I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 63.2

If a person wanted to sleep, that time no sleep would come but was full of energy. The same thing happened to Ji Yan’s case, she kept tossing, turning, not being able to sleep, and finally sat up on the bed thinking wildly, dreaming, and lay again tossing until dawn. Early in the morning, Shao Bai and Shao Xin went out to meet Yin Miaorou’s informant, who had been arranged in advance. Ji Yan was left alone in the inn by herself, only then did she fall asleep.

But it didn’t last long, soon they came back and interrupted her sleep. Ji Yan, who had dark circles under her eyes, lies on the table drowsily. Shao Bai was holding a letter in his hand, and stood far away from her when opening it. Obviously not wanting her to see those contents.

Ji Yan: ‘Tsk.’

What to guard against, what was there to guard against? Did he think by doing this she wouldn’t be able to see the content?

Humph! She was the one who had read the whole book.

Not to mention what was written in Yin Miaorou’s letter, she even knew what boudoir love words the hero and heroine said when they were making out. Later, because of the poor villain Yin Xuezhuo she had brushed the book hastily.

In the original book at this time, the situation in Liuhua City was complicated. Because Yin Miaorou was missing, several elders of the Kunning faction tried to seize the position of the Clan head. So on the surface, it looked like they were trying hard to find the head, but in fact they were secretly controlling the situation and kept suppressing Yin Miaorou’s people. And also united with other immortal gates to take the seat of Ji Yunqing’s Immortal League leader in one fell swoop.

However, Yin Miaorou had long anticipated this situation, and arranged a few cronies in advance before missing. If she had an accident, Shao Bai would go to her people according to the previous agreement with her.

Ji Yan remembered, at the end of the letter. Yin Miaorou mentioned the hardship during this period, recounts her friendship with Shao Bai over the years. After reading the letter, the heartbroken Shao Bai swore to rescue Yin Miaorou with a big heart.

As recalled this, she paid attention to Shao Bai’s expression, and sure enough his expression became more and more painful, and he almost shed tears holding the letter.

What a deep love.

Fortunately, Yin Xuezhuo no longer likes Yin Miaorou … Ji Yan thought about the way Yin Xuezhuo made this expression, and was instantly disgusted and had goosebumps all over her body.

It was too greasy and not cute at all. 

While she was lying on the table full of strange thoughts, a faint aroma reached her nose, along with a pair of dark eyes appeared in front of her, Shao Xin also lying opposite her, handing her the steaming meat bun.

“It’s something I’ve gone out to buy. You don’t have the grain skills. In addition, your body is weak and you need to eat more.” Shao Xin lowered his eyes and said, “I just don’t know what stuffed buns you like. So I randomly bought one, do you want to try?”

In fact, since her injury, although both of them were still talking terms, they were a lot more awkward.

He pushed the bun over, hesitating for fear that she would not accept his kindness.

Ji Yan lowered her eyes and looked at the bun in front of her.


Just then, her stomach called out of time.

Looking at the fragrant steamed bun in front of her, she sighed.

Forget it, why did she have to wrong her body to get angry with Shao Xin? Even if it wasn’t for herself, she still had to take good care of herself for Yin Xuezhuo’s quick recovery.

With this thought, she picked up the steamed buns. Shao Xin’s eyes instantly lit up. While she lowered and finished eating in small mouthfuls, looked at the remaining two steamed buns, thought for a while, and pushed one of them to Shao Xin.

Ji Yan: “You should eat too.”

Hearing this, his eyes became brighter, and he was busy holding up the buns, “Well, I will eat too, and you will eat too!”

“…” There is no need to be so excited.

In fact, she just couldn’t finish eating, and he kept staring at her without blinking, his gaze was so intense that she couldn’t eat it.

Eat together, you won’t have this trouble.

Ji Yan was silent for a moment, thinking that he might have misunderstood her behavior.

Shao Bai stood by the window with his back to them. After an unknown period of time, he finally adjusted his emotions, carefully folded the letter and placed it in his chest pocket. He took a deep breath, and the infinite love in his heart slowly grew, so that he felt nostalgic when he remembered the past.

Even for the sake of the woman he loves, he must do his best to save the overall situation…

No matter how many difficulties and obstacles he faces…

With a sigh, he turned around and saw his brother and the girl sitting face to face, each holding a fragrant bun in his hand, eating deliciously.

Ji Yan commented while eating: “The skin of this bun is very thin, and the filling is delicious.”

“This is a time-honored brand.” Shao Xin explained with a smile, “Their steamed buns have always been delicious. I used to go down to buy their buns to eat when I was not yet cultivating to open up the valley.”

Ji Yan: “It’s really good. What kind of stuffing is this? It doesn’t feel like pork or beef.”

“It’s venison.”Shao Xin said “There are flocks of wild deer around Liuhua City, and they are often hunted.”

Ji Yan: “Oh, that’s the case. This is the first time I ate venison.”

Shao Xin: “Eat more if you like.”

“…” Shao Bai stared at the two of them, but didn’t respond for a while about what’s going on.

He was still worried about the current situation, so what was going on with these two guys! Still eating while discussing whether the buns taste good?!

Brother, you are treating the prisoner so well, do you know the priorities?

Shao Bai cleared his throat and coughed slowly in an attempt to get their attention.

However, no one looked at him.

The author has something to say: Shao Bai will not be an eyesore all the time, don’t worry, Ji Yan is the best at being easygoing, and will not be bullied.

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