying on the ground covered in blood.

There was obviously a trace of another person around her, but that person was no longer there. It was not known if Yin Xuezhuo had left her behind or what.

She was bleeding all over, which was shocking, and when Shao Xin took a look, it stung his eyes.

Bai Bai followed behind him, and when he saw Ji Yan’s appearance, he also whimpered in distress. Then he ran to her side, with his head arched a bit, and then he looked down at her nose and sniffed, and suddenly looked up to Shao Xin “whimpered” two times anxiously.

She’s not dead yet.

Shao Xin breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly went to Ji Yan’s side, directly picked her up horizontally and said to Bai Bai: “Take me to the Human Race. Do you know how to get to Wen Yin Pavilion?”

Bai Bai nodded in response, wasting no time Shao Xin directly mounted on Bai Bai’s back, tightly embracing the unconscious Ji Yan in his arms, and rushed to Wen Yin Pavilion..

Wen Yin Pavilion was a sect that was full of medical practitioners. It was rumored to heal the dead. Back then, the real Mingshu held the Wan Qiu sword and injured countless people. It was all thanks to the disciples of Wen Yin Pavilion to treat them.

There were formations all over the Wen Yin Pavilion Mountain, preventing the demon from approaching. Yin Yu Qi Beast was born with an extremely fast speed, and in no time, it rushed to the foot of the mountain. Bai Bai didn’t feel comfortable handing Ji Yan over to Shao Xin, but had to do so, and finally did it with gritted teeth.

He pulled out one of his sharp teeth and handed it to Shao Xin.

“Ow ow ow.” He said something anxiously.

Shao Xin didn’t understand it, but from Bai Bai’s anxiety he could guess what he was trying to say, so calmly said, “I will try my best to save her. If she can wake up, I will try to notify you.”

Bai Bai nodded in response, lowered his head and sadly licked on Ji Yan’s cheek before reluctantly turning around, and disappeared into the distance.

Taking a deep breath, Shao Xin hugged Ji Yan in his arms tightly.

She will not die.

The author has something to say: Keep changing the map!

To explain, Shao Xin didn’t see Yin Xuezhuo when he came, just because he was too weak to maintain his human form, so he became invisible.

Apart from them, no one else knows their relationship within ten steps of life and death.

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