I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 59 Something is Wrong

“Because she likes you.”

Yin Xuezhuo stood on the spot, his gloomy eyes fell on the person, his fingernails which hid in the sleeves grew sharper and sharper, and just as he was about to make a move to kill her, paused on the process because of this sentence.


His eyes flickered, once again his eyes became innocent and clear, turning his head to look at Ji Yan lying on the side.

She…likes him?

What kind of like was this? Is it the likes he had heard of before? Can’t live without him, wish him well, always miss him in her heart?

Was it like that?

Looking at Ji Yan, he pursed his thin lips slightly, and said nothing for a while.

Seeing his bewildered expression, the female disciple couldn’t help covering her lips and smiled. Walking to Ji Yan’s side, she got her pulse to make sure that she was in good health, then she whispered to Yin Xuezhuo. “Although I don’t know who you are, to barge in here in the middle of the night to see her, she must be very important to you. Don’t you like her?”

She seemingly raised her eyes and looked at him as, ‘Where does it seem that you don’t like her?’

Yin Xuezhuo slowly thought about the word “like”, and the hostility between his eyebrows disappeared completely, his long hair fell on the shoulders, his eyebrows were clean and harmless, no half aggression.

He stared at the female disciple blankly.

Does he like Ji Yan? He did not know about that. But he doesn’t like her? He didn’t think that was the case. So the antonym of dislike means like?

He said: “I should like her.”

His voice wasn’t small, and Ji Yan on one side seemed to be disturbed. She fell asleep because of the medicine, now her eyebrows moved restlessly, but she never opened her eyes.

The female disciple lowered her voice, made a “silent” gesture, beckoned to Yin Xuezhuo, signaling him to speak outside, so as not to wake Ji Yan up.

And by some miracle, the Demon Yin Xuezhuo actually followed her a few steps outside, and just as thought of something, he suddenly stopped in his tracks and stood there.

The female disciple turned her head suspiciously, and saw him refused to go further. He hadn’t even reached the door yet, and from his position, he could still see Ji Yan’s sleeping face when turning his head.

She didn’t understand why he didn’t leave, after seeing Ji Yan, she just thought that he was worried about her. How many men are this infatuated today? She was moved for a while, so she simply let him be and lowered her voice to ask: “Dare to ask the son, what does your ‘should’ mean?”

Yin Xuezhuo said: “I don’t know what like is…not sure, but a little sure.”

Female disciple: “If she likes you, will you be happy?”

Yin Xuezhuo nodded: “Surely, I am happy, but also very puzzled.”

“Why are you puzzled?”

“She has no reason to like me.”

“You don’t need a reason to like someone.” The female disciple couldn’t help but ask again: “She was so badly injured and almost died. If she really died, would you be sad?”

Yin Xuezhuo pursed his lips. “She was injured because of me, and I will accompany her to die.”

The disciple didn’t expect his answer to be so paranoid, but she was also slightly shocked by such decisive words. Since he was willing to live and die together, why was he still not even sure of his liking?

She said: “You do like her, you don’t want to see her get hurt, you treat her differently than others, since you’re not even afraid to die, it’s not even the right word to say ‘like’, you should have deeper feelings.”

……is it?

Yin Xuezhuo suddenly understood.

A deeper feeling was to frankly admit that she was his most important person, not because of forced connection, but should be together.

Being with Ji Yan was a very happy thing.

He could be with her forever, always together, she was kind to him, he would be kind to her, even better than before.

Was It possible to go beyond liking and have a deeper feeling?

Yin Xuezhuo blinked his eyelashes, and suddenly walked over to the bed, lowered his head, looking intently at Ji Yan’s face.

The female disciple could not help but smile a little when she saw that he seemed to have opened up his mind. Seeing him next to Ji Yan, she wanted to remind him not to stay here for too long, lest someone find out that he had trespassed into the Wen Yin Pavilion, and then the consequences would be unpredictable, but after another thought, she remembered the god-transforming power who stayed in Wen Yin Pavilion.

What kind of cultivation should this person be, so as not to disturb all formations, come in and out silently, and not even disturb that mighty one?

When thinking of this, the disciple’s face changed slightly, and the word got stuck in her throat. After a little thought she felt it was still not easy to intervene here, so she turned around and went out.

By the time Ji Yan woke up, she always felt something was wrong all over her body.

But what exactly was wrong, she couldn’t put a finger on it.

She felt her belt was a little loose; the bedding was a little messy, and even one pillow was placed crookedly. She also remembered that she didn’t like the tropical climate here, so she didn’t cover the quilt when she slept. Why did she wake up wrapped in a silkworm pupa by three layers from top to bottom?

What’s going on!

Was a flower picking thief came here in the middle of night to do something to her? No, it seemed it wasn’t the case, since her clothes were intact, and it didn’t look like she had been ravaged, rather it looked more like Bai Bai sneaked into the boudoir and caused trouble.

Thinking of Bai Bai, Ji Yan suddenly felt a little melancholy.

The days when she was in the Demon Camp, she was really happy, but later Bai Bai followed his dad, and then something happened to her and Yin Xuezhuo, and she didn’t know what happened to Demon Realm and how Bai Bai was.

Shao Xin had already handed Bai Bai’s teeth over to her.

