I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 58 Where is Yin Xuezhuo?

Carrying Ji Yan on his back, Shao Xin slowly went up the mountain.

Due to an outsider’s invasion, the mountain formation was activated. The Wen Yin Pavilion head came out in person, only to find that it was a disciple of the Kunning Sect who had come, carrying a girl covered in blood behind his back, and her body was filled with the breath of the Demon.

The head of the sect stepped forward to check for a moment, then straightforwardly refused to rescue her. “This woman is of unknown origin, and she has the aura of the Demon around her, it’s hard to get rid of. Our Wen Yin Pavilion has been peaceful for a hundred years. If people of unknown origin gets in, the consequences will be unimaginable”

Hearing them refuse to help her, Shao Xin went pale and whispered: “She was injured because of me. She is by no means a bad person. If the Head can save her life, the disciple will surely repay you in the future.”

The Head also looked helpless, but having no way she turned away and said indifferently: “You better leave.”

Shao Xin anxiously called: “Head!”

“Head, wait a minute”

A sword light flashed, and Shao Bai appeared on the side. The powerful pressure of the God-Transforming Stage made all the surrounding disciples look at him. Even the head of Wen Yin Pavilion immediately turned back, looking at Shao Bai in awe and uncertainty.

This is… Shao Bai, the direct disciple of Daoist Nanhai Guiyi?

His cultivation level was really shocking, combined with the sword, it was even stronger than his master back then.

He could be said to be the second sword immortal.

The head of the sect immediately restrained the surprised look on her brows and was very respectful when facing the mighty man, whose cultivation level was higher than her own. “I wonder what the so-called fellow Daoist is doing here for?”

Shao Bai swept a glance at Shao Xin beside him and said indifferently: “The head, this is my younger brother Shao Xin. He is eager to save others and acts recklessly. I just want to ask you to save the woman on his back, and this favor will be repaid in the future.”

Shao Xin didn’t expect him to help him, pursing his lips slightly, and wanted to refute that he didn’t want his plea, but remembering the dying Ji Yan on his back, he still held back.

If the Wen Yin pavilion couldn’t save her, no one can really save her.

The young man’s face was pale, his eyelashes drooped down, and he did not say anything.

Seeing her not replying, Shao Bai once again continued: “If the head suspects that she is in collusion with the demons, and is not relieved to save her, you can put her under house arrest for treatment. I will also be here in the next few days, can guarantee that no demons dare to invade here.”

Shao Bai has said to this extent that the Sect Leader also really dared not say anything else. The God of Transformation Stage took the initiative to say that he owed the favor to Wen Yin Pavilion, which had already given her an extreme face.

She no longer hesitated, turned around and instructed the disciples: “Take this girl into the backyard.”

The surrounding disciples hurriedly stepped forward and helped the girl on his back. The Head Sect looked at Shao Bai again and said with a smile: “I see that fellow Taoist injuries are also not minor, so why don’t you follow me and let the disciple heal you.”

Shao Bai gave a “Hum”, and put the sword to the sheath, and followed the head. As he walked away, his back was cold and his clothes fluttered in the air.

He didn’t even spare a glance at Shao Xin at all.

Leaving Shao Xin alone, who stood in the same place with his head down and said nothing.

Since the rescue was timely, Ji Yan’s life was saved that day.

It’s just that she was in a coma for a week, and her body was still extremely weak. She was locked in an attic called “Feng Wu Tower”, surrounded with many enchantments, and only the female disciples who took care of her could enter. Shao Xin and Shao Bai walked freely in Wen Yin Pavilion, and the heads of the clan and the elders did not dare to offend this sword immortal.

Although he hated to admit it, Shao Xin realized his weakness and incompetence, and never took the initiative to talk to Shao Bai, but went to visit Ji Yan every day.

It has been almost a week, but she hadn’t opened her eyes even once, and her life depends on the spirit grass elixir. According to a female disciple who took care of her, she had no spiritual roots, so even if she ate the elixir, it would take a time to heal her.

