I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 54.2

Chapter 54 Part 2

Shi Xiaotou immediately took out a scale, took out a large bag, and put the fruit into the bag. It weighed 10 pieces.

Chen Shuiniu wrote down the weight of the bags on the side, while Wang Shengjiu was gnawing at the apples. He was staring at them, writing the weights of the bags, and checking whether the apples had quality problems one by one.

If he could run into some broken and rotten apples, he could still talk about the price. Or just eat them, not counting the money, counting their own.

However, in this batch of goods, they were all very good quality. They did not encounter any rotten or broken apples.

Wang Sheng still felt in his heart that it was quite a pity.

Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue calmly sat on the side watching. Lin Xiaoyue did not speak throughout. She was just paying attention to how they traded.

She was also a person who had never done business, but with Yan Yang on this trip, she learned something.

Lin Xiaoyue felt that the third was very powerful.

After weighing, the price was 144 yuan and 50 cents, and Yan Yang gave him 4.5 yuan of change.

Originally, he intended to wipe off the 50 cents of change, but as soon as he said something, Wang Sheng breathed out swear words for a while.

Yan Yang then smiled and made a profit of 4 yuan.

Several boxes of fruit loaded with 140 yuan can be described as a huge profit.

After a short while, Wang Sheng’s people came on a tricycle. Wang Tiesheng also came late with Wang Shengjiu’s people. He had to lead the way to Wang Sheng’s people.

Wang Sheng immediately let people carry the boxes of fruit on the tricycle, and he happily paid 140 yuan.

Before getting off, Wang Sheng also asked Yan Yang, “Is this fruit shipment of yours long-term or short-term?”

“Short-term.” This answer came from Lin Xiaoyue’s mouth.

“Yes, short-term.” Yan Yang also nodded and agreed.

These things are all from Lin Xiaoyue. If she said short-term, Yan Yang absolutely would not dare to say long-term.

It’s not good if it’s out of stock.

“Short term, short term… Next time, if you have another good, then tell me. I will come back to see. “

Wang Sheng nodded, “If there are cherries, you can trade them directly, but don’t increase the price for me next time.”

“OK.” Yan Yang nodded his head.

“When doing business with you kids, I only have that little profit every time! It really is! ” Wang Sheng complained, got on the tricycle and walked with his people.

After the group left, Yan Yang divided the 140 yuan. He gave his little brothers 30 yuan and gave the remaining 110 yuan to Lin Xiaoyue.

Although the brothers can only get a share of 10 yuan, it is already very good that they can make 10 yuan on such a trip!

The villagers who go to the production team to work only get a salary of 1 yuan and 68 cents a day.

The three of them followed Yan Yang out for half a day, and they earned 10 yuan, even without doing anything…

Money does not come too easily!

Lin Xiaoyue also felt that the money came so easily. They went out and earned 100 yuan. This feeling wasn’t equivalent to earning 10,000 yuan in the modern world?

She happily put the 100 yuan away and suddenly thought of something else. “Oh, I didn’t sell the mung bean cake I brought with me! I forgot about it! “”

Yan Yang nodded and raised his eyebrows, “Then eat it yourself.”

Lin Xiaoyue thought that the amount of mung bean cake was not much, so it would be fine to eat it by yourself.

She then took out the mung bean cake from the belt and distributed it to everyone, saying, “Then let’s all eat together! You guys come and eat too! “

“Thank you, sister-in-law. Sister-in-law is so kind!”

Wang Tieshan was the first to take the mung bean cake and eat it. Shi Xiaotou and Chen Shuiniu also came over.

One person took a piece of mung bean cake and took a bite. It was full of mung bean flavor and cheese flavor that they hadn’t tasted before…

“Wow, delicious!”

Wang Tiesheng’s eyes widened, “This is really delicious! It’s much better than that green bean cake that’s been popular in town lately! “

“I told you it was delicious.”

Lin Xiaoyue also took a piece of mung bean cake and bit into it, and also stuffed a piece into Yan Yang’s mouth. “You eat it too. Let’s finish this. It won’t be good if we leave it for a long time.”

Yan Yang took a bite. He turned his head to look out of the bus window. He suddenly got excited, “Do you want me to take you to the city for a stroll today? Have a meal in a restaurant? “

“Yes, Brother Yang!”

Wang Tieshan first agreed, and made a blunt suggestion, “Brother Yang must treat us! We haven’t eaten the wedding wine of Brother Yang and sister-in-law! Do you want to make it up today? “

When Wang Tieshan said this, he reminded Yan Yang again… When Lin Xiaoyue came to his house, let alone a wedding drink, she didn’t eat dinner that day, and only ate two after feeding the fool with a bun.

When she married him, for Yan Yang, it was his blessing, but it was hard for her.

Yan Yang’s big hand squeezed Lin Xiaoyue’s small hand. Lin Xiaoyue nodded happily, “Yes, let’s treat our little brothers to a meal today. We’ve earned so much anyway.”

“Good.” Yan Yang raised his eyebrows and nodded his head.

Hey, Brother Yang treats dinner! Thank you, sister-in-law. Ah, sister-in-law is really profoundly righteous! ” Wang Tieshan began to send out rainbow farts.

“Hehe, I can have some. Can I eat meat?” Shi Xiaotou asked with a grin.

“I know a restaurant that makes very good braised meat.” Chen Shuiniu suggested.

