I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 53.2

Chapter 53 Part 2

The next day, Lin Xiaoyue woke up in Yan Yang’s arms.

She was lying on Yan Yang’s chest, with a faint smile on her lips. She was in a trance, dreaming of a very beautiful dream.

When she woke up, her mental state was still full and happy.

Lin Xiaoyue moved her fingers and saw her hands were intertwined with Yan Yang’s ten fingers and continued to lie on his chest in satisfaction.

She thought of how she had been single until death in her last life. In this life, she finally popped her cherry!

Finally, Lin Xiaoyue was no longer an old virgin, and will not be a golden saint[1]The Golden Saint (leftover) fighter is a joke for those leftover men and women who have reached the age of marriage but can not find their partners. in the mouths of others.

It can be said now that she is the happiest woman in the world!

Though she was in this era, she still has a good husband, and study space and she can even live the life of a salty fish for a lifetime.

It feels like this in life.

It was still very good.

Of course, talking about this matter. In fact, the most important thing she was satisfied with was that she gave her first time to the third.

She liked it and she handed him the most important things.

In this way, if the third is left in the future, he should have no regrets, right?

Or rather, Lin Xiaoyue will also have no regrets.

However, she still did not want him to leave.

Since she didn’t have to work in the field, it didn’t matter if she stayed in bed.

In the courtyard, from time to time, she could hear the sound of talking, the sound of footsteps. That was the sound of other people getting up early in the morning, washing up and eating, going out to work together.

That is the life of others.

Lin Xiaoyue just lay in bed, comfortably watching others working hard enough.

Yan Yang was also woken up by a burst of noise outside.

After waking up, he hugged Lin Xiaoyue tighter and even got up and kissed her on the forehead before he was satisfied to continue to lie down.

“What are you looking at?” Yan Yang asked her in a lazy voice.

Lin Xiaoyue stared at the door of the small side room and turned around to answer him, “I was thinking, everyone has endless work, they are so busy every day, and I was just staying at home to rest. This is a good feeling.”

Listening to the first half of her words, Yan Yang thought she didn’t want this leisure time and didn’t want to stay at home to rest.

As a result, when he heard the last sentence, he couldn’t help but be amused by her. He was smiling as he patted her shoulder, “So you do like the life of just resting, right?”

“Of course I like it. Who doesn’t like to rest? I want to rest every day, year after year, month after month, and still have money to spend. ” Lin Xiaoyue decisively turned her head to answer him.

“Okay.” Yan Yang also gave her a one-word reply, and finally added, “I will definitely give you such a life. You are now completely my woman. “

Lin Xiaoyue remembered last night’s drips and drabs, and her eyes glanced down to see red spots after red spots on Yan Yang’s body.

This was all her work.

She has been a golden saint all her life. It’s rare to liberate a little of her nature. Last night, they were also unable to control themselves. Ah!

Lin Xiaoyue laughed heartily. Her arm reached upward and hooked his neck, “Yes, you will be responsible for me in the future! Take full responsibility! “

Yan Yang hooked his fingertips on the bridge of her nose and winked slightly, “Don’t worry. Am I the kind of person who will not be responsible? “

Lin Xiaoyue happily went forward and did not care if he had brushed his teeth, and immediately kissed him twice on the lips.

After the sweet love, the sweet couple’s life will begin!


That thing was really quite painful.

Lin Xiaoyue did not want to get out of bed today and tomorrow. She thinks she should rest for a couple of days.

Yan Yang also knew that the incident had caused negative damage to her body and let her stay in bed for two days.

During these two days, Yan Yang was the one who served her.

He brought her water, brushed her teeth, washed her face, brought her food and drink, and helped her wash her hands and feet.

During the day, when everyone was working in the field, he kept her company in the small side room, and the two of them talked and laughed, read and studied, and the atmosphere was very good.

At night, because of her health, Yan Yang did not insist on that kind of thing. He only held her and slept peacefully.

After a few days of rest, Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t rest anymore.

Because she had rested for a long time, others might think that she and Yan Yang’s temporary job was a lie.

