I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 60.2

Ji Yan was a little dazed, and remembered Qin Yu’s teasing during the day, and always felt something was wrong, but couldn’t put her finger on it at once, now she vaguely understand it. Before she could turn around completely, she once again heard him say: “If you like me, I can also like you.”

Yin Xuezhuo’s words ‘I can also like you’ echoed in her mind many times.

He felt as if he liked her, but if she did not, then he would have lost face, but he did not want to deny his feelings for her, and felt obliged to tell her so she would understand that she was his.

After going around and around, he added an “if”, “if” she likes him, he can have a pleasing relationship with her.

So, she has to say “like” quickly.

Ji Yan looked at Yin Xuezhuo dumbfounded, this childish statement of his made the original embarrassment laughable.

Can he also …… like her?

She no longer wriggled, sat up straight and looked at him, and said seriously: “Of course I like you, I always like you.”

Yin Xuezhuo: “Then I like you too.”

“Yeah.” Ji Yan tried to hold back a smile, but the smile on her lips could not be tucked away. Yin Xuezhuo made her sit on his lap and hugged her tightly in his arms, like a child hugging a doll, rubbing his temples against her cheek, and the atmosphere fell silent for a while.

He was like a big dog, quietly rubbing against her, the place where his fingers touched became hot like fire.

It was a very simple thing to say, but when once it was said, it seemed as if the window paper had suddenly been punctured. All the reservations were made at a glance, and people became unscrupulous. Every familiar action that had been done seemed to suddenly become ambiguous. The air became sweet and sticky, like a candy that cannot be melted.

Such as habitual hugs.

Ji Yan leaned her head on his neck, playing with his long hair, and as she snuggled close, she accidentally rubbed her lower lip against his cheek. With newfound courage she nudged a little bit closer, brushing her lips against his cheek. 

His skin was smooth and delicate, and his profile was so beautiful that she wanted to bite him.

She looked up and suddenly raised her hand to hook his neck, and whispered to him: “Zhou.”


“Zhou, I want to touch your wings.” She asked.

As soon as she said this, he let go of her. She thought he was going to refuse again, but he laid her flat on the bed and lay down slightly on top of her, his cheek still affectionately rubbing her sideburns.

The translucent butterfly wings behind him slowly stretched out.

Like a silkworm breaking through the cocoon into a butterfly, wings emerged from his back little by little, illuminating a light blue glow through the moonlight streaming in, it was a breathtaking aesthetic, that could be hard to describe in any words. 

The wings fluttered twice in the air, and then quietly drooped down, like a thin quilt, tightly covering them together.

Yin Xuezhuo slightly propped his arm up, the tip of his nose next to hers, Ji Yan saw his ears popping out, pointy and cute.

She raised her fingers tentatively, touched his ears and his wings.

His ears were like cat ears, which would tremble when touched. She stroked along the outline, gradually making him squint comfortably, and even subconsciously rubbed them against her palm.

What a big demon, he was obviously a big cat.

As she traced his wings, she felt a place without scales, abruptly sobered up and looked at him and asked, “This is the piece you gave me…”

She remembered the Xuan scale, and hurriedly pulled out the scale from her arms, and stuffed it into his hand like a hot potato. “Return it to you, I don’t want it.”

Yin Xuezhuo frowned, “Why don’t you want it?”

Hearing this, she felt like crying without tears. “What do I want your scales for? It grows them on your body well, why do you have to pull them out?”

“Because I’m willing to give it to you.” He shook his wings and whispered: “All the scales on this can be given to you, and don’t want it back.” The corners of his eyes glowed brightly, and he rubbed her side face again, hooking up a cool smile, “If one day, I really will die, I will destroy my body and take you with me.”

Ji Yan: “…”

She couldn’t laugh or cry, seeing him who started talking harshly again. Yin Xuezhuo held the scales in his palm and suddenly pressed it to the necklace around her neck. The blue flame leaped from his palm, instantly melting the Xuan Bing scales into her necklace.

The originally seemingly ordinary necklace gradually showed a strange luster, as if it had been transformed.

“In the future, if someone hurts you, the Xuan Bing Scale will transfer part of it to me, and you won’t die.”

Yin Xuezhao proudly hooked his lips, very satisfied with his masterpiece. The wings behind him suddenly closed, and with a flip he changed position and it was her, who was lying on top of him, while the wings were like silkworm chrysalis enveloped her, keeping her from getting up.

He said in her ear: “How about going to sleep like this from now on?”

Without waiting for her reply, he directly reached out and pressed his finger on the back of her neck, Ji Yan suddenly felt sleepy, shrinking in his arms, and the breath of Yin Xuezhuo came over her face.

The smell on Yin Xuezhuo’s body was very clean, without any fragrance, but it was just for her to feel that this was his smell.

The long insomnia finally came to an abrupt end, Ji Yan’s eyelids began to fight, and sleepiness pervaded.

She raised her hand to hold his face, pecked him on the lips and whispered, “Zhou, good night.”

After she finished speaking, she heard him explain seriously: “I don’t sleep, you go to sleep, I’ll look after you.”

She remembered that Nightmare has always had no dreams and no need to sleep.

For some reason, the tip of her nose became sour again, and she wanted to say something more sensational, but he pressed the back of her neck again, and overwhelmed by drowsiness her eyes closed on their own and she plunged into darkness.

A good night’s sleep.

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