His proposal made Lin Xiaoyue’s eyes widen, “I want to eat red-roasted meat too!”

Yan Yang nodded unceremoniously: “Eat, just eat roast pork! Order 5 plates of roast pork, eat until you feel good! “

Inside the bus, there was a burst of screams.


After a short while, Chen Shuiniu led everyone to the restaurant, which he said was good and inexpensive.

This year, even restaurants were opened by public houses, and those who made money were also from public houses. Of course, you can also use tickets to buy food in restaurants.

Yan Yang ordered 5 plates of braised pork, steamed fish, three side dishes, and four bowls of rice.

These five plates of braised meat are put on the table. The picture should not be too attractive.

This era is still a sincere era. The number of dishes is absolutely impossible to be less.

These 5 plates of braised meat are pure meat, not combined with vegetable dishes such as potato chips. It’s delicious!

The little brothers ate very happily. Yan Yang directly put a plate of braised meat on Lin Xiaoyue’s rice.

So Lin Xiaoyue got a plate of roasted pork over rice, and the gravy of the braised meat was also delicious. There’s nothing more to say.

She scooped up the rice with gravy, then added a piece of braised meat and put it into her mouth.

The salty juice, rotten pork and saturated rice melt in the mouth.

This taste doesn’t mention how satisfied it is!

“Is it delicious?”

Yan Yang looked at Lin Xiaoyue with satisfaction. His smiling eyes narrowed into a line. He didn’t want to eat anymore because he was full of food.


Lin Xiaoyue nodded, “delicious, delicious!”

Although she ate several mung bean cakes, Lin Xiaoyue ate this bowl of braised meat covered rice cleanly.

Several brothers also ate very well. They didn’t want to talk. Everyone added two bowls of rice and ate them together with the soup of braised meat.

Only Yan Yang ate normally and did not panic.

In his eyes, these foods are not as good as how Lin Xiaoyue looked when eating.

Yan Yang patronized and appreciated her.

Once they were done eating, Yan Yang asked the brothers to do their own activities. He plans to take Lin Xiaoyue to the market for a stroll and meet on the bus in an hour.

The brothers knew that Yan Yang mainly wanted to spend time alone with his sister-in-law, so they did not disturb the couple’s alone time.

On this side, Yan Yang was already holding Lin Xiaoyue’s hand and walking through the prosperous market…

With a large amount of money in his pocket, Yan Yang told Lin Xiaoyue that he could afford to buy whatever she wanted to buy.

Lin Xiaoyue didn’t buy anything but was in a good mood.

When Yan Yang wanted to buy some snacks, Lin Xiaoyue would say no. Because she was not hungry at all, she was very happy.

She was not hungry at all, she just wanted to see what the market here sells.

At that time, she will also buy something of the same type as a treasure in her space, but better than what is sold here.

As long as she doesn’t sell anything that doesn’t exist in this era, she can bring out better things of the same type, and it won’t cause doubt if she sells them.

Here, Lin Xiaoyue observed the market once. There are public supply and marketing cooperatives with shops. In addition, there are black market stalls in some alleys.

The market here is so prosperous, it also takes advantage of knowing what common and uncommon things are.

From time to time, there are comrades with body inspection signs walking between the market. Those informal stalls will avoid these comrades, as to avoid the city police.

If caught, it is not a matter of paying and delivering, but the charge of speculation.

Lin Xiaoyue was walking with Yan Yang and spotted Wang Sheng.

She pointed in surprise at Wang Sheng in the food supply agency. She turned her head to look at Yan Yang and whispered, “So he still works at the supply agency!”

Yan Yang squeezed her shoulder, “He just needs a day job because he needs to rationalize the money he makes. Don’t expose him, just walk by. “

“Fine, fine…”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded her head.

As a result, just as the two of them were about to leave, someone suddenly called out to Yan Yang, “Brother Yang.”

When Lin Xiaoyue turned her head, she saw a girl in uniform running out of the supply agency, holding a piece of cake in her hand and coming.

“Brother Yang, I haven’t seen you for a long time. How have you been?”

The girl’s name was Wang Xiaojing, a staff member of this supply and marketing agency.

I can see that she is still quite familiar with Yan Yang.

Her woman’s sixth sense started to work. Lin Xiaoyue vaguely smelled something. She was interested in Yan Yang!

“Nothing, very good.”

The third Yan Yang glanced at the cake in her hand, “Is it for me?”

Wang Xiaojing smiled and nodded, “Well, these are the new goods that just came up yesterday. It’s selling quite well. Do you want to try one? “


Yan Yang took it from her hand and handed it to Lin Xiaoyue instead, “You try it, buy a bag if it’s good.”

Although Lin Xiaoyue was full from eating roast pork, Yan Yang handed it over. She had to eat two bites in front of this girl.

Lin Xiaoyue then took a bite of the cake…

She only ate one bite and handed it to Yan Yang, “You eat.”

Five-kernel filling…

She hates five-kernel filling!

Yan Yang took the cake, also nibbled a bite, and said directly to Wang Xiaojing, “Find your brother to ask for money for the cake. He will definitely pay for the cake. “

“No no, I’ll treat Brother Yang to dinner.”

Wang Xiaojing shook her head and refused. Her attention then fell on Lin Xiaoyue, “Brother Yang, she is…”

“My wife,” Yan Yang took Lin Xiaoyue’s shoulders and answered proudly.

Because of surprise, Wang Xiaojing widened her eyes.


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