Even if they were pretending, they both had to go out to work.

The express delivery of the fruits and snacks that Lin Xiaoyue bought for the study was already in place.

Through the dream space, she brought these things out of space.

During the day, after everyone in the house had gone to work.

Yan Yang found a tricycle. Lin Xiaoyue brought out these things through this transportation.

Wang Tieshan and a few of Yan Yang’s minions carried boxes and boxes of things onto the bus.

The bus was parked in the woods by the stone bridge, which was very hidden and undetectable.

On the bus, the guys checked out the batch of supplies and showed their amazement!

“This fruit is too good! This apple is red and big. It looks delicious. ” Wang Tieshan took a big apple and rubbed it on his clothes and wiped it. He especially wanted to bite it.

Apples like this are very valuable in supply and marketing cooperatives.

This year, because of the difficulty of growing fruits, there are very few fruit-growing villages in Shilibaxiang, so the price of fruits was very expensive.

Lin Xiaoyue took out such good fruit. This will undoubtedly be a good product that can be sold on the market at a high price.

“Wow, this pear looks very watery too…”

Another little brother, Shi Xiaotou, also took a yellow pear in his hand and wiped it clean on his clothes.

Again, they want to bite it so badly!

“Is this thing called a cherry?”

Another little brother, Chen Shuiniu, opened a box of red cherries. He could still be considered to have seen the world. “Hey, this is definitely a fruit that only rich people can afford to eat! This does not seem to have flowed to the market. It is said that even in the city, it is only communicated among those cadres, and it’s very expensive! If this thing is taken out, it’s definitely good, whether it’s a gift or a sale. Ah! “

Thanks to Chen Shuiniu’s awareness of the wonders of the world, they learned that the rare fruit of cherries was brought into the country by missionaries and expatriates in the 1870s. It was in the 1980s when it really began to be cultivated, and it was widely spread in the market. in the 90s.

Therefore, in this era, cherries were a rarity among fruits and were only available to the upper classes, and in limited quantities, so that the nobility could not afford to eat them!

When Lin Xiaoyue took out this box of cherries, Wang Tieshan and Shi Xiaotou, could not recognize it. Only Chen Shuiniu and Yan Yang have seen this fruit.

This also means that this box of fruit is worth a thousand yuan.

If they can sell it well, and be sold to the upper channels, they will certainly be able to earn a lot of money!

Yan Yang has a lot of upper-level channels in his hands, so he can sell the cherries at their highest value.

Without further ado, Lin Xiaoyue handed over her goods to Yan Yang and the others.

Chen Shuiniu was the one driving. Shi Xiaotou and Wang Tieshan sat in a row of seats on the left, while Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang sat in a row of seats on the right. Of course, Lin Xiaoyue sat inside the window, while Yan Yang sat on the aisle side.

Because there were too many fruits, Lin Xiaoyue let them pick two to eat. It didn’t matter to her.

Wang Tieshan happily ate an apple. He did not even need to wash it before eating it. He just directly gnawed it.

This watery and moist apple does taste really great!

He bit down, and the juice that came out and went into his throat was sweet, and Wang Qishan couldn’t help but exclaim: “This apple is really amazing. I have never eaten such a delicious apple ever since I was a child up until now! “

Lin Xiaoyue purchased these apples in Taobao, located somewhere in the Aksu Prefecture. They were the most expensive kind.

It was inevitable that it would taste good.

A treasure is also a piece of wood that has only one price and one commodity.

Shi Xiaotou ate a pear, which also had a lot of juice on it. The pear was extremely sweet and your thirst could be quenched by it!

“Wow, it’s so delicious…”

Shi Xiaotou nibbled and had to chew it for a long time. He was really reluctant to eat this pear all at once.

Chen Shuiniu, who was driving, also ate the apple, and he couldn’t help but ask while eating, “This batch is really great. We’ve never sold anything to eat, but I think this batch will make a lot of money! Sister-in-law, where did you get this supply? How can you grow such delicious fruits? “

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang were sitting together eating mung bean cake. Seeing those little brothers were eating so happily, she was also secretly worried. She didn’t respond. This was the biggest reason why the current market can’t compete with her.

