I Became the Villain’s Pendant
I Became the Villain’s Pendant Chapter 63 Single Room

It was called Liuhua located in the hinterland of the human race, near the capital of Gaodu, surrounded by mountains and lakes, beautiful scenery, and plenty of spiritual veins.

The three major immortal cultivation sects were entrenched here, one of which was the Kunning Sect, the strength of this place was second to Gaodu and Luo City. Just upon entering the city gate, one could see a continuous stream of pedestrians. The streets were full of noise and bustle, and immortal disciples could be seen everywhere, which was far better than Linshuang City.

Following Shao Bai down on the street, Ji Yan looked at the surrounding people.

Every then and now, a sword light flashed across the sky with sect disciples on it. Not only that, there were also a few uniformly dressed disciples patrolling around in the ground. Although the people seemed normal, Ji Yan could see some unusual tension and anxiety in those patrol disciples.

It seemed that something terrible had happened.

But when thinking about it, she found it was completely normal. After all, Yin Miaorou and Ji Yunqing’s two main characters had disappeared and not long after, the demons attacked the human race. These were only on the surface, underth this there were people secretly fighting with each other, taking advantage of the opportunity to seek benefits?

Ji Yan quietly observed Shao Bai’s face… Indeed, Shao Bai also looked quite alert.

He never let his guard down because it was his old acquaintance’s territory.

He was really worthy of a capable person in the whole book, this boss has saved the heroine many times.

Shao Xin as a disciple of the Kunning Sect, went missing in Linshuang City. Now he was back to Liuhua City, so it stands to reason that he should return to his sect to report. He also did want to go, but Shao Bai said faintly: “I will contact the Kunning Sect personally, if you go now, it will only startle the snake. There’s no need to hurry, let’s settle down in the inn first.”

Saying that he went on and choosed a relatively ordinary inn to settle down and asked the boss for a room.


There’s only one room.

Ji Yan: “So, the three of us are going to…?”

The two men cast her strange looks.

Shao Xin coughed unnaturally, and explained: “I’ll practice with him at night, so we won’t sleep, the bed is just for you.”

Oh, dare to say that they love to cultivate immortals at night. It was like the modern young people staying awake till late nights to play games.

But no matter what angle she thought it was still very inconvenient. As a girl, how could she share a room with two boys? Of course, the point is that if she shared a room with them, how could Yin Xuezhuo sneak out at night and hold her to sleep? Thinking of this, she felt that she might have insomnia again.

Ji Yan continued to persuade: “But, can’t you open an extra room? I have to take a bath in addition to sleeping. This is not so good…”

Shao Xin also became embarrassed, and turned to look at Shao Bai on the side, who looked cold and had no plan of going to say anything. So having no choice, he bit the bullet and said, “Opening an extra room for one night cost 300 spirit stones. Unlike Linshuang City where you can spend money, you’ll have to save unnecessary expenses here…”

To put it bluntly, there was no money.

Who could have imagined that the powerful Sword Fairy, Shao Bai, who has countless elixir magic weapons, would have no money.

And was stingy enough to share a room with the girl.

Ji Yan: “…”

So what about his money? Can’t he sell some magic weapons? Why are you so stingy?

But what Ji Yan didn’t know was that before Shao Bai went to the Demon Realm to save Shao Xin, he specially prepared a teleportation talisman at a high price. The price of a teleportation talisman broke through the sky. Later, for his younger brother, he asked Wenyin Pavilion to save Ji Yan. Those top pills used by the Wenyin Pavilion were priceless, directly deprived of him.

In a blink of an eye, millions of spirit stones drifted away, and what was even more sad was it had nothing to do with Ji Yan. He had never been so poor in his life, and was so frustrated. So when hearing Ji Yan’s unsatisfactory demands, he became more and more cold.

“Another word of nonsense, you do not have to rest at night.” He said coldly.

Saying this, he walked over in front of Ji Yan with a stinking face, and stared at her coldly, as if she owed him five million.

Ji Yan:? ? ?

What did she do to him?

Does this dog man want to pull wool?

But she was a prisoner now, so apart from being wronged for not rubbing Zhou Zhou she can’t do anything about it. At night, Ji Yan sat in the room, looking at two men on the left and the right, one standing and one sitting doing practice, and no one looked at anyone.

Really worthy of being a brother.

Although she didn’t like Shao Bai, she did find that the two brothers had a similar temperament. Sometimes they were more stubborn. Shao Xin was humble and easy-going, but stubborn in his bones, while Shao Bai on the other hand, was too high-minded to be seen as defiant. Although he treats his younger brother well, every time he has the attitude of doing charity, which made no one like it.

No wonder Shao Xin had always rejected him.

It was really tough for Ji Yan to fall sleep, since her Zhou wasn’t here to cuddle her. To be honest, she was really resentful now.

A single dog like Shao Bai, who was in one sided love, would never know how she feels.

Ji Yan: Damn!

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