I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 60 If You Like Me I also Like You

A crisp “pop” suddenly resounded in the quiet room.

Ji Yan: “Ah!”

She hissed a breath, felt her face inexplicably a pain. It was very clear she slapped someone else, but why did she hurt too!

No way… Having had a bad hunch, she sat up abruptly, shrinking back warily, looking out for people through the moonlight.

Then she saw Yin Xuezhuo.

Ji Yan: “…”

Yin Xuezhuo: “…”

A big red palm print on Yin Xuezhuo’s face, which was particularly dazzling against his white jade skin. His long hair fell on his cheeks, his eyelashes swayed, and his dark eyes looked at her innocently, seemingly before he knew what was going on, her backhand directly slapped him.

Ji Yan blankly stared at him for a while and was dumbfounded!

Why is it Yin Xuezhuo! ! !

When did he be sneaky like a thief? How could he be messing around like Bai Bai, and why did he pop out of nowhere, without even saying hello, just moving his hands and feet directly!

Ji Yan shook the hand that slapped him, her palm was slightly numb because of too much force.

Not only did her hands hurt, but her face was also burning hot, and even her teeth were slightly sour.

Her slap on him was tantamount to hitting herself. No one slapped her so hard, and she got this slap innocently. Even if she slapped him, she felt wronged for a while.

Especially after seeing this person.

This person never showed up, and when he did show up, he was sneaky. She had been worried for so long, and now after doing all this, how could he still have that innocent expression.

She stared fixedly at Yin Xuezhuo for a while, then suddenly her nose felt sour, and her eyes became watery.

She blinked her tears away, and swiftly turned her head, sniffed in a low voice, and quickly wiped away the teardrops from the corners of her eyes.

Yin Xuezhuo was very confused and stared at her blankly.

He was beaten by her inexplicably, there was still some fire in it. At this moment, he didn’t understand what was wrong with her. It was very obvious that she was the one who beat him, even he didn’t care about it, yet why was she crying?

Yin Xuezhuo hustled in curiosity and took her hand over her eyes. Ji Yan turned her head away from him. So he slid his arm down on her slender waist and hugged her back against him. Ji Yan’s back hit his chest, and she was forced to raise her head by pinching her pointed chin, revealing a pair of rabbit-like red eyes.

He asked: “Why are you crying?”

Ji Yan opened her eyes wide and stared at him, biting her lower lip. He thought for a moment and brushed his finger across his cheek.

The burning pain disappeared in an instant, and the slapped red cheeks were restored to their original state.

Yin Xuezhuo lowered his eyes and said in a low voice, “It doesn’t hurt anymore, no more crying.”

Even unknown to him, his voice carried tenderness, which simply didn’t belong to the big demon all along, but such a tone made her cry even harder.

Tears were falling like worthless golden beans, clattering down.

The grievances of these days, the loneliness of being alone, the sadness that she thought she was going to die, all rushed out at once.

She suddenly raised her arm and hugged his neck tightly.

Yin Xuezhuo’s body stiffened.

In fact, it wasn’t the first time she hugged him like this, but when she hugged him now, the realization that “she likes him” inexplicably appeared in his mind. This kind of hug should also be a sign of liking, right?

After a moment of hesitation, he also raised his arm, hugged her back, pressed her tightly in his arms, and rubbed her sideburns.

Soon he felt the wet touch on his neck.

Ji Yan was like a waterfall, just holding him and crying.

Although he didn’t know what she was crying about, he explained seriously: “I was seriously injured and difficult to transform. I only appeared yesterday. During the day, I can’t be spotted by too many people…”

He still can’t beat Shao Bai for the time being.

Ji Yan nodded slowly, as if not wanting to hear it, sniffed, then broke into a smile, and muttered, “I’m just worried.”

Worried about many things, mainly about him.

Instead, he thought she was afraid of being bullied in his absence and said soothingly. “I won’t lose you.”

His cold fingertips traced the corners of her lips, his eyes dimmed, and he whispered. “Even if I lose you, I will find it back, and no one can take you away from me.”

Holding her tightly, he felt how terrible it feels to not hold anything these days. He was a little greedy for this feeling, cramming her tightly in his arms, lowering his head, rubbing her cheeks with his lips, and saying: “Someone told me that you like me.” 

“…” Ji Yan froze for a moment, her small face burned hot, from the neck to the roots of her ears, struggling vigorously in his arms twice, as if trying to escape, only to be held firmly in his arms again.

His voice was low as he slowly asked her. “Is that right?”

Her cheeks flushed and she rested her forehead against his chest.

“Do you like me?”

He had to hold her chin to make her look up. Ji Yan turned her head to avoid him, while her little hand pushed him, Yin Xuezhuo restrained her frantic hands with one hand, insisted on making her look him in the eyes, and asked again: “Do you like me?”

Ji Yan: “…”

No, so

‘Since she secretly likes him, besides herself, does anyone else know?’

Didn’t she follow the secret love route?

Why all of a sudden “somebody told him” ah!

What kind of fairy told Yin Xuezhuo without her knowledge?

What kind of divine development was this!

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