I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 54.1

Chapter 54 Part 1

The bus drove for about two hours before it arrived at Liushi city, next door.

The bus stopped at the most prosperous market in the city. Yan Yang, and Lin Xiaoyue, who was sitting in the car, did not move. Yan Yang instructed Wang Tieshan, “Go and call Brother Sheng over. By the way, let him bring the tricycle.”

Usually, it’s Yan Yang who leads the boys into the market with the goods to find Wang Sheng.

But today was a very rare time.

Yan Yang actually asked Wang Tieshan to call Wang Sheng over.

Wang Tieshan originally wanted to ask Yan Yang, but when he took one more look at Lin Xiaoyue, who was next to Yan Yang, he finally held back himself from asking.

“Okay, I’ll go right away.”

After agreeing to it, Wang Tieshan immediately got off the bus and ran away.

On the bus, Shi Xiaotou, who was not very sensible, asked this question instead, “Brother Yang, why don’t we carry things down to find Sheng this time? Wasn’t it always like that in the past? “

Lin Xiaoyue sniffed and looked at Yan Yang, only to see Yan Yang talking without any change in expression on his face, “The past is the past, today is different.”

The biggest difference today was that she was by his side.

In order to ensure her safety, Yan Yang would rather let Wang Tiesheng go down and invite Wang Sheng to come over.

He reckoned that, with the friendship of previous transactions, Wang Sheng would definitely come over. Although this was a precedent…

“What makes today different?” The not sensible Shi Xiaotou continued to ask.

Lin Xiaoyue also opened her eyes wide and looked fixedly at Yan Yang. She always felt that he changed the rules because of her and wanted to say that he didn’t have to change them for her.

As a result, Yan Yang opened his lips and said blandly: “Today’s goods are different. It doesn’t matter if the rules change.”


Shi Xiaotou nodded in a daze, “It turns out that the goods are different.”

He, who was not smart enough, immediately accepted Yan Yang’s words and had no more doubts.

Even Chen Shuiniu, sitting in the driver’s seat, guessed that the change today was because of Lin Xiaoyue.

Probably, the least intelligent of Yan Yang’s little brothers were Shi Xiaotou.

After a short while, Wang Tiesheng led a man dressed in silk and wearing glasses to the place.

That man was Wang Shengjiu.

Wang Shengjiu looked around and determined that this location was very remote and that there should be no comrades on inspection, so he got on the bus.

“What’s going on today? Even a trip to find me is not willing to go, ah? “

Wang Shengjiu was also a little impolite and asked directly, “Your attitude towards doing business with me is becoming more and more casual.”

“Today, the goods are different.”

Yan Yang’s chin held up high, and he pulled a rebellious smile from the corner of his lips. “Maybe it will happen again in the future. You have to get used to it. “

“What goods?”

Wang Shengjiu raised his eyebrows once and saw several large boxes sitting on the floor of the car.

Yan Yang glanced out the car window, “You didn’t ride a tricycle, and you didn’t bring a hand. How did you get the stuff?”

“Don’t I always have an empty tricycle, so I don’t have to go out and run other goods? Besides, whether I can succeed in doing business with you, this has to be said separately! “

Wang Shengjiu stepped forward. He opened the boxes on the ground one by one. He checked the contents of the box.

“Fruits… apples, pears…… cherries!”

Wang Shengjiu immediately pushed the glasses onto the bridge of his nose and looked at Yan Yang. There was a trace of surprise in his eyes: “Where did you get such a box of cherries ah? I’ve only eaten this stuff once, and that was only at a banquet for cadres. “

In this era, cherries have not yet begun to be mass-produced in all classes of households. It was only available to some high-clerk families, or it only appeared at banquets in high-end restaurants. They are fruits that are restricted to the upper class.

Wang Shengjiu’s business usually circulates between the upper class and the middle class. Therefore, he has many such channels in his hands.

Yan Yang’s business all these years was done with him. The channel also came from Wang Shengjiu’s hands.

The goods this time, although they were not trading jewellery, were quite attractive.

Wang Shengjiu had to admire Yan Yang.

He always had so many ways to get some goods that were of good quality and at good prices.

Moreover, his ways in his hands were still very confidential, and Wang Shengjiu couldn’t dig it even if he was told to do so. He could only get it through him.

This time, it was also…

“Good comrades, can I try it?” Wang Shengjiu asked.

Yan Yang crossed his legs, raised his eyebrows and said casually, “You are allowed to eat one.”

Wang Shengjiu picked up a cherry, wiped it on his clothes, and stuffed it into his mouth to savor it.

This is rare stuff. You really have to savor it, savor it…

Although the taste feels ordinary, it can’t outshine its rarity. It is said that rare things are more expensive, so it also makes Wang Shengjiu feel that they taste very good.

“Mmm very sweet”

Wang Shengjiu nodded his head and made a praising sound. He spat the cherry pit in his hand, and directly asked Yan Yang, “My old friend, I will not beat around the bush with you. I’ll take the box, open the price. How much?”

Yan Yang’s two legs crossed, the corners of his mouth made a straight smile, “2.5 yuan for apples, 2 yuan for pears, 8 yuan for cherries. That is the average price per catty. You have to pay upfront, don’t forget. “

“Hey, you are robbing me!”