She caressed Bai Bai’s tooth, which belonged to Demons. The arc was slightly curved, it was as white as ivory, hard and sharp, and when the fingers reached the tips, they would easily bleed.

That day, Shao Xin had no time to ask Bai Bai how to use this thing. Ji Yan looked at it for a long time, but she also didn’t know how to use it. She still had to wait for Yin Xuezhuo to appear before she could find a way to tell Bai Bai her safety.

Thinking of Yin Xuezhuo, Ji Yan had a headache.

Isn’t this demon very capable! Even her spirit has improved a lot, but he hasn’t come out yet!

…Shouldn’t the connection be broken, right?

It shouldn’t.

Ji Yan waited, waited and patiently waited for so many days. The more she thought about it, the more afraid she became because the connection was broken. She hurriedly called the system in her mind.

Ji Yan: System! system! Come out!

[Host, what’s the matter? 】

Ji Yan: Where is Yin Xuezhuo? Is he okay? Why didn’t he show up?

[Why do you care so much about him? 】

Ji Yan:? ? ? What? If I don’t care about him, whom should I care about, you?

This system seems a bit stupid.

[…] The system was silent for a while, even the electronic sound, which had remained the same for years, a strong helplessness could be heard in its voice [Forget it, you have already twisted the plot anyway, whatever you want]

The system was also gone.

At first, it repeatedly asked her not to act recklessly and leave the field immediately, but she didn’t believe it, until she found out that the other party had taken the Wan Qiu Jian, it was too late to run away.

The system was different from Ji Yan. It was a God’s perspective, but sometimes it wasn’t convenient for spoilers, so she still has to trigger the plot by herself.

Then what did it see?

Oh, did Yin Xuezhuo also like her?

All right, the plot already went skewed, if it is skewed, then let it be.

What would happen next, the system does not know.

It could only sigh with emotion, “If you survive a catastrophe, you will have a blessing in the future.” After all, after the plot collapsed, it unexpectedly triggered Shao Xin’s favorability, and was rescued her. Without gaoler, it was already considered to be good.

The system sweated a lot for her.

Now it was called out to ask Yin Xuezhuo’s being, so its temper went up, and said with a bit of yin and yang.

[The connection is not that easy to break off. Of course he is not dead, he is also the core character of the plot, what do you still play when he’s dead? Do you think I am free?】After the system finished speaking, it added a cold [hum]

Ji Yan: “…”

The electronic voice with that pretentious and arrogant tone, which abruptly made Ji Yan get goosebumps.

Damn you, can’t you talk properly?

Who did you learn this rather lackluster attitude from?

However, from this she was sure that Yin Xuezhuo was okay and was relieved, and she didn’t bother to deal with the system anymore. Finding a comfortable posture to sit against the window, she looked up at the scenery outside the window, feeling that the sect’s scenery was not bad. 

The human world still has its beauty in it, which differed completely from the Demon Realm. The Demon Realm had no sunlight for thousands of years and there was only a red full moon in the sky.

After watching the scenery for half a day, she heard footsteps coming from outside and turned her head to see that it was the female disciples who had been taking care of her before.

Every day they came to give her pulse and apply medicine, and took care of her meticulously. She was drowsy before, but now she was in better spirits, so looking at the female disciple she asked: “Sister, how is my injury now? It’s…”

The female disciple said with a smile, “My name is Qin Yu. Just call me by my name. Your injury has healed a lot, but it still needs to be carefully treated. Your body is weaker than ordinary people. Even with the elixir, it will take at least one month to completely restore vitality.”

“Thank you, Sister Qin.” Ji Yan gave a sweet smile to her, and Qin Yu couldn’t help teasing: “Ms. Ji is thinking about getting better soon. Are you in a hurry to see someone?”

Ji Yan:? ? ?

Ji Yan was stunned for a moment, thinking, ‘No way, do they all think she has something to do with Shao Xin? What kind of strange misunderstanding is this!’

Ji Yan hurriedly tried to explain, but Qin Yu turned and left with a clear face of “I know everything”.

Ji Yan: “…”

Just, what exactly did you guys know?

Ji Yan was a little at a loss.

At night, thinking about things in her heart, she still couldn’t fall asleep turning and tossing on the bed. She simply closed her eyes and counted the sheep, counting from one to a hundred, counted wrong and re-counted. But, the more she counted, the better her spirit was, and she rolled over a few times violently. After that, she finally closed her eyes and remained motionless.

After lying like this for an unknown amount of time, she felt a little sleepy, but all of sudden she felt a furry thing leaning against her neck.

Ji Yan: “!”

Slightly startled, she did not dare to move or open her eyes, only felt that the fluffy lump was like a pile of hair. Instantly, her mind filled with pictures of various ghost movies. Enhanced by the wind outside, which sounded like a ghost, heightened the atmosphere.

Ji Yan felt that the fluffy ball of neck was moving.

Along with that, something cold slowly rubbed against her skin, and the long hair slipped in front of her chest, with the cold touch of the skin.

I was rubbing against her alone.

It tickled her and she suspected that she had been rubbed like this last night, that was why she felt that something was wrong this morning.

Damn it.

In the end! Which one! Stupid thing!

Ji Yan’s anger flared up at once, and she slapped it directly.

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