Yan Yang, who was beside her, answered Chen Shuiniu for her, “There is enough to eat, there is enough to sell. For the source of goods, you do not need to worry about it. “

“Okay, okay, I asked too much”

Chen Shuiniu closed his mouth leisurely and took a big bite of the apple, but still couldn’t help saying, “This is really delicious, big, sweet and watery. I think this will be sold at a higher price by the supply and marketing agency. Someone will be willing to buy it too! “

“Let’s discuss how we should sell it.”

Yan Yang stuffed down a mouthful of mung bean cake, picked up a glass of water and drank a mouthful of water, Calling all of his brothers, “The position is the same as before, and I will find brother Sheng to cooperate. Although they are all food, because of the quality, they are no better than the old business. It’s hard to sell. The price will be fixed. For apples, it will be 2.5 yuan per catty, pears are 2 yuan per catty, and cherries are 8 yuan per catty. Apples and pears are a bit more expensive than the supply and marketing cooperatives. There should be no problem. After all, our quality is good. “

“Wait, Brother Yang…”

Wang Tieshan could not help but interrupt Yan Yang, “Why did you say your price was only a little more expensive than the supply and marketing agency? You are much more expensive! Pork is only 1.80 yuan! This fruit is so much more expensive than pork! “

“The price of fruit is not low in the first place.”

Yan Yang refuted Wang Tieshan, saying, “Plus, our goods are good, and they are not sold to the poor, but to the rich. Rich people do not care about money. They only care whether it’s good or not and whether it can be gifted. The more expensive things are sent out, the more dignified they are. So, I think the price is fine. “

“I still think so. Others won’t want the price… ” Shi Xiaotou answered silently, nibbling at the pear.

Chen Shuiniu also could not help but interject, “The opening price is a bit high. Brother Yang, I think if you want to offer such a price to Brother Sheng, he will blow us out, right? Brother Sheng is such a stingy person… “

“Then I will just persuade him.”

Yan Yang didn’t think so. “He said that he had to go through the process to persuade him, and then pretended to agree reluctantly. In fact, in his heart, he was happy to cooperate with us. He makes more money than I do. “

All of the money that they were dealing with was from rich people in high society. Those rich people would slip a little money between their fingers. When the money comes down to the likes of them, it can already be considered as big money.

Therefore, when Yan Yang usually went out, he could earn a few dozen yuan back, which could be worth a month’s salary for Wang Xiuying, who was working in the field.

“I know what you mean Brother Yang. But your price this time is really…… “

Chen Shuiniu frowned, “a little high, I think Brother Sheng…… well……”

“Wasn’t this the first time we sold food?”

Yan Yang picked up an apple from the box and tossed it up high into his hands, “I told you guys, doing business, there are several models. If our target buyers were poor people, there would be no profit. The price is cheaper, so it does not matter. The more goods we sell, the more we will have to earn. If our target were rich people, you would only slaughter[2] the word slaughter there means that the person was charged too high. one. If you slaughter the rich, it could be equivalent to slaughtering hundreds of poor people. What you earn is higher. But our goods are good and are oriented to the upper stream channel output. This price is considered low. When the time comes, Wang Sheng’s side will resell this good. They can earn twice as much as what I earned, or even several times more! “

“Really?” Wang Tieshan could not believe it.

“No need to question, one person has the final say.”

Yan Yang did not need their belief and decided on his own. “This matter does not need any discussion. Listen to me.”

Besides him, Lin Xiaoyue silently watched Yan Yang’s vigorous appearance.

For a bit, she suddenly felt that he was like someone from the future world…

Did he look like a domineering president?

Heading forward, Lin Xiaoyue asked Yan Yang, “How much do you think you can earn this time?”

Yan Yang whispered back to her, “Three digits for sure.”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded heavily, “Listen to you, listen to you! Listen to you on everything! “


1 The Golden Saint (leftover) fighter is a joke for those leftover men and women who have reached the age of marriage but can not find their partners.
2 the word slaughter there means that the person was charged too high.


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