When Wang Shengjiu heard the price, his glasses almost fell from the bridge of his nose. “It’s understandable for the cherry to be sold at a high price, but apples and pears… what was the price? In the supply and marketing agencies, their prices were not as expensive as yours! Are you bundling sales? And you also increased the price! “

“You have never eaten these apples and pears. The taste and appearance are definitely better than those from the supply and marketing agency. I wanted to sell it to you at this price. You can still make more money when you resell it. It’s a pity that I don’t have channels in my hand. If I had so many channels in my hand, I could make more money by selling them myself. ” Yan Yang said in a bland tone.

It seemed that they were discussing business, but in fact, Yan Yang held the initiative completely.

Wang Shengjiu pushed the glasses onto the bridge of his nose. He looked up and said directly, “Okay, I’m not going to talk nonsense with you. The average price of apples and pears is 1.5 yuan a catty. This cherry will be 8 yuan. Since the cherry had no market price, it would be easy to slaughter it. It’s already very cheap, let’s not talk about it! “

“Send off the guest, send off the customer.” Yan Yang also said unceremoniously.

“Hey, I said, you kid! Then I don’t want the apples and pears, I want the cherries! “

Wang pointed to the cherries and said, “I will take away all the boxes with cherries for the price of 8 yuan per box.”

“No, if you want to buy it, you have to take it all.” Yan Yang said with a tone of certainty.

“Are you really bundling sales? Do I have to buy the pears and apples to buy the cherries? Why are you so black-hearted? The key is that you sold these goods at a higher price than the supply and marketing agency’s price! ” Wang Shengjiu has already begun to play the bargaining skills of a businessman.

In response to his eloquent speech, Yan Yang didn’t lose the game at all. He straightened: “Little head, take a knife and cut an apple.”

Shi Xiaotou obediently obeyed. He took out a fruit knife and rinsed it with water, then cut an apple.

The apple was cut into two halves, revealing the iced sugar heart inside.

In this era, they don’t really pay attention to the structure of the crystal sugar heart of an apple. They only pay attention if it is big, red and sweet….

After Shi Xiaotou cut out the crystal sugar heart, Yan Yang took away half of the apple and also took away the fruit knife. He continued to cut a piece out and handed it to Wang Shengjiu, saying, “You taste it yourself. It is a special method for cultivating the crystal sugar heart of an apple. This kind of method of planting fruit was one of a kind. It was juicy and sweet, definitely worth the price of 2.5 yuan a catty. “

“I’m telling you, 2.5 yuan per catty… you are really stealing money.”

Although Wang Shengjiu was talking like this, he still took the apple cubes that Yan Yang handed him and took a bite.

It is indeed very crisp, very juicy and sweet, and there is nothing to say about the taste.

“Where did you get these kinds of goods?” Wang Shengjiu asked with wide eyes in surprise.

“If someone grows it, then someone must sell it.”

Yan Yang hooked his lips and smiled, “The source of goods is currently monopolized in my hands. If you want to buy it, you have to go through me. And I believe you have the brain to sell these fruits. 5 times higher, 10 times the price, right? “

Wang Shengjiu squeezed his brows. He had some thoughts in his heart, but he still said unforgivingly, “I have never sold fruit before. You know, I usually do all kinds of business. It is not easy to cross the line and may not be able to be sold. If these fruits are smashed into my hands, they will rot soon, and I will lose money. “

“No loss.”

Yan Yang smiled, “You have so many channels and you are in contact with so many wealthy people. I really don’t believe you can’t sell it all. These apples, pears, and cherries make a nice bamboo basket and are tied with a red flower. Such a box of a fruit basket. If you give it to someone, you will have more face. Right? You said that those large and small cadres usually have to put people in the factory and arrange jobs for their children… How dignified it is to send this thing as a favor. “

Wang Shengjiu just had a little idea in his mind, and now it has been completely said by Yan Yang.

Yan Yang is a natural, business-minded person.

Always making Wang Shengjiu feel that why is another genius born if there’s one here*?

Fortunately, Yan Yang does not have the channels that Wang Shengjiu has. Otherwise, the two of them would compete and might become mortal enemies.

Wang Shengjiu took the rest of the apples from Yan Yang’s hand, stuffed them in his mouth and chewed them, “If you want to sell them so badly, I won’t bargain with you. 2 yuan for apples, 2 yuan for pears, and 8 yuan for cherries, and let me make a profit of 50 cents for the next business. “

Yan Yang shook his head, “Do not let me.”

Wang Shengjiu, whose mouth was stuffed with sweet and juicy apples, had an unhappy expression on his face. “We have lost our friendship in the business many times, haven’t we? So it is so hard to talk? If it’s so hard to talk, it’s hard to talk about business next time! “

Yan Yang shook his head and laughed, “Well, all things are good. I’ll give you a chance. You know my goods are good. If you break off business with me, you will lose too. You earn some, I earn some, everyone is good. “

In doing business, you fight for one step, I fight for one step, and then you give way, I give way.

Yan Yang gave Wang Shengjiu a way out. If Wang Shengjiu took it at this price, There will be ups and downs when it comes to profit. Wang Shengjiu’s ability also allowed him to sell the goods and make a profit.

After thinking about it, Wang Shengjiu still nodded in agreement, waving his hand straight, “Come on, come on, I can’t compete with you kid, weigh a weigh. After a while, my tricycle will come and move it directly.

Shi Xiaotou and Chen Shuiniu both could not believe that, with such a high price, Yan Yang actually painfully negotiated it down.

Sure enough, there is meat to eat when you follow Brother Yang!

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