Shao Xin rubbed Bai Bai’s teeth in his palm and looked at Ji Yan’s quiet profile.

Later, Shao Bai saw he was bent on Ji Yan, and refused to give him a good face. After some time he came on his own initiative to explain, saying that he had seen her protect Yin Xuezhuo so he attacked her.

The two tyrannical masters of divine level cultivation confronted each other, at every turn the sky would fall apart. All the surrounding creatures evaded a few miles away to spare their lives. But she still remained on his side and was always within ten steps of the demon.

For that demon, she even risked her life.

Shao Xin was sure she really liked that Demon.

It’s not the kind of liking that was always nagging in front of him before, but the love that she herself didn’t even notice it.

He used to listen to her putting Yin Xuezhuo on her mouth and praise him one moment and scold him the next. Maybe it was from that time that he had discovered the truth faintly.

It was only now that he came to his senses.

He lowered his eyes, feeling an indescribable sense of loss in his heart, unsure whether after she woke up, she would resent him for cheating her, or if she would cry and clamor to find Yin Xuezhuo.

On the ninth day, Ji Yan finally woke up.

Just as he was about to leave Feng Wu Tower, he heard a weak cry behind him. Halting on the track, he swiftly turned around in surprise and quickly rushed to the bed. Because of his rush, he almost bumped his knee.

It was a sunny day, and the morning sun penetrated the small building and fell on the girl lying on the bed, making her pale face almost seem transparent. Her eyelashes trembled, and then she slowly opened her eyes with difficulty.

And what came into her sight was Shao Xin’s anticipated face.

Ji Yan stared at him blankly for a few seconds, and it took a long time for her to realize that she was still alive.

She was still alive, not dead.

“I…” She tried to speak, but the moment she opened her mouth, she felt her throat was so painful that it was about to crack. Shao Xin hurriedly poured a glass of water and fumbled to feed it to her, but because of anxiety, he couldn’t feed her in any way, instead, he got her clothes wet.

“I’m sorry…” He withdrew his hand at a loss.

Ji Yan leaned weakly against the side of the bed, so tired that she couldn’t even lift her arms, but under the slightly flapping eyelashes, a pair of moist and translucent eyes were looking at him peacefully.

Her eyes were so clean that Shao Xin did not dare to look at her eyes for a second.

He turned his head away and hurriedly went outside again to call someone.

The female disciples who took care of Ji Yan soon came in and gathered around her bedside. Asking about her health,  taking needles to feel her pulse, and feeding the elixir. Shao Xin was isolated from the crowd and remained silent for a long time, but in the end he did not dare to face Ji Yan and turned around and went out.

Ji Yan only felt dizzy, shifting figures in front of her eyes. They were all strangers, and she couldn’t tell who was who, and she didn’t know where she was.

Where is Yin Xuezhuo?

Where did he go? Why do the people around her… they all look like people instead of demons?

Did she return to the human race?

She didn’t know what was going on, she just moved slightly, but her abdomen hurt like hell that she broke into a cold sweat. Ji Yan knew she was very weak, so she let them do their thing, and not long after, she passed out again.

She woke up intermittently many times overnight, and every time she woke up she was alone in the room, looking at the empty room, she was dazed and momentarily at a loss.

“Yin Xuezhuo?”

She called out tentatively.

But no one responded to her.

Yin Xuezhuo was also injured. Since she didn’t die, he wouldn’t die either, so why didn’t he show up? Ji Yan moved her right hand with difficulty, but found that her waist was empty, and her storage bag had long been taken away.

Without the bell, she didn’t know how to call him, but she inadvertently raised her hand, only to find that her right hand was holding something.

The thing seemed transparent and hard to be noticed by people. As soon as Ji Yan raised her hand, it suddenly turned into a solid body and appeared in her palm.

It is Xuan Binglin.

Seeing this she didn’t know what to say for a while, just stared at the scales blankly.

Yin Xuezhuo…why did he give her his scales?

Where did he go again? Is he still with her?

With this mere thought, she panicked all of a sudden. Even if she knew that they had a contact within ten steps, she was still afraid that he was not there. If he was still there, then why didn’t he show up yet? She held the scales in her palm tightly, and because of the force, a faint blue vein appeared on the back of her hand.

She lowered her head and bit her lip, and after a long while, she silently hid the Xuan Bing scales on her body, covered the quilt, and closed her eyes again to rest.

She had to get better quickly.

Maybe once she gets better, he will show up?

Having stayed in the room all day long, she didn’t know what day it was and lost count of it.

Ji Yan was recovering from illness, Shao Xin avoided her for many days, but finally came to see her.

It’s just that she didn’t take the initiative to speak, and he didn’t say anything.

He was the one who hurt her badly he was very guilty about it. He just brought her tea and water every day, and talked to her about irrelevant topics, such as answering where this place was and how she came here.

After that, there was another long silence.

He repeatedly tried to explain to her, but she didn’t have the heart to listen.

In fact, there was nothing to listen to. He was just helping his biological brother, even if he didn’t want to harm her, he still wanted to harm Yin Xuezhuo.

She knew very well.

They all wanted to hurt her Zhuo Zhuo.

But no matter what they do, she won’t change her position.

Ji Yan has been recuperating for many days, and her spirit has improved a little. But she still only walks around in this small attic, except for looking at the lake and mountains outside the window in a daze, most of the time lying in the bed to sleep.

She couldn’t remember how long she slept, and sometimes she slept all day, and no matter how noisy the outside was, she still slept peacefully.

It’s just that one day, on the willow moon, there was no wind outside the window, not even the sound of birds and cicadas.

Only a ray of moonlight shone into the window, piercing the dead darkness of the room.

A strand of black robe slowly appeared beside the bedside could be seen through the moonlight.

The man’s long hair was cascading, a pair of pointed ears came out of his black hair, and the corners of his eyes were still strangely red.

He stood quietly in a beam of moonlight, his eyelashes were covered with frost, like snow and ice that had not melted for a thousand years, and the dark pupils were glowing with cold colors.

Just like this, he stood by the bed, quietly looking at the sleeping Ji Yan on the bed.

Live, clean, and warm Ji Yan.

He was seriously injured and difficult to transform, and just as he condensed a little bit of consciousness, he could feel everything around him. He saw how she endured the pain and healed alone, how she called his name alone, and how carefully she hid his scales to her heart.

As soon as he regained some of his vitality, he rushed to appear.

He bent down slightly, his long hair slid down his shoulders, and landed on the side of her fair cheeks, his dark eyes harbor a little unfathomable emotion. Somehow, he seemed gentle and harmless.

“Ji Yan…” He raised his finger, and gently slid it across the side of her cheek, and asked in puzzlement: “Why do you call my name?”

“Why are you giving up your life for me?”

“Why, it seems you can’t do without me again?”

The tip of his nose rubbed her cheek. It was still fragrant, and it was the familiar Ji Yan.

He just couldn’t figure it out. The relationship between him and her didn’t seem to be what he always thought, but exactly how, he couldn’t say. It seemed that it exceeded all his cognition over the past three hundred years.

No one has taught him how to care about a little bit, and why she was different from others.

He couldn’t help but mutter, “Why?”

There was a figure coming outside the house, since he was seriously injured, his breath was weak. For a while, he didn’t notice anyone approaching until someone pushed the door in. He changed back to his normal appearance, his stern eyes looked over, and the hostility in his eyes startled the person.

It was a woman.

The female disciple originally felt there was movement here, so she came up to take a look, but she didn’t expect to hear his self-talk outside the door, saying those silly words.

It’s not that the female disciple had never tasted the feeling of liking people. Although she didn’t know who it was, from his words, he must not be a wicked person.

She simply pushed the door in. Although she was startled by his terrifying eyes as soon as she entered, she calmly lowered her voice and said with a laugher: “Because she likes